Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Review

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife may be the most hated knife ever made. You don’t have to look very hard online to find lots of people trashing this knife and calling it a total piece of junk. I happen to like Gerber knives, so I have wanted to see for myself for a while now whether the knife was any good. After I damaged my Gerber Profile knife while doing a review, I contacted Gerber and they agreed to warranty the Profile.

Since the Profile knife is out of production, Gerber was willing to send me a Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife as a replacement for the Profile to review and make up my own mind. In this longer than usual video I put the knife through a standard Survival On Purpose knife review and pushed it a little extra hard, just to see what would happen. You decide what you think after watching.

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The Scout channel says:

Yeah kind of but its ok

Royce Martin says:

It’s vary good!!!!!

Daniel Alcazar says:

I bought this knife from Wal-mart in 2014. It is my primary camping and my primary bugout knife (along with my EDC BenchMade Griptillian). I used it the way you demonstrated and it has not failed me in 2yrs Great review, forward and honest! I look foward to viewing the rest of your reviews. Thank you!

Jack Mackey says:

i would like this knife if it didn’t have the branding on it it just kinda makes it look cheap even though it’s not that cheap

Augustus McRae says:

Thanks for this review. It looks like a solid knife to me. I don’t like it when people are hating on a knife and they don’t even own one, nor have they ever used it. I think this knife is like any other out there. There’s gonna be a few out there with a tempering fault. That’s just the nature of knife making, but that’s gonna be few and far between. That’s why reputable companies will include a warranty.

Muhd Faqih Karamy BZ says:

Why people hate Gerber?For the price,it is a decent knife.

Grim Reaper says:

I own two of the Gerber profile knife I use one everyday the other one as my backup in case I do to break it LOL but I have batons with it and it worked out great for me I didn’t do any cross grain batoning and other than that it’s held up pretty good for me I wouldn’t recommend the timing with it only because it’s so thin but I have. I know it is a low budget knife and I have noticed they stopped making it it is one of my favorite knives because it feels so good in the hand and I use it for everything if you wanted I’d be willing to let you test if you wanted to. I haven’t seen the video when you tested the Gerber butt I do know when I got it out the package had an OK age on it I’m not the best sharpener in the world but I made it sharper than it was and if I keep it Sharp it tends to perform for fairly well and it does basic knife tasks. great video on the Bear Grylls knife

Ryan Stinson says:

Pbs or BBC has a documentary on ISIS and you can see one of their fighters carrying this same knife on his vest so it must be good enough to at least take off heads!!!

Brandon Neil says:

I actually really like the overall design of the Gerber survival knives the quality of the materials is just a little underwhelming. If these had been made in Gerber’s Oregon factory with a little better materials I think their reputation wouldn’t​ have taken such a big hit.

Royce Martin says:

I have it and I love it!!!!!!

Andres Salazar says:

I have this knife and i’ve tested it and its decent and i like it i dont know why people dont like it

jason hullihen says:

i love my gerber scout i think it is a bear grills model there is nothing like there textured grip… i like it so much i bought two…

Alfie Wright says:

I would definitely rather by a strongarm without a doubt although it is better than nothing ha ha it isnt the worst knife in the world but it still has a lot to live up to compeared to the strongarm

Aaron Blake says:

I’d much rather be bringing some sort of schrade in the field tho.

zubb8 says:

weight 11.2 oz…?

wouter kellerman says:

its that gay orange on all the Gerber stuff that prevents me from buying it. otherwise this knife looks okay.

Edward Nicoletti says:

Finally, I think the “ULTIMATE” survival knife is a matter of personal preferences and not a bunch of gimmicks attached to the sheath. Sorry for my rant! But, one more thing, please.
Most of the whistles that I see sold for survival in my opinion are just junk. If you want to carry a real whistle, please check out “Wind Storm”. They are sold in Scuba Diving shops mainly. They are sold to get the attention of the dive boat in case you surface to far away from the boat for a surface swim. You can even hear them when blown under water. They will get someones attention better than any whistle that I have seen sold for survival and with less effort.

Aaron Schmidt says:

Y’all think I could file the knife back into a saw ? Ideas please! 😀

Grenadier Outdoors says:

Great video..thank you. I’m off to buy one tomorrow.

SANS 2004 says:

I had got one at wally mart it seemed okay but I went and got me another k-bar. I like k-bar for me but I put the gerber in my wife’s. bugout bag it will work for her well I think. do a vid on the gerber muchetty. yes I spelled it wrong lol.

Roger Simmons says:

$20 = $60 You get what you pay for. I have always liked Gerber also BUT I like ALL knives and edged tools !

Hawgslayer3 says:

You nailed it with the opening statement . I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say they wouldn’t buy the knife simply because they hate Bear and think he’s fake . You can’t fake SAS or holding the record for being the youngest guy to summit Everest . The first generation knives did have problems but Gerber worked it out eventually . I’d buy one now that they have a plain blade without serrations .

Stephen Duranleau says:

Thank you for this review !

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Brian, After Gerber improved the knife, From what I understand about knives It’s not bad for the $$$* But I don’t know if I could ever get used to that colorful scheme. Bit the knives I have that are made by Gerber are actually pretty good, I have a sterile Silver Trident in CM 154, and I got lucky I was able to buy both on different occasion a set of Gerber Freeman Hunter and Caper together. A very nice set, Mine has Stag Handles and S30V, I also have the Gerber Gator, Mine is pretty old and could be in the CM 154, Once a bullet ricchoted off a soldiers Gerber Multi-Tool or else he would of had a severe hip wound. I’m a Gerber Multi-Tool man, Infact I just bought a brand new old stock Gerber wit a saw and a awl, I luv it, Oh, I also have a bunch of Gerber Skeletal Folders in various sizes in near mint condition I bought at the Pawn Shop, Oh yeah, I have the Profile that’s still in great set and a Freeman Guide which is similar to my Freeman Hunter but with a rubber handle and 440a. Stainless, I’m very surprise how well it holds its edge, Maybe I’m just lucky with my Gerber, But I really like mine, Ofcouce the Silver Trident is a killer But I use my Guide and my Profile without any problemo. Oh, I also have a older B G folder that seems pretty good for the $$$ yeah the last three mentioned are beaters, But atleast tgeir good beaters.

Kis Csávó says:

I dont see any problem with this knive. I dont know why the people blameing this knive.

The Scout channel says:

Oh I just found out they won’t send it to Norway I’ll still get the hatchet though

Corvo Attano says:

You really showed no mercy on that knife XD

Survival On Purpose says:

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