ESEE 5 Ultimate Survival Knife?

This is the final result of building my ultimate survival knife. I hope you pick up on some things that might be beneficial to you in your selection if your in the market for a knife. All the things they say about ESEE knives are all true: They are AWESOME.


HarleyWood23’s review of the ESEE 5

HarleyWood23’s Upgraded your ESEE Handles

Where I bought my ESEE (Location: Sevierville, TN)

SUUNTO Watch Compass



alzathoth says:

what is the overall length of the knife while in the sheath setup? I know the OAL of the bare knife is 11″ but the complete setup?

TRU MAN says:

Suraded or unsuraded ? That is the question!

John Jones says:


Josué Steller says:

Sirve al bk2

Trevor Roth says:


Newgovernment Entertainment says:

Really nice

No: Six says:

Good planning.

Eagle One says:

I must have copied you I have the same flashlight, fire starter, knife, compass and pouch. Gee whiz.

Doesit Matter says:

You interested in building me a duplicate set? I just bought my first ESEE 5 as a gift, then saw your video and thought it would make a great accompanying gift.

Mark sandoval says:

great vid man where can I get one of those handcuff keys

Beth Walker says:

are those sus cans the regular size or the large size?

Cookie Monster says:

very solid kit

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I’m proud of being an American. All my friends that have Essee’s luv them. But I don’t understand why the Essee 5 is thicker than the Essee 6, So I went with my Swamp Rat’s, I got the Ratmandu and I had my Rodent 6 Modified, I had the top guard taken off and tge blade thinned down, Their Custom Shop did an Outstanding job, Infact it looks like a Ratmandu on steroids. I luv both of them. But I have to confess, I have Tec-Lok’s, But I never thought to set one up as a Scout Carry, I finally found out I could a couple of days ago. I always wished that Swamp Rat and Busse made Sheath’s, a small price to pay for what you get for the price. Once I made my sheath a scout carry, I bought some Victorinox PIPhone Pouches, Dual Pouches as well as Single Pouch, I bought them cheap at a discount store, So I took the strap which is a good nylon and connected the Dual Pouch right under the Kydex Sheath, I put my Brass Silva Huntsman Compass which is a small compass, My Grizzly Magnesium Rod, My Start my Fire Ferro Rod, First Aide, and a Almond Tin and I still have alot of room, and it’s not really that big, But roomy. I’m just stoking I learned that. Yeah, Infact I went on a hike for a Afternoon Delight which I had a cup of coffee on the open fire and a baked potato beats Mc Dee’s scenery any day. I also brought my G. B. Small Forest Axe and I carried it Baldric Carry with a makeshift paracord sling and it worked fine plus I had cordage if I needed more, I also took just a Haversack which I have the 5C’s, But I just had to try out my new found Scout Carry, But I also have a Dangler Carry, I actually like to carry my knives lower. So I have a option. But I’m so glad the the handle is a very comfortable handle on my Ratmandu and tgere is nothing I want to change on it, On my Swamp Rat’s I went with the Micarta and my Busse’s I went with G-10. But seriously all of a sudden my Sheath has a nice Pouch and it doesn’t look shabby but looks real nice. Thank You for sharing, Because that’s how I get my idea’s.

fat nigga says:

this or benchmade arvensis

David S. says:

Nice video. Cool knife. Never heard of Esee. I’m a Gerber knife fan. Doesn’t help when you live a mile away from Bass Pro Shops so I buy what they sell. lol

codetwohigh says:

I can’t find the signal mirror that you have in this video. Does anyone know what brand it is?

Thibs 88 says:

Fantastic video!! Ive recently ordered an Esee 5 with the accessory pouch. I like your review on the knife but your survival kit is awesome! One of the best compact kits ive seen. Not too much, not too little. Thanks for the ideas!

EmpireFoodie says:

I keep trying to think of a survival situation where I would need a handcuff key. I’m thinking if I get cuffed they are probably going to take my gear too. Is there some other use for a handcuff key?

Gabriel G Louw says:

The memory card holder is an excellent idea. I’ve got a million of them lying around. Doing that today.

Timothy Massey says:

Did you have to remove any of the coating on the Esee 5 so it would work with the ferrule rod ?

Thibs 88 says:

Awesome video man! I have an ESEE 5 and I’m loving it as well, but the best thing about this video is your survival kit. Very well thought out for a lightweight set-up. Thanks to you, I found the perfect compact flashlight!

chris thompson says:

Great review! Thanks! I ordered the venom green.

8trigrammer says:

GREAT find on those camel tins. Absolutely superior to normal tins.

You might wanna substitute ranger band or better yet, silicone band instead of scotch tape on the memory card case. The scotch tape will deteriorate and/or become brittle over time.


Great review Sir. Your kit covers almost everything you will need in wilderness and will keep you surviving. You gave us a great package of real necessary items that you can really use in the field. Wonderful ideas Sir.Thank you. Ronnie, Manila,Philippines.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, The way you have the sheath set up is very similar how I have my Fox Parang Bush craft Jungle Knife. It comes with a Survival Tin that attaches to the sheath and look’s just like your sheath set up with your Esse e 5. I got it specifically to use as a One Tool Carry. But some habit’s are hard to break. So I carry my Cold Steel Master Hunter in 3V when I go with my Fox Parang. Thanx for sharing and a good review. Thanx You.,,.

William Burr says:

Nice little set up!  I have one of those after market survival pouches attacked to my ESEE-6; they’re great, aren’t they?  I attached a Bic lighter where your Suunto compass was.  The signal mirror and the mini fishing kit was a nice touch.  Thanks for the ideas.

Skyer Walker says:

I will replace fire starter with sharpening stone, the fire starter can be made easily but if you have dull knife it will be no fun.

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