Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife – One Year Later

This video is a follow up to see how “the world’s most hated knife” is holding up after a little more than a year of fairly average use and to talk about what have learned from using this knife- good and bad.

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aden danos says:

It’s designed to get the job done

Jeff James says:

I bought one of these with the serrated blade with full intention of destroying it to show what a pile of junk the knife is. 6 years later I still have it, it is my go to knife when I go into the bush. I hated the sheath though and had a custom hand made leather sheath made for it by Leonards Leather (find him on facebook)

John Smith says:

At 8.30 Batonning , I was waiting for him to smash his phone…..

Thomas Jefferson says:

I think you have to take into consideration the political/economic factors involved with purchasing something from a country that is probably paying the builder of that knife less than a dollar to make it. If I’m going to spend my money on something I like to know that the workers were treated well and paid a fair amount for their labor. At the price of that knife I would expect it to be made here in the USA which it is not. To each his own.

Sue Nelson says:

I have given this knife as a birthday gift to a friend about 6 or more years ago who loves Bear Grylls. And all the features was an extra! She still loves it to this day!

Craig Mouldey says:

Not the greatest knife but it will get the job done.

Harry Williamson says:

you can break any knife even a kukri whichI have done the Gurka soldier was not happy as he wanted to swap a bit of kit for it

Brad Bahr says:

Bryan. Thanks for the comprehensive and honest review. Not a bad budget knife for camping. It looks like it gets the job done for not a lot of money.

Eddie Barragan says:

8:35 Hey that’s the RedLetterMedia outro! Id recognize that anywhere.

TASTY PINNAEPLES Ya boy yanks says:

Thanks for this vid

kodiakarcher says:

Well the new model is so much better but nearly double the price. I honestly don’t see how someone could brake the blade unless they were twisting it or something. I think it’s a great knife for the money and would be hard to beat for the price. Moroniv makes a nice sharp knife but won’t take the abuse this one will. Great unbiased video

Ultimate Survival Bros says:

Some people might say that knife is crap but I would by that knife any day

Kurliston says:

In my opinion this knife just doesnt justify the higher price tag compared to a mora

Derek McDermott says:

I think people are taking there feelings on the show and the man out on the knife. I know lots of people with the newer version of this knife and not one of them has anything bad to say about it.

Harry Kenyon says:

I’ve had mine 4 years still my go to. Looks goofy, but who cares, it’s function not fashion.

Clemens Kindermann says:

It’s pronounced “Gerber”, not “Görber”.

Szakács Előd says:

I absolutely agree with you on this knife. In its price range is a good knife. Of course in a survival situation one would like to rely rather on a 200-2000 $ knife. But if i would have that money to spend on a knife , i would probably do my thorough research and find a much-much, whole other league knife. But probably this knife (or its successor) is bought by people who are in that moment NOT in a survival situation, nor are they exposed in that manner, so 50 $ sound pretty reasonable, and this knife sounds also pretty reasonable. And by the way, those old mountain men or trapper or whoever survived very tough situations, they had knives made of much softer steels (probably an old broken saber or some scythe). More important is the knowledge or the technique than the tool itself. In a survival situation i would be absolutely careful with my knife (cause you can break even a 2000 $ knife), because i need it so much. There would be no abuse, just challenging situations.

iI AKkaka says:

4:56 its a Velko strap lol

ray b says:

If someone is stuck, without  any survival tool literally ay metal bat, tod , flat, angle can be formed , sharpened for a greater purpose . Yes there are super fantastic tools that can and should be obtained before the SHTF WORL goes down but metal is what you always want to enlighten people to finding if they are without survival gear. Personally there are no ctap knives only poor quality to excellent quality.

mike addison-saipe says:

I have had my one (with the serrations) for nearly 6 years. Used extensively – despite it’s cheesy appearance – it has been a good,reliable bush craft/survival knife. No complaints here.

Shogun of the East says:

7:24 What is this brown tool/kit/machine behind the Gerber sheath?

Ken Rinck says:

I like this knife i just hate the orange. If it wasnt for the orange i would have allready baught one

Lea Kaderova says:

Best knives are those you dont think twice to use them for breaking the lock or punch them with stone when cutting wood.

alan hay says:

Very balanced and fair . Explains all criticisms and reasons. Look forward to reading more of these even handed surveys from a fair man

Kurt Baier says:


Ethan Allen says:

I not only want to hate it, I do hate it.

DamionJR4923 says:

It a good knife for $35. It is embarrassing to use though.

40belowful says:

cool, I liked the background music 🙂 love my fat wood 🙂 and I like cheese:)

Scott Zenewicz says:

That knife is not cheesey it is a very good knife for money n I’d b proud have mine if in a survival situation

courrierdebois says:

I love my B.G. knife. I left the whistle where it was and just tucked it into the loop at the top back of the sheath. I used a piece of elastic shoelace to secure the fire starter through the bottom space of the sheath. It pulls out a good foot from where it’s secured.

jtriegel says:

I absolutely love that knife the only problems I can see with it is a fact the shift breaks at the top and the Ferro Rod is facing down prone to lose it

Brian Ferris says:

Survival Lily did a destruction test on that kind of knife it passed the test with an A with almost zero damage even after rock pounding. (I would happily own that knife.)

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