ESEE 6 Survival Knife

ESEE 6 Survival Knife


Buzzby1949 says:

If I could only have one knife in a survival situation, it would be my ESEE 6.

Texas Outdoors says:

Keep shaving Chewbacca, lol, just kidding.

Belnap Custom Knives says:

nice knife

tim kitzmann says:

Drop point and bowie are two different blade shapes. this is a drop point. Sorry not tryin to be a troll, but coming from the state that made the bowie knife famous makes me a bit picky. great review!!! please keep them coming!!!

James Ritchie says:

A Bowie has a clip point.

Jesse Schmidt says:

Not using it in review!!! I move on.

Skills2Survive says:

Great knife..  As with all of the ESEEs.  I have the 3,4,5 , dont have the 6 yet, but its on the list…  

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Yeah, I was eyeballing the Essee 6, You see I have almost a whole size range of Swamp Rat Rodent Knives starting from 3″ (Rodent 3)- 9 1/2″ (Rodent 9), but I didn’t like the Tactical double gaurd Rodent 6, So I read where a guy on a Forum had the Top Gaurd taken off, and since Busse has a Custom Shop I also had the blade thinned down, since I will use it strictly in the Bush as my Belt Knife well atleast one of them, because I really too a liking to my Rodent 5 and the RatManDu was always one of my Fav’s, infact I even have it in the INFI Steel the INFIManDy. Since the Essee 6 is a similar knife to the Rodent 6 after I had the top gaurd taken off, now it look’s like a beefy RatManDu and I love that too, where the top use to be it allows my hand to have more if a snap when I chop with it. But, one of the biggest reasons was I like a Saber Grind for what I use the knife for in the wood’s and I have a sharp Saber Vex Grind that really slices well, Swamp Busse Technology also has the SR101 Steel (52100 Ballbearing Steel) rated at 58-60 RC, But yet it’s easy to sharpen which is a big plus for me. Yeah, it doesn’t come with a sheath and is a little more expensive than the Essee with a sheath, But I know, for me, what I get as a knife and quality, and the type of steel, for ne it was worth it. Infact in my opinion it’s the best knives for the $$$. But some of my friends have the Essee 6 and they like theirs alot, It is a good knife. But in my case I’ve been doing this for a few 24’s and its a progression, Again, what I use my knives for in the Bush, Swamp Rat and Essee make a Good Knife, I didn’t mind waiting for mine because they are semi-circle made, But I have no regrets with my choice, But neither do my friends with theirs, , ,

NGMonocrom says:

Only thing I don’t like about the coating which wasn’t mentioned is that the white portions (unlike on an Ontario RTAK II for example) is not silk screened onto the blade. the logo and other non-blackened portions of the blade are the bare carbon steel underneath the coating.

I just don’t understand that. Why put on a great rust preventative coating (better than what Ontario uses BTW) if you’re just going to completely compromise that excellent coating in several spots on the blade. Makes no sense to me. There is thankfully another lighter color coating in which the logo and other parts are in black instead of bare carbon steel.

I love my ESEE 6. Really wish I could have gotten that other coating on the blade. I’ll be buying an ESEE Junglas soon. And oh yes, it’s going to have the other coating on it.

Todd Klekotka says:

Your wife sounds like a keeper! Hopefully there are guns among some of those gifts! Anyway, no doubt this knife can be a tactical and a defensive tool. As long as you practice how to use it in all those applications, and it has a sharp point and edge, it will pierce and spill some guts…most people who are killed by knives is usually been a kitchen knife so Im sure this will do more than fine…

Eurotrash4367 says:

I just got the TKC G-10 handles and they are great. You should try them, you will like them.

BobUnWorthy says:

Been looking at the ESEE 6 and Ontario RAT 7 for a while but not sure which would be best as a general all purpose blade. Any thoughts?


Great knife and gift

Survive101 says:

I think it’s just a little bit to big for me, I prefer a 5 inch knife. I love the review and ESSE!

Texas Outdoors says:

My wife supports my addiction too. If she looks at me funny I remind her of her pedicures and manicures and how that money spent only last a week or two. My money spent can last a lifetime 🙂

drew4u926 says:


T S says:

what do you think of the zytel sheath

deerslayin123 says:

The esee 6 has my respect

ken halverson says:

If you like that you need to get a CFK they are on eBay…

Lorenzo Cordero says:

awesome knife! I have the Esee 6 with the clip point!

EasternTriad says:

Great video and review.  Got a better idea of the dimensions when I saw you handling it.  May I ask where you (or your wife) purchased it?

Teachering says:

The Model 6 is my favourite ESEE knife with the ESEE 3 coming in at a close second.

Riddle me this... Batman. says:

Really? Another table top review, SMH!

castof1984 says:

4 d coolfactor mcqbushcraft has a great vid on how to attach paracord to d sheath..its a nice touch..

William Burr says:

Wow, you have a great woman there! My wife has never given Me a knife. 🙁

Ryder Schnack says:

I found this knife for $116

The Hidden Woodsmen says:

The thickness of the esee is 3/16 but it is tapered down towards the point

Survival of the Fittest says:

You must have a great wife!

Six Mile Creek Productions says:

You lost me at “typical Bowie drop point style”. Real bowies are clip points by design. Esee makes a great knife though.

TheLastZ0mbie says:

I really wanted to like this knife: great steel, warranty, USA made, and everyone loves a good choil right? The fatal problem with this knife is bad ergonomics. The handle is blocky, lacks a good palm swell and is uncomfortable to use. You can have the best steel, blade design and warranty but if the handle is not designed well, the knife will be nearly worthless as a tool. Also their customer services is horrible. Skip this one and save your money.

Primal Edge says:

checked out a few of your vids, good stuff, keep em coming!

Deep South Experience says:

Really good review.  From everything I have read, seen and heard about it it is a great knife. I was going to get the ESEE, but I  bought the Pathfinder BHK PSK while it was available.  I will be getting an ESEE in the future though.

castof1984 says:

grreat  wife, she got any available sisters? joking man, nice vid, just waiting on d 6 in d post..

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