Ganzo Survival Knife Test Review

Tested out the Ganzo Survival Knife/Review, and it turned out to be a pretty good knife.

Ganzo G801 Survival Knife is currently unavailable!

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BernhardOelreich says:

Ganzo make great EDC beater knives, but for a “bet your life” survival knife, I wouldn’t use either this nor Edward Grylls knife.

david reeves says:

Sweet knife I’d love to have one in my bug out bag an my knife collection.

playfreak says:

nice job.. all best man..

Mijail Ache says:

copia al cuchillo de bg

GGK Outdoors says:

Dude you need help explaining knives! Try to learn about the knife before you make a video. Looking down to read your notes is a rookie move.

Outdoor Archives says:

I’ve never heard of this one, but seems like a decent knife, especially for the price.

Rastislav Uhričík says:

Chinese copy of chinese Gerber BG USK.

klik23 says:

Sells for under $40 now


Flint is a stone

Glühwürmchen 79 says:

The same cheep producer in China for Gerber and Ganzo. And testing a knife on rotten wood, really? Try a TRC knive, maybe K1 oder Apocalypse with Elmax or M390 steel. Or Lionsteel, Pohl Force and so on.

Sira Odnil says:

chinese gerber strongarm ?

Patric and Myles says:

great review thanks

Frank Gonzalez says:

What is the steel ? I see 440 stainless, but is it 440A, 440B, or 440C ?

Karin Lindqvist says:

Yaaa you did

Maddawwg45 says:

loved the test for if you fell off a cliff lmaooo okay … i know what ya ment sorry had to give ya a little ribbing over that lol , seriously thinking of buying that knife thank you for review

Jackknife89 says:

nice reveiw. looking for a new knife I’ll keep an eye on your videos for reference

357bullfrog says:

come on you guys! give him a break. he’s trying to show you you don’t need an expensive knife to work with. I just watched a video of a guy pre ordering 600 $ knives ! for that price I’d be buying this k,ow and pay off my car

German reviews 1 says:

Rip off Gerber

Paul win says:

That’s punk wood
Punk wood is wood that has been decayed for a long time that it no longer has the strength of wood AKA you can break it with own hands.

Vovan PRO?? says:

да нош класный.

Humble Trekker Bushcraft says:

awesome knifeness

Ahmet Ata says:

How to buy these products from Turkey

James Cooper says:

Tell me you’re not serious with this. You’re not very familiar with good survival knives right? What was your purpose with this review because I did’nt get much from it. Think the knife is total crap and will let everyone know not to buy these pieces of crap. Please rethink your review subjects for the future.

meirowskyaviation says:

nice review

Beatles2010100 says:

That’s is awesome! I love Ganzo knives, don’t have that one. Is the contest over?

Vovan PRO?? says:


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