Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Long Term Use Review

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FPSRelic says:

I want to get the pro version of that knife. After having knives that have tight fitting sheaths, that one appeals to me for a knife that you use a lot – easy to take the knife out and stow away when you’re using it and with an effective retention strap for when you’re not.

RaubElch says:

Man, if only this thing wasn’t so expensive…

Mags says:

Nice review. Deciding to get this or the S1. A1 is a lot of money and a lot of weight. Think ill go the smaller S1 with leather sheath.

RaubElch says:

I want to get the Pro-Version for some time now, not a Fan of the handguard on this one. But the price for the new version is over the top, probably because uf the steel, which nobody was asking for. I’ve been using the F1 as a survival blade for 2 years but kust switched back to my Cold Steel SRK because of the better handguard.
Still really like the review, keep it up!

BlackRifle Survival says:

Heck yeah!!!! Love that knife, I just got mine two weeks ago, still have to test it out. The feel is great in my hand great weight to it.

Barry Bueler says:

Love this knife the sheath is good enough but I did upgrade to a leather sheath with a fire steel loop and a stone holder own a lot of knives but If shtf I’m pretty sure this is one knife that will be in my hip alout great video crazy how much more stuff costs in Australia but what ya gonna do.

Airik1111 says:

That’s way to expensive for such a crappy sheath IMHO esp with new companies like Steelwill who make awesome stainless blades with really good sheaths. Yes that F1 is a wicked beast but like many other high end knives on the market they all have a less expensive alternative that can do the same for a fraction of the cost. ……..Yes I’m jealous and coveting your blade LOL.

The Swede Mike says:

About the tension on the sheath. Maybe you can try this: https://youtu.be/_ZLRY2k38Fs

KeytoAdventure says:

Awesome review! The A1 is the best knife ever to grace my hands. Hate that I sold it, but recently purchased the a1 pro! Top notch!

Enlowra says:

it seems very similar to my cold steel SRK lol

Andrethe Dias says:


LoadedJumper says:

check the title bro 😉

elias burgstaller says:

Yes the SRK aint as good in some tasks but you get 3SRK’s in CPM3V for 1 A1 in VG10

Andrethe Dias says:

Best combo is modernbowie and f1pro

German Survivalist says:

Ouch, I just looked it up and the Fallkniven A1 goes for 300€ here, that`s half my monthly income, so nope, not gonna get one xD I can get TWO Lt Wright Genesis for that money xD

Nathan Bailey says:

Top review!

Buster Au says:

Ya, my favourite knife, use it and u will know how good it is

No U says:

What’s the float value on yours? I’ve never seen one so battlescarred before.


I’m afraid you need to watch this before qualifying that knife as a best survival knife in stainless steel. You should try ELMAX steel, or M390 steel my friend. Look for the GSO Survive knives!!!! Nice channel though!!!

Mario Paul says:

Wait, you can’t use it to strike firesteel/ferro rod? Or it has a drawback? I didn’t quite understand, could you clarify? I wanna use this for bushcrafting, not a big deal if you can’t but it’s a nice feature with carbon knives.

Jorgen Sandstrom says:

Great knife Great review. A1 and F1 is perfect combo! btw the battle scars on the coating is just damn cool! Take care and have fun!

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