FFS Survival Knife Up-Armored Knives

Fun Gun Gear Reviews Presents: FFS “Fight For Survival” Knife by Up-Armored Knives. Will Welling is a Master Knife Maker that produces quality Survival and Fighting Knives. Not only an Avid Outdoorsman but also a 25 year Military and Law enforcement. He knows what is needed for Survival.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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Joranba says:

Look like a nice knife, but I can’t see anything special, any different, an extra value. For the price, no way. I can do better with $300 for sure. But thanks any way, nice review.

TheGrinch says:

love the knife.  wish I can afford something like this because it seems to be the perfect knife im looking for.   noticed on the sheath, there is no drain hole.   hope they can add that

Joe Mignone says:

The Izula sheath is molded plastic, not kydex.

TigerRagFishingTeam says:

Ceracote held up great!

The Stranger says:

How does this compare to the Kabar Becker BK2?

William Thorton says:

What kind of bdu pants are those,what you were wearing in the begining of the video?

Vallhalla61 says:

Why the hell did you make this video? Now I want another knife! LOL

Mikael Gustafsson says:

Can a gay man use your product without being hurt ?

mister smith says:

$300.00 for 1095? I don’t think so. better start off in CPM 4V or Vanadium.

John Anders says:

Jezz you think they cost enuff…

Andrew Storie says:

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that his mag holster behind the knife isn’t seated on his belt? My OCD is going nuts over here!

klusblody says:

beauty knife

Panda Bear says:

Is all that stuff in your back yard

Paul'ie 4X says:

Hi Sootch, I’m sorry for being so rude on my post, but I have been thinking about your video review, and I really like this knife, I think I will put it on my wish list, I really like the 1095 CroVan Steel alot better then some of the other offerings with the 1095 High Carbon Steel, again I apologize for my post, and Thanx for showing this knife, the more I think about the knife, the more I like it, Thanx.

swatnc says:

That is one very cool knife and death. Going to check them out love the death and the fact it’s lined. I have a Becker it rattles so bad I can’t take it hunting. Like the fire starter on the death you can never have to many ways to start a fire great review thanks.

pro Toyz says:

rides too high on the belt and 350 is asking a lot for a 1095 knife. i bet i can mod a esee 6 to better performance than this knife. its easy to convex a knife.

that being said… i get me a mora… bye bye expenisve knive world… craps not needed outdoors srsly.

Samual Robb says:

Does anyone know where I can find a knife that has a blade similar to this one but at a price range of around 30-60$ thanks.

specter says:

maybe for a back up knife 

Derf Smith says:

You’re a tool

357mrplayer says:

bad ass knife love it.  the sheath is great.  super simplicity and the convex, the only field edge

Rusty Suender says:

Great knife.I own the TOPS Fieldcraft BOB knife which is hefty and sharp.The handle is micarta.3/16 thick 1095 high carbon steel with a Skandinavian grind.Very sharp and a good all around”utility knife.There’s also a divot on the blade if someone has the skills to use a spindle/bowdrill method of making a fire(haven’t attempted this yet.I would guess with all the gear you’ve tested,you’re familiar with this knife.(don’t like the jimping though,it’s hard on the thumb)

SimpleReviews says:

The Rambo knike is a top quality product. I have bought it from amazon. The Compass is real and works. The knike is weighted well. Awesome packaging if giving a Gift and it comes with a Certificate of numbered origin. Way Cool! Check here http://amzn.to/1dUUOrk

Mark Morgan says:

Hey… Your magazine is about to fall out the back or your pants… Might wanna wear it as intended?

Paul'ie 4X says:

Ooooops FFS Knife, not FFC.

Bobs Edge says:

Sootch00, great video as usual.  You are such a cut up!  : )

Devin Fleming says:

nice knife but not $370 nice

Free Slave says:

Love you vids
Just for your info, up here in Canada if you tell a cop that the purpose you carry a knife is for self defence he will confiscate it. We have been disarmed in so many ways up here its disgusting. Not to say that is not why i carry a knife, but i just say its a tool i use for cutting. When its time to fight and defend, you better believe i’ll fight to the last beat. I can use fully auto guns, grenade launchers, and a 120mm tank round to defend my country but i cant use a knife to defend my family without goingbto jail, how stupid is that. Oh well at least theyll be alive.
We need change

j lin says:

reminds me of the old Apache knifes the hilt need more to it and add a arrow hole

russky salamander says:

too bad you cant test it out by killing somebody.

Paul'ie 4X says:

I just got a Busse American Green Flag Cerakote Anneversary Steel Heart-1, what Beauty, you say it’s a good coating, you just made my day, I’m happier now, Thanx for the informational video’s Sootch, Thanx.

Joshua Rugg says:

I gotta say, the intro really through me off and I about ended the video right their. But after I give it a few minutes and I’m glad I did, I hit that subscribe button. Really good video, love the message at the end, very informative, really nice god fearing man.

russky salamander says:

$335.00 yawza

xtremearmor says:

I like the blade and the thickness of the blade. As for the sheath it is a very nice custom sheath, have not seen one like that before. Thanks for posting this video.

Randall Kelley says:

Do they have a model with slightly longer blade? Like the handle.

Jadon Ingalls says:

Was he just stropping a knife…on moss?!

Zechariah A. says:

awesome blade, but at almost triple the price is this really that much better than an ESEE?

izdefflo says:

Looks awesome, the price tag is too high for me though.

Greg Allen says:

Sweet knife and nice review! How are you enjoying it after owning it for a while? I purchased a thicker bladed knife last year similar to your FFS. What I have found was that for chopping and larger tasks they are great. Having a thicker blade however seems to make creating feather sticks and fine kindling difficult. So I dropped some cash last the other day for the L.T. Wright Genesis. I am looking forward to putting it through its paces. http://ltwrightknives.com/the-genesis.html   

allmagicgy says:

Nice knife but it looks like it could be a bit high in the rib cage. It would be so much better if you can carry trapper style.

David V says:

Actually looks as if someone was trying to duplicate the BK-2 but it was there first time making a knife. This guy is so proud of his crappy BK-2 knock off. Ha

Ricky Spanish says:

ugly edge

Carter Newcomb says:

0:20 little pat pat

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