ESEE 6 Review: The Last Survival Knife I’ll ever need

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Bluegrass Survival says:

You cannot go wrong with an ESSE 6, in fact when I am asked from new people what survival knife to get I just point them at that particular knife. 1095 is tough, easy to sharpen for those not sharpening pros. It will strike a flint, and if you have to be able to strike a firesteel just take a file and put a notch near the jimping and your GTG. Nice video btw!

Yiannis2112 says:

Good review! I think you should have also addressed the ergonomics of the handle. How comfortable at what grip, hotspots after long use etc. Nice that you tested, rarely shown chopping abilities. The piercing test was fun. Good luck with your channel!

thecarter27 says:

Keep up the good work well rigged. Love the motto, buy it once. More knives, multitools and a hatchet please.

Brad Steed says:

Nice job, great review.

Dic Aeopolis says:

I have numerous Esee knives. 2 that are the 6 model. One of which I really abuse. I would never ask them to honor their warranty on it because I ask it to do things knives aren’t meant to do. It has held up very well. Great knives, at a good price, especially when you consider the sheath, clip, and MOLLE attachments that are available. Some stores even sell the blade by itself. Knife Works has excellent prices on Esee.

belanger870 says:

Great Canadian viewpoint review!

abot19 says:

I agree about the axe. I live in BC you gotta get the bigger sutff to get dry wood for a fire. spend more effort and hassle trying to baton hardwoods then just packing an axe along.

Sam Smith says:

Ever carry a hatchet like that 20 miles into the woods on a backpacking trip? That extra 3-4 lbs gets kinda heavy after awhile lol. That’s why some people baton. Nice review

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