Fallkniven A1: My Favorite Stainless Steel Survival Knife?

Over the past year we have been slowly going up the line of Fallkniven blades, we started with the F1, which was a let down, then the S1, which I was very happy with and is a great companion blade, now finally the A1, and man was it worth the wait. This knife has so many things going for it I could just be my favorite stainless steel survival knife to date. Let us explore that!

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems: http://goo.gl/42Myh4

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
ESEE 6 http://goo.gl/X5D0wM
Fallkniven A1 http://goo.gl/hfpfLh

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39 http://goo.gl/vDgAwx
ESEE Junglas http://goo.gl/6cW90K



David Brown says:

Nice review!!!!

Mattias Kristiansson says:

Thanks for the review! I have one, I carried it in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008. It’s quite a big knife, and it does draw some attention to itself, but the quality is awesome and I really like the way it handles!

Mark Reid says:

I got a boner

chibraxial says:

The A1 is an awesome, awesome outdoor knife…

WDLC1911 says:

So what technique would be used to re-sharpen the Scandinavian Grind that this knife has?

Jarrod Stemen says:

Interesting… I stumbled across one of those $15 Chinese F1 clones recently… and there’s absolutely no rattle or play when the knife is in the sheath, and it actually snaps in pretty positively. Same as the real deals though, the button snaps can be a pain to manipulate, as it seems the nylon straps are a little too floppy. I might try hitting them with some oilcloth mix as that usually stiffens up everything else I have put it on. Anyhow, good job on the video, I’m a new subscriber and greetings from Ohio.

bkhjbil j jk kj says:

If you are ever in a survival situation do yourself a favor and refrain from chopping up logs. Just put one end of the long branch in the fire and feed it in as it burns. What a tremendous waste of calories and extra exposure to danger to hack away at a log with a knife. There is very little reason to use a knife for any type of wood processing. Just break up sticks by stepping on them etc. You only expose yourself to injury and risk damaging your blade when it is used for no reason. Just a pet peeve with the YouTube “bushcraft” crowd. Thanks for the video.

Fox Knives TV says:

To me an esee still beats it

Abe says:

Haven’t tried it yet myself, but my understanding is that the A1 Pro is just as good a carver because of how they did the relief/grind geometry, and that the steel is more impressive ito of edge retention. I only use a knife that size for chopping/batoning – most bush-crafters/primitive skills practitioners (people doing fine work, for example, carving small, intricate trap parts, or decorative items, rather than just doing survival tasks and basic camp chores) would use a smaller knife for their carving (or dressing of game, especially small game), something in the 3.5″ to 5″ range. If they did choose a larger knife, because that is what they liked, like a French trade knife, for example, it would most likely be 1/8″ to 5/32″, so that it would still slice. For my system, a medium- to large-size knife only makes sense if it can essentially be my axe substitute – it is not my carver, but my batoner. The A1 Pro looks to fit the bill because the increased thickness seems to make it that much better at batoning wood, yet it is substantially more compact and lightweight than a hatchet or small axe. Given many people pair a heavy survival knife with a smaller belt knife, and that surviving in Sweden probably means processing a lot of firewood, I can see the rational for increasing the thickness of the stock. For a one-tool option, though, I think you have a point about a survival knife needing decent carving ability.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, I just teamed my A-1 with my H-1, Seriously a great combo. ,, .

John nacho says:

I love all my knives but I keep reaching for the A1 most of the time. so perfect in every category.

gibrigg says:

Thanks for the review. I bought the S1 some time ago, based partly on your review. Great knife, awesome edge geometry. If the A1 is similar, it must be a great knife too. Thanks for doing what you do!

Jean-Baptiste Cardamone says:

Did you have chipping problems with the VG-10 ?

Steven Szabo says:

Definitely check out the A1 Pro. I have both and where the regular A1 is a bit light for “heavier” chopping tasks, the Pro really chops well and the batonning capability is off the chart. Since most of us also carry a second blade for smaller finer tasks, like an F1, the A1 Pro is a really great option for primary wood processor.

Starvin Marvin says:

Was kind of hoping he would dress up in war paint and run and stab a hog with the knife. Well so much for that knife

Stewart Holmes says:

Very nice review. I have been checking out your site for some time. I’ll come back with some thoughts.

- AKOB says:

i thought a secondary bevel is what a convex is…. no, yes?

Markus Wagner says:

have a pretty similar,the one from your last vid,but no black blade!

Paul Phillips says:

Hey man, thanks for the demonstration of the A1. Great knife!

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, Defenetly it’s one of my Fav. Wet and snowy weather use knives, I luv the strength of the laminated blade and stain resistance.

Chris DC says:

fallkniven a1…for me the best knife ever made…i have several, also a2, a lot off other brands, but the a1 is the a1, simple , now i’m testing the pro series, the cos steel is awesome, but more expensive, the price off the a1 compared to others nothing with this quailty.!!!

martin goyles says:

A1 is the perfect name considering it looks like a steak knife.

