First Edge 5050 Navy Seal Team Survival Knife Review

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The First Edge 5050 Survival Knife is the real deal Navy Seal knife. The 5050 is being included in the elite Special Forces unit’s cold weather survival kit under contract to the US military. This knife features top of the line ELMAX stainless steel, G10 handle slabs and a patent pending kydex sheath.

Here’s the SHOT Show interview with First Edge CEO Brett Seber:

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oldtimer4567 says:

I believe, Brian, that the Elmax steel is a very, top of the line, crucible steel. What I think is used for severe duty blades. Watching this vid tho, I was wondering whether or not the Schrade SCHF42D, which is one of the knives I have that is very close in size to that knife, would fair in a “tip test” as well as that knife did. Now, I’m definitely not a knife “tip tester”, as I too was taught that isn’t what a knife is for. But, dang if I ain’t curious as to whether or not the ’42D would hold up to a “tip test” like you gave that knife. That oak isn’t a joke! This is ONE time I may have to put on some safety gear, just in case, & see if the ’42D has the “backbone” for it.

Sara Chen says:

Is it full tang or skeletonized?

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Bryan, Yup, I got my cross hairs on this knife, Thanx You.,,. p

Reecey Azza says:

You should test out the Jessica X off zombie go boom that knife is just beast

Dr. Mark says:

Since I retired, I don’t do a lot of things since my income is much less that what I used to have. However, I own both the 5150, and the 5050. I don’t eat out, I don’t go to the movies, and I cut way back on everything so I can keep up my hobby of knives, and still collect a few now and then. I own a few Spyerco, and Cold Steel knives which are very nice, but these babies are just stellar. Save your pennies, as they are worth every single cent. Order one from Knife Center. If you are for any reason not satisfied, they will refund your hard earned money. You will not believe the fit, feel, or performance. These knives are the top shelf real deal.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Brian, Which would you get the 5050 or the smaller one 5151 ?

Framer Guy says:

I just unsubscribed to your reviews when I found out from others that you don’t take well to any critique of your efforts. I simply tried to point out that doing what you were attempting from a squatting position (2 point balancing act on tip toes to be plain and simple) is very dangerous and something I would never show on a video that many kids watch and take on a serious note. When you lost your balance and fell forward still holding that knife in your hand and then chuckled about it, I wondered where the humor was in that sort of thing??

What would you do if a mom wrote in and told you that her young son tried the “point test” on his scout knife and slipped and drove the knife into his thigh??? ………………… Just sayin’

bashfulbrother says:

MSRP is $350. But these guys do things that all the rest of us don’t. They need the best of best to be used by the best of the best.
Great video Brian. Have you ever thought about going through BUDS? I bet you would make it through Hell Week. Either that or maybe we should set up a group to go down and do Extreme Seal Experience. I thought I would add a small comment to this. I won’t be buying one of the knives for a couple of reasons. One is the price. When you get right down to it, it’s kydex, SS, and G 10. The same material that a lot of other knives at 1/3 the cost have in their manufacture. This company is playing BIG TIME off of their relationships with the teams. It is just a knife, but I think a lot of guys are kind of getting carried away with the idea that buying the knife will somehow transfer the skills of a frogman unto it’s owner. Knowing as I do about their entrance requirements, you could give any SEAL a finger nail clipper and he could take out North Korea. I’ve seen this in the music industry. Want to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan? Why, buy the SRV strat from Fender. What they don’t tell you is that Stevie started playing when he was 10. His recording consisted of amps that ranged between 2000 and 20000 dollars. He played LOUD. And none of this begins to approach the entire dynamic of his fingers, his expression, his love and dedication to the blues, etc. Luttrell did what he did because he loved his Country, and he loved his teammates. He was the finished product of the best training in the world. It takes 2 years before a team member is allowed to enter combat. Buying the 5050 isn’t really going to make anyone a SEAL. It will cut, help with fire starting, it will baton, and it will help you when you are in a survival situation, but then again so does a Mora. I might also mention that Ka Bar has been providing knives to the US Military since at least WW2. Yet I have never seen them offer a Marine Ka-bar for the money that it deserves for it’s ruggedness, long standing record of performance, and the fact that the Marines carried them at Iwo Jima.

funshootin1 says:

Put devgru navy seal team 6 special warfare operator operating operationally and you can add 150 bucks to the price of a knife. ..don’t forget to paint the blade black

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

Looks like a RAT 5 with a better sheath.

Vox Populi says:

Well hopefully the S.E.A.L. team with not be on any missions past yer back

Rusty Gunn 7 says:

You might make sparks land on the tinder easier if you pull the rod, not the blade.

John Ace says:

Hi there! Just to check with does this firstedge 5050 totally the same as esee 5.

Dwight E Howell says:

A very tough knife.

frank says:

THE SHEATH IS A P O S ! ! ! ! Mine deformed sitting next to my stove ! ! ! Kydex in my opinion SUCKS & isn’t wort the powder to blow the POS up ! ! !

mister smith says:

The problem with Elmax is, it’s so hard the chips take forever to work out. 3V would have been a better choice.

3 thirty 6 says:

I didn’t read through the comments so this is probably a repeat. It’s in the hands of the Navy’s Kodiak Squadron. It’s called a burner, take it, break it, and leave it behind.


elmax is a great steel imo! own 1 knife in elmax and love it.

Frank Webster says:

looks like a nice knife. Right on.

Jeramy Lawlor says:

Oh man I want this knife.Great review added to my knife addiction.Time to save up.

J Smitty says:

im sure its a great knife, but for $300 I can buy a gun and a knife!  Of course anything designed for the seals im sure is tough as a mother.

Francis Thompson says:

OMG, remember all the crap you got for batoning a knife a year or so ago? Now you used the blade for a ferro rod. Your in for it now, ha ha.
Lee, Indianapolis

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Brain, Somewhere down the line, I will buy the 5050 or the 5051, Thanx for sharing.

kk5sc says:

Reminds me of my BK2…

Tom Bearclaw says:

I’ve been looking for review of the KaBar/Jarosz Turok 6.25″
Anyone had any experience with that one?

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