Fallkniven S1 Knife Review. Beating on the Classic Outdoor Survival Knife.

The Fallkniven S1 may be the ultimate survival knife if maybe it was the knife you had on you while you needed to survive in the bush or forest. This series of knives has been designed in Sweden and made in Japan for abuse, hard use, field tests, cleaning game, batoning, tactical purposes, and other words that help my SEO. Also in this series are the A1, and the F1- but I can’t afford all three. Maybe one day if I get as popular as Nutnfancy. Buy from the links below to support the channel.

S1 Leather Sheath: https://amzn.to/2N2CYFk
S1 zytel Sheath: https://amzn.to/2N3MUOT
S1 Pro: https://amzn.to/2QWtX3I
A1: https://amzn.to/2zuI09X
F1: https://amzn.to/2QYAgDV
Blade HQ’s full line of Fallkniven Fixed Blades: http://shrsl.com/16u9q
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Tim Gannon says:

I would probably like Falkniven’s knives better, if they didn’t have that cheap looking dull and drab handles. I am sure they are very functional, but they just plain look like a cheap piece of crap, regardless of how well they perform, or how much they cost.

mister smith says:

I hope you get to review the Terava Jääkäripuukko 110 or 140 knives my friend.

John Perry says:

GearBest has a new Ganzo knife listed as made from D2.(Ganzo FH11) I would love to see you review it.

J Vidal says:

“Future theoretical camping” funny and true.

I—Theist says:

I’ve been thinking about purchasing this knife for awhile.

Lone Stranger says:

Almost JO’ed during the speed batoning!

Павел Федоров says:

You’re the one and only knife stand up show un YT

Josh Johnson says:

Whoa whoa fucking whoa….2 convex edged knives in 2 days…or 1 day?!?!? Are these your first full convex edges? Thoughts/opinions?


I leave my blinds open… sneak a peek if ya want.

davidaxman says:

Just by the looks of it, it seemed to split wood like crazy. Was it easier with the S1 than other comparable knives? Maybe some convex magic?

bogoljub djordjevic says:

yeaa bro

Aleforme 70 says:

Had the S1 for a few years. Ended up selling it but kinda regret it. It’s a great knife. No frills but just works.

A Russian Doge says:

I wish I guess what you’d call a premium knife company would just polish their knives it makes them look better and also more effective.

bilbobaggins8876 says:

Where do you find animals wearing kilts?

Tiny Supreme says:

It looks like a Cold Steel knife.

Matt Ashe says:

Please tell me you didn’t move into Mayor Fuglycools back yard …

Blake Grendel says:


Ordinary everyday guy says:

I think you should whittle a pointed stick to put a pig’s head on like in Lord Of The Flies. And I think you should review that movie.
That is all for now. As you were.

Mykle Gaynor says:

Watching the cardboard baton at 4:44 was like watching a Renaissance master completing a classical work.

Zachary Brobst says:

More better!! Yaassss

Panther Bladerunner says:

Has anyone, between the time that the Bering Strait was exposed and now, ever worn a dangling sheath? I’ll answer for you: No. But you know what they DO wear? Family members who are from red states and say stuff like, “We didn’t land on no moon. There ain’t so such thang as a full tang.” My Uncle Roy says that, and, bless his heart, he is really popular down at the Elks Lodge.

alittleolder says:

Great video. And to get serious for once (and not this is not sarcastic): At the end when you cut down that large stump.. Looked like fun but made me sad that I’ll never in my remaining years will be even remotely able to do something like that. On the other hand “Solo” was better than expected to not end on a down note.

doug bulldog says:

I believe this was the official knife carried by ABBA

Dan Buonanno says:

Love the humour man, keep it up…..and informative in a truthful mocumentary sense, like a kid, tell it how it is.

sunshyn21 says:

Bro I understand your advanced and all with your knife skills so you would never cut your self, but how do you not get torn up swinging around in bamboo?

cafn8ed74 says:

I found that the “pause and read” text blocks are more entertaining if you read them in a Swedish accent. And when I say Swedish accent, I mean a German accent because I don’t know what Swedish sounds like. And when I say in a German accent, I mean I imagine that WW2 leader, whose name I don’t want to say because I might accidentally get this video demonitized, screaming it at an office full of generals. Try it and see for yourself.

Gill Bates says:

OK, at 3:17 you say the convex is stronger because it has more steel behind the edge. Actually, the opposite is true – the convex has *less* steel behind the edge, given a roughly similar blade profile (we’re not talking axe heads here, right?), which makes it such a great slicer. The “flat + V” grind is the stronger one. The “V” portion has the larger included angle near the edge. (Think about old-fashioned straight razors – no “V” grind there.)

Tejas101 says:

Swedish Boobs! ( o Y o )

Frank Crawford says:

No more flashlight reviews?

Deathclaw says:

I believe most of their folders are made in Sweden. I have the TK3 made in Sweden. Their 3G steel is amazing stuff. I’ve never seen a knife stay sharp so long.

Dave Zito says:

Well done
Thanks for doing the Fallkniven

safe space says:


Jarod Tarkov says:

I’m just waiting for you to get your hands on the Von Temspky Bowie? I would love to see your comparison between the ranger and the full size one. Can’t decide one which one I want to get

I—Theist says:

You need to pronounce falkniven properly. It’s falk- kniven not fall-niven. Try not omitting the “k” sound.

zombien kongen says:

You want money in your patreon account?
Show some ankle, a little calf now and then?
Entice your viewer.
Nice review as always.
When I get a job I’ll send you 3 dollars.

Deathclaw says:

I bought one of these 10 years ago…its the knife responsible for my knife addiction.

Lemon Slush Loves Knives says:

i had the f1 and ended up carrying it IWB. That zytel sheath you can throw the snap around a belt loop and it stays in place pretty good. Ideal for having a carry fix blade if you really need a midsized fixed blade. Also its ideal if you operate, are a pilot who intends to crash in a jungle or humid environment or run shit at the knife shop at the mall and want a super userful fixed blade to accompany your replica highlander sword. For camping (I rather have a cheap mora lighter and cheaper) but its pretty decent overall and good with fire steel. That said I almost never use a firesteel cause my bic lighter works great but I do love the convex grind cause it is ideal for stropping. Slicing sucks with the thick blade stock but its fun to play with. I got ride of the knife cause ise I dont camp much and dont need to carry a fixed blade bigger than an izula. Just my personal experience that said. Excellent knives if you get them for a good price.

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I think you mean my overturned Saab JAS 39 Gripen! It’s my daily driver.

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