Full Review: Tops Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft Knife (Tumble Finish): Bushcraft – Survival

The TOPS Knives Brothers of Bushcraft Knife has been popular since it came out, but this new tumble finish version – now THIS ONE is the look that I prefer for a knife. Simple, stream-lined, nice brown/tan handle, and a tumble finish. But moving beyond just the looks, this thing (other than the fire notch at the base) really performed. The scandi grind was beastly and I think this will be a knife I’ll pass on to the next generation in my family. Check out the video for more info.

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Tops Knives BOB – Tumble Finish: http://tinyurl.com/Tops-BOB-Tumble-ETV

Other Tops Knives BOB options: http://tinyurl.com/Tops-BOB-Options-ETV

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Andi München says:

12:40 You can also use the top of the blade 🙂

Andi München says:

I bought it with 154cm steel. Best knife I ever used!
Extremly sharp and stainless steal. You can´t destroy that knife!

Mateiros Carijós says:

We love this model! This brand produces eclente knives! It is our dream of consumption! Congrats on the video! We are together!
Hugs from the South of Brazil Fernando and Kauan

beckerm13 says:

Use the spine very near the tip with the ferro rod. It will throw all kinds of sparks.

miller3339 says:

I had the knife for about 6 months. I really wanted to like this knife. For wood prep it worked pretty good. But for more detailed work I think an little thinner blade would have been better. The fire steel notch is extremely frustrating to use and the ferro rod is pretty small to use with so much mass from the knife. A small scraper worked much better. I wound up selling the knife. Like I said I really wanted to like this knife…. Reviewers across multi sites have expressed their frustration with the shortcomings of this blade and it’s too bad that TOPS hasn’t listened especially when they had the chance to change the issues when they gave the consumer options from when they first released the knife.

Dano DeMano says:

I totally agree that they should just sharpen the spine instead of having that notch on the pommel. My friend has the coated version of this knife and says he saw a R. Mears video where he used the tip of the spine to strike a ferro-rod to make a fire!

canopus101 says:

I agree with most of the points you make, especially ditch the magnesium and replace with a better ferro rod. Also a 90 degree spine would be useful for scraping bark for tinder as well as striking sparks.

Apart from that I have found mine to be a really good knife, it is sharp and easy to sharpen. It is thick enough to pry out stuff from the ground and to baton, the Scandi grind helps here as it splits wood readily. Carving is a dream, the knife does this well despite being quite chunky.

Excellent review, an excellent knife too. I would recommend this to anyone who camps as it does nearly all the jobs around the camp quite easily. Not a cheap knife but not a really expensive one either and it represents good value. Thanks for your review.

SEVENS says:

Hey Tim, thanks for the video, Maybe you can help me out. I’m looking for a camping/survival knife. Anything you recommend?

Skully Dog Adventures says:

I’ve had my BOB for years now, and I still love it.

TurtleWolf Pack says:

You are forgetting one fundamental truth about TOPS Knives, they are differentially hardened unlike every other knife maker in the business. What this means is that the spine is much softer than the edge giving the blade an amazing amount of strength and flexibility under stress, which is great, but unlike a through hardened blade the spine will not hold a 90 degree edge for more than a couple strikes on a ferro rod.
The answer is to modify the Shango Notch like Chris Tanner did on his channel, not change the design of the knife.

Barry Bueler says:

Why would the military carry a bushcraft knife?

orckiller91 says:

Hey Tim, where about in NH are you? I’m in New Durham

Blake Shields says:

Any reccomended ways of sharpening ive had mine for a bit but worried to dull it out of fear of not being able to sharpen, maybe even a video would be awesome! ps love the vids

Hangassan says:

The reason you will not much of a spark with a ferro rod using the spine of the knife is that it IS COATED…TOPS coats their tumble finished blades with a clear Cerakote to the grind line…so, no, it is not uncoated, and yes, you will have a tough time raising a spark off what is essentially ceramic…

Trystan Cutts says:

6:48 what happened there? i wanted to watch him do that.

Cajun Swamp Fox says:

Put a little shock cord loop on a “light my fire” fero rod and it works great in the holder on the sheath. I went out and practiced with the knife making a bow drill fire and I had no issue with the placement of the bow drill divot. I see what you’re saying but it worked fine.

Thomas Jefferson says:

I love the blade shape and the size appears to be able to fill the hand of a larger person., After seeing the metal belt clip I was disappointed. I don’t like belt clips, especially metal ones. I would prefer to see molded in belt loops.

Dmontes says:

Great video ! Which would you recommend this knife or a esee 6?

billwill.julz says:

I thought this was gonna be my knife but I can’t get past the awkward Ferro notch.

Brendan Watt says:

I know you hear it a lot but thanks for the vids they are so good, genuine guy and good vids! Your not in it for the money you produce good quality videos with passion

Dacian Perta says:

HELLO! (Sorry for my english) Between B.O.B. and Brakimo… What will be your choice? Thank you!

Breanna Caron says:

i sharpened the spine on mine way more efficient with a ferro rod.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Tim, I’m glad the BOB is now being made in the 154 CM I’m getting it. ,, .

Wartstein says:

Great review, thanx! Got a question concerning sharpening, would appreciate your help: Can yoo sharpen this with a spyderco sharpmaker? Probably not, as than you´d loose that convex edge?

Christian Windum says:

Thanks for all your videos, very thorough and to the point. I appreciate all your hard work. What would be your preference, brakimo or the 154cm version of the tops b.o.b ?

Pinoy Bushcraft says:

I think I would still get it but replace the cheap sheath and throw away the tiny ferro rod.

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