Glühwürmchen 79 says:

Good video, as always. The ESEE 6 and the A1 are both good knives, but i don´t like to care for rusty blades and the A1.. for this price i expect a better quality. In this size, i prefer the TRC Apocalypse with Böhler M390 (3rd generation PM steel). This beast is awesome. PM steels from Böhler or Uddeholm (Elmax) are the best.

SiksikaOutdoors says:

As always a well balanced review with facts thats count. I too have the A1 and it has never failed me in the field. With the addition of fallkniven’s Pro series inclusive of the A1 using CoS steel they are one the very best all-round stainless steel survival knives on the planet based on facts and functionality alone. As far as athletics are concerned, i guess thats all down to personal prefernce and has little to do with intended use from my perspective. Great reviews and big thanks gideonstactical.

AlphaBladeReviews says:

Thanks for the cool review Aaron!

Scott Schneider says:

So would you get the A1 or A1 pro? Would love to get the A1 pro but their were some issues with the handles.

Robert Owen says:

Question: I’ve tried sharpening this blade using water stone and using sandpaper on a mousepad and also a leather strop. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get this razor sharp (cut arm hairs or S-cuts through paper). I have a field sharpener that you recommended. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

Jeremy Goldberg says:

Liked it a lot till I heard the price. That’s a hooker a case of beer and a gerber pro knife. LOL out of my budget. thx for the great review on it though. always like your videos.

Oszkar Csaky says:

The s1 can break its tip off.
The s1 pro is better, but the regular s1 breaks.

Ondal1 says:

Hi GT.
For a fixed blade larger woodsman knife, with a scandi grind, which if any would you prefer?

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, Copy That, Mine too, But that new Benchmade Arvensis 119 is a good one too in the 154 C M, I teamed my Arvensis 119 with the Coye Ridgeback and my A-1 with my Cold Steel Mini Pendleton, Great Review, Thanx You.

Ryan Caiazza says:

I’m torn between this and the s1 but leaning more towards this

Harrison Gilbert says:

Put a little band of bike inner tube around the retention clip much better fit way less rattling

S7 says:

makes a video with a 3 fallkniven, f1, s1 and a1

Bama Djokonugroho says:

Greetings, I’m your subscriber from Indonesia!

Have you got a chance to check out the First Edge 5150?

If yes, I would be grateful if you can share your thought on Falkniven A1 vs the 5150?


dirtywolfhound says:

fallkniven to much coin esee way to go

Van Lurton says:

Thanks for the review! I’ve always been a fan of Fallknives. Have you tried the Survive! Knives GSO 7/7 in CPM 20cv? I’d be curious to get your impressions of it and how it would compare to the A1. Granted the 7/7s are pretty hard to come by but it might make a good shoot out since they are pretty similar.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, Yup, It’s one of my Fa’s. Infact because the way, the zytel sgeath’s are designed like they are, I vriss carry my A-/H-1 side by side. I was impressed how tough the laminated blade is, Check out the destruction video in it. So I bought the H-1 because it’s so much like my Fav. Skookum Bush Tool, Assbassiery.,,.

iamhistory says:

What are your thoughts on the Bark River Bravo 1.5 in A2 and/or 3V?

Gaston Callero says:

+gideonstactical, your watch is great!

huntthewild says:

A1 is much better than ESEE6. i have both and the A1 skins better, chops better, batons better and has much better edge retention. the esee 6 was my fav untill i got a A1

Spankplank says:

I see a used A1 for 140 bucks, but I can only judge the quality after 2 pictures… And I see a brand new Esee 6 for 160 bucks, that I even can go take a look at… WHICH SHALL I CHOOSE? 🙂

kyle brod says:

does it rust at all? I know the outside and core metals are different. Would it work out in a rainforest/jungle environment?

Humor Spelarna. says:

Fällkniven a1

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, I even have the Fallkniven Nordic which is the #3 Northern Lights Series. Simply TiT’s Beautiful. A Knife Porn to simply put.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, Yeah, It’s also one of my Fav’s, Infact I posted it in my Google Plus just search Paulie 4X and tell me what you think Ok. ,, .

EXIT says:

Cutting wood is boring. A 1 dollar knife cuts wood. I want to see stuff that make them pricey! I want to see u compare an expensive knife with a cheap one by chopping into stone. Bend the shit out of the them etc

Scott M says:

Hypothetical time! 😀 Ready? Ok, aliens pop into your house, tell you they’re gonna drop you naked in some random wilderness (you won’t know the type of conditions at all) alone and without support to survive for a year, after which they’ll bring you back: alive, half dead, pile of bones, etc… they don’t care. BUT, as you’re being dragged out they give you a moment to pick one to take with you: Esee 6 or the F1.

PS. No, you can’t pick both, ask them any questions, grab one and fight your way to a bunch of other stuff to choose from, etc. Yeah, there’ll be none of that “clever” stuff lol.

So.. which one?

Max Heimerl says:

do you know the fällkniven a2?

DaddyCharlieNoah says:

You like this better than the steel will darkangel?

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