Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? 31-001901

FULL Video Review and Demonstration of the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife from – Is the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife the Best Knife for Survival in the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Series Line Up? Let’s see… 31-001901

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Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

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Smith and Wesson Homeland Security Knife

Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife


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cctours says:

Can you make an hatchet with this knife.

Autumn Barclay says:

it is $63.70 now on Amazon as of 03/19/2017

Wasatch Watchman says:

I like these types of knives too.

Steph Cochran says:

Loved your review on the Gerber Bear Grylis Ultimate Pro Survival knife. I’m sold. Have been looking at reviews to aid in purchasing a good all round utility knife for camping and backpacking. This unit is so packed with features and sturdy that I need not look any further. Let Gerber know that it was your review that sold me. Thanks again and I’m off to see the rest of your reviews

seka spahovic says:


mje19D says:

Jesus this guy is goofy.

Not Me says:

4:15 do you have ARM DANDRIFF? what IS that

Otto Punkka says:

Will the new version of this knife fit in the older versions sheath?

adrian cabral says:

ultamite pro knive vs serated ultamite knive which do you prefer I want the best one??.

Vlad S says:

belt loop is a joke for such a knife. bear grylls priorities of survival is rubbish and waste of space, better fit there some plastic bags or smth esle, also with a piece of a bicycle tube i have attached a small tin next to the sharpener with some survival items and wrapped some cordage around the sheath. but belt loop still sucks. gotta think of some improvements and better way for a belt attachment

WaffleGaming says:

Becker BK-7 or BK-2 are way better than that knife

潘冠璋 says:

cold steel master hunter /  Gerber PRO  which is better ?

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond says:

Despite the predictable choruses about the knife being ‘junk’ blah blah blah …. There’s nothing wrong with this knife. It’s only a poor knife in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use a knife.

Patrick Dolan says:

Do not sharpen your knives with carbide pull thru sharpeners unless your blade is damaged. The diamond plate option was much better.

GlobalistEnemy01 says:

$55.71 now! Perfect for my budget! Nice review!

Shadow Pokemander says:

When did you start trowing knife

Sean says:

he will never bang his msk1 into a stomp top like that

Billy Triantafillou says:

I want one but they are 150 in Canada

ReDwErD says:

I want this too expensive for me though

Hayden Pillow says:

It is a good useful knife

yuvan kancherla says:

how much would it be in europe

PartiZAn18 says:

Keeps on saying “alderman”

Jeff Ross says:

You can get many decent survival tools and items for FREE (shipping cost only) here:

HashTagInfinity says:

Do I have to drink my own piss before buying this?

Kevin Cuntbreath says:

All BG gear is overpriced. If you want a serious 62 Rockwell carbon steel knife that is seriously sharp and only costs around £40, then go buy a Mora buschcraft knife. Mora knives are renowned by the survival and bushcraft community for good reason.

Yue Lu says:

what are you looking at when you speaking

Sean18 says:

Is he really talking about the price and he just made a $500 knife

Mr tricks says:

.how much

Pancho Friesen says:

does the knife rust?

NightLinks says:

Great video.

I’ve had this knife in my amazon wish list for 2 years after watching this video it’s time I buy it.

Thank you.

David Schmidt says:

You should burn it in a forest fire to see how it does

Seeds outdoors พรานบ้านนอก says:

If its sharp and durable I will order it.

TheKimjoh560 says:

The tang isnt as full as you’d think under those scales but its still tough as hell. If they just made it a non-signature and added a better sheath without gimmicks it would be a legend.

David Barclay says:

Chopping a tree should be done by battoning with a chunky piece of wood. Save the blade. I love this YouTuber.

Thorir the Hound says:

Survival Russia does not approve. Sorry.

Leo Johnson says:

im 15 and im about to go buy this. will they let me?

Matthew Hunkins says:

buy a real knife… buy a KA-BAR.

ArmaghHood1 says:

why would you need to break up a rock in a survival situation?

Derrick Drennen says:

I’m looking for a knife just like this, like exactly like it specs wise, just clip point instead. You know if that’s even possible? I can’t find one anywhere.

Nick Fornara says:

people have the stupidest things to complain about. This is a great knife. I have used my gen 1 bear knife for 4 yrs and its still going strong. im sure the pro will last forever

Chuck Norris says:

I used to think Gerber over Leatherman, now, with BG’s backing (or name) Gerber are like toys for Action Man! 🙂 Leatherman 4EVA

aucourant says:

Nice knife, pity about the revolting colour.

AdelR says:

ISIS fighters use this knife lol

Mightyimpact says:

love how all these people think they know more than a man who served the sas, specialises in survival and is a chief scout and one of the biggest knife brands gerber about how a survival knife should be XD. I bought the survival pro and I can’t find a single fault. full tang, strong steel, solid sheath with fire steel and sharpener which would never fall out as it’s very secure. I did a bit of research before buying it and most knives that quality were around the same price. people think just because it’s bear grylls it’s overpriced

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