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True Mark says:

Image. Slicing bread with the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

Kento Komoto says:

My grails, Randall model 14 (again, had to sell mine when my house burned down), a Randall model 12, forgot the name but it was a late 80’s early 90’s machete made by Al Mar. Just got one of my minor grails last week, an original Cold Steel mini Tanto from early 90’s or late 80’s, still mint in box with the tsuba guard. Yes. I’m edc’ing it. I don’t believe in a closet knife.

Donald Goembel says:

Looks almost like the VN era Bowie/machete my stepfather gave me in 67/68. He had two the same but one had a Large gut hook. As dumb kids we let so many nice things from the jungle slip thru our hands. Very nice

KlanStar says:

Grail knife. Hackman Vietnam Survival knife.

Ducati11111 says:

So Becky is dead…sad times………

Backyard Blacksmith says:

Shining mountain Bowie

David Bennett says:

Geeze too bad you have those shadows spoiling the view.

Halo Machete says:

Grail Knife Randall Smithsonian Bowie forever.

Dave M says:

Wilson tape, as in tennis racket grip tape?

upgrayddable says:

I got my Grail Knife this year after six years on a list: Randall Made Number 9, Sportsman bowie, number 14 grind. Micarta 14 grip, 14 brass hilt and brass butt.

Scrappy Golatt says:

This man has such good taste it almost makes me cry

Gunsquawk 44 says:

I bet my Timber Rattler made in Pakistan will out chop your Bark River Jap knives.

OldNatty says:

The only knife that matters is the one that saves your life at the time.

Tomas Tovias says:

I traded the exact same knife for my Grail knife the original SOG tigershark made in seki Japan and my other Grail knife is a bagwell Bowie fighting knife good show keep up the good work my dream knife is a Spirit Blade by Master Shiva Ki record holding cutting power

Troy McDonald says:

Mine is the tope brovo recon!

Darrin Crose says:

Funny thing, most ppl have zero clue how to use a knife effectively in a combat situation.

Sam Iam says:

My grail knife, my grandpa military issued Ka-bar. My most useful knife bk-14.

Stephen Morawski says:

It’s pronounced as ya-roash. The r is trilled.

Doc Holiday says:

Fällkniven SK6 Krut and/or Linder African Hunter

Keith Amyx says:

Thanks for a great video. I have a love for the “knife” myself. One of the greatest tools ever invented.

Butch Hill says:

Do like orange handles on some knives!

738polarbear says:

There was not one knife I did not like out of all of them.

MI Prepper says:

Ahh the U.S. Calvary and Brigade Quartermasters catalogs. You gave me an 80’s moment with mentioning. Drooling over the stuff in U.S. Cavalry.

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

Real nice collection, Chris!
Thanks for sharing.

أتابع الناصري. Keillor,Christopher says:

Should keep all your knives hang them in one room with a front door and that’s the door you invite the Jehovah’s Witnesses in they look in see all the knives hanging on the wall then maybe ceiling and they’ll give you a pamphlet and leave they never come back I’ve done this by experience

Blades For Days says:

I still love the Black Jack Halo attack series I need to hunt one down

Clint Phillips says:

Grail knife has to be the Dave Beck wsk………go ahead and laugh at me I still have dreams about ot lmao

Gene Koo says:

I’m not even joking, I just found out about the Blackjack Anaconda 2 when I was researching the Bark River Shining Mountain Bowie and I instantly fell in love with it. Either one would be a grail knife for me, but I recently bit the bullet with the Bark River V44 so I think I will be satisfied…for now that is.

christopher martin says:

not really my grail knife but im really wanting a custom fiddleback forge camp knife in cpm 3v

ChrisC30 says:

My grail knife is the Blackjack Mamba. Always loved it, never bought one.

dharmamoose says:

I got my grail knife for my birthday this year; the Tops SXB! It is my very first Tops, and I absolutely love it. I even got a Tops Fieldcraft to go with it, so my SXB has a friend in my collection.

Erik Lamb says:

Eight Dollar Mountain Foundry D Guard Bowie. EK Jungle Paratrooper.

koosh138 says:

I don’t know how I guessed it right but just by looking at the handle/grip I could tell it came from the 80s.

MrNapalm138 says:

Buck 120 General ,I wanted it since I was like 7 and just got one,totally worth it!

Plantman Whoreticulture says:

Bou e. Not bow e. Bowie pronounced bou-e

Gunsquawk 44 says:

You put electrical tape on all your knife handles, were you born in the ghetto?

Mick Jacobs says:

I got my grail knife last year and I’m still in love with it, it’s an Adventure Sworn Explorer.

The Dank Knight Rises says:

Browning Crowell-Barker competition knife is the favorite in my collection and the one i wanted for years before finally buying it.

Greg Rodriguez says:

Why do all you ‘Prepare freaks’ go bonkers over a bunch of knives??? For heaven’s sake: 1 decent fixed blade, 1 hatchetAx, a multi-purpose tool, 100ft-200ft of cordage, several fire starters (ferro rod, matches, lighter), H2O purification systems (2 or 3) a few tarps– and you are pretty much set… You don’t need 10 billion knives.

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