ESEE 6: Survival Knife Perfection

The ESEE 6 is a great all around outdoor fixed blade, I’ve had a lot of ESEE knives through the years and the 6 for me was a huge step from using the 4 for so long. Please use the Amazon link below to purchase your own ESEE 6, doing so will help support this channel to continue making and sharing videos.
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Tommy O says:

Nice review. Never tried The esee 6. I’ve been partial to The Becker BK7 for years.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I had my Rodent 6 modified, It sound’s like that would be expensive , but I only paid $30.00 over the cost of the initial price at the Custopm Shop at Swamp Rat and for the $$$ Swamp Rat are very reasonably priced for what you get and that’s a Busse Technology Deferebtially Temoered Knife, Outstanding. Anyhow I had the Top Guard taken off and the blade thinned down. It look’s now like my Ratmandu on steriods. Awesome. It’s not only one of my Fav’s, But It’s a natural chopper, I team it with my 17″ Hultafors Bruks Agdor Hatchet my Wicked Tough Daw and my Mora 510 as my neck knife. For me this Trio is one of my Fav. Go To Trio’s even though I included my Mora 510 which I seldom use when I take this trio out. Yeah, every Essee 6 video reminds me how glad I am to have my Rodent 6 modified, serious, every Essee 6 video. ,, .

Gunnar Blomquist says:

Not very good for survival. Striking a ferro rod seems impossible. Vegetarians might survive.
And not very good for carving wood.
Looks cool maybe but there are so many better knifes out there

Woodland Tactical says:

The Knife Connection gives you the ability to get a custom Esee 6

Adam shinny77 says:

Always carry a knife opposite your gun side

Juudoka says:

I want this so much 🙁

Yankee says:

Totally agree 100%! The best bang for the buck knife in any price point, bar none.

douchebaggins7 says:

I’ve had mine going on 3 years now. Love the knife and the sheath functions just fine. I put a small pack that holds a altoids tin on it. Definitely my favorite and go to knife.

Rawhead Rex says:

I was on the fence about this knife until i saw this video of you hammering it into a log. I have alot of quality knives but i want a cheaper beater and one with a warranty like esee knives have, i g2 get one. Went ahead and ordered the venom green version.

Hatch61 says:

Looks like a real tough knife, it seems to really take a pounding with no issues. Thanks for the video.

Bombs Away LeMay says:

I’ll take the Esee 5

Wolfsoldier says:

The reason they switched to plastic over the kydex was because the kydex sheaths were breaking or failing in some ways for soldiers over seas. Kydex is ok but not in some climates, weather conditions. The newer sheaths are much better anyway.

Sante Capobianco says:

Awesome video my friend!

christopher martin says:

lmao,cant believe your doing that on pavemrnt????

Priority Survival says:

I want to try it out, but I live in Texas and the blade has to be less than 5.5 inches. If they made the Esee 5 the exact same as the 6, just shorter, I would buy it then and there

Joe Turner says:

Can decide between the rat 5, esee 5, or esee 6. Any advice on which is the best all round knife for camping, bushcraft, survival?

William Confer says:

Thanks Tim…. What a salesman! Want to repeat …. always love your videos… Question? What kind of nee pads were you using in the video? Just curious. Also going to check the price of the knife out next.. Stay Safe Tim.. also feel naked without my weapon… God Bless… Bill


Great blade sir, very good video!!

cyclist01222 says:

It’s a great knife… fully capable.

Lee Pierro says:

completely agree esee 6 is one of my favorite all around knives. just a small correction the its don’t come with a Molle Lok it comes with a Molle compatible backing, it’s not really a dangler more of a belt clip high rise, you might have meant Tek Lok which it does not come with but can be added aftermarket , also the original izula and izula 2 does come with micarta scales, but does have options for other scales. That’s all other than that excellent video love the blade keep it up

sarge27271 says:

Got a 5 and an Izula, bought a 4 for a friend. Love them. You can beat the sh*t out of them, and they ask for more. lol. You have good taste sir! Cheers

Alex Rosenkrantz says:

Worst video ever

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I have a 5 1/4″ Ratmandu and a 5 1/2″ Rodent 5 which are thinner than the Essee 5, and for that reason I went with my Swampies. Then the Essee 6 came out thinner and I couldn’t understand that. I had my Rodent 6 Modified and I also had it thinned down because I wanted to work wood with it. Oh, I also had the top guard taken off. It now looks like a Ratmandu on steroids. I luv it. But if I didn’t get my Swampies, I definitely would go with Essee. Oh, and because mine have Choils. Busse Technology also has an outstanding Tempering, and they use a Ballbearing Steel. Dilly Dilly.,,.p

Survival Mindset says:

Its one sweet knife! One outstanding knife!

buzzsah says:

Will check link. Good demo.

K193 says:

batons wood like butter, love it, very much torn between the becker bk7 and the esee 6, however I do think the bk7 will be able to baton and cut better, i think the esee 6 will be more adept to striking a firesteel and it should also be good to curl wood with for tinder, what do you think? Am i pretty spot on?

Burnt Toast says:

Axe is easier lol

oOMickanOo says:

still have my old esee forum group buy 6. a special edition in desert tan. number 11. with a godspeed kydex sheath.
love that knife.

Jesse Schmidt says:

Like how you actually use the knife in your review. I don’t like watching a review of pristine looking knives, because it’s obviously not been used if it’s too nice. Like yor format btw. Wish I could see you review the esee cm6

5 Angels says:

Couldn’t agree more with you Tim. Perfect weight and balance. Powerful enough for any task. Yet never feels bulky. I love it. Probably the best knife I own.

bbowden1 says:

If you want a one-in-all this is it!! I have since retired mine in favor of a good bush craft knife, Axe, and Saw….It is unbeatable craftsmanship, jack of all trades. But that means excellent at nothing, good at all.

Bob says:

Very nice knife, I find it hard to part with my K bar survival knife, my other two I bring along with my K bar is my Morakniv companion, and my Gerber Prang, although thinking of swapping it out of rotation for a Ontario Kukri. Where did you get the knee pads those would be great to have in my Alice Pack.

Brian Taylor says:

I just ordered TKC scales and a new sheath for mine. I’m on my 2nd 6, they are fantastic and my go to blade. I had a 5 I didn’t really like and a 4 and a Junglas I use a lot. I recommend a 6 to anyone who wants 1 knife that will do everything..

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