Gerber LMF II Knife Field Test


Pros: Overall design, sheath
Cons: 420HC steel, poor handle construction for HARD USE.

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Richard Mcginnis says:

keeps calling it mlf

Chew Her says:

Gerber LMF II plain edge…….what? Mind blown. Take my money Gerber.

Sidney Mathious says:

I love the look of that knife and I hope it is a full tang knife too and would make a good survival knife as well as a good general purpose knife. That knife is a tough knife and I would not use it for batoning with and it isn’t made for that. The blade is too short for that and I would buy one for a general purpose backup knife if in the forest or in an island environment.

Patriot Bill says:

I had one and didn’t like it. Good for mil or rescue work but not good for woods, camp, etc. Serrations are a waste for woods and camp, IMO. Smooth blade is best.

H. Roku3TvBox says:

thank you for your review! I bought one today. It is my very first knife and I know very little. I wonder what are the serration use for ? mine have too

Rafael Nadal says:

This knife is really good knife, made for one kind of job, and one kind of people wich need to do the kind of jobs. Military, helicopter pilots, etc. We can not take the knife and use it for just bushcraft o survival/camping or whatever and said later “gerber suck”. Because is really good doing the jobs for what it is created. If you crash your helicopter or just a car, and you need to go away cutting every thing and survive a couple days in a hostile environment, making bushcraft/survival shit, hunting, defend your self or every thing together,….this is going to be the knife. If you are a bushcrafter, hiker ,camper, etc, you can used with good results but you can find better knives for that. (sorry for my English at less I tried 🙂 ).

ptpvideogaming says:

I dont think you can say that 420hc steel is a con

fosterlover says:

when your batonning your not supposed to hit the handle lol no wonder it broke, how can you discredit the knife for your lack of knowlage and idiot behaviour,, even a full tang with a wooden handle would of broke if u batton the handle, complete stupidity

diego6strings says:

batoning is not a natural knife “task” you could doesnt mean you should, that exactly why axes and machetes exists, to process wood. Ok, you can process your wood if a knife is strong or relatively thick enough? sure. but even then you should know how to, hitting the handle like that and blaming the knife is ignorant. Im glad this guy got much better at his reviews, cause this one is very bad.

Old Roy Wilson says:

You purposefully whaled on the handle when battoning. First, that’s not how you baton. Secondly, that’s not what that knife was made for. This is a combat tested knife. As well as a military issued knife. I love people who do the opposite of what something is made for and then complain how it failed them and that they would not want it in their fantasy camp combat scenario or their fantasy camp shtf scenario.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

When I stop having brain farts, I’ll start criticizing yours. 🙂

Michael Maldondo says:

chopping while the lanyard is wrapped around your wrist is a terrible idea… You should consider not doing that anymore.

gypsy nirvana says:

Gerber milf?

James Mears says:

When do you ever baton like that and hit the handle side of the blade, completely useless demonstration, go back to bushcraft school

Paul Parent says:

As I Have said before: Did you guys even go to college?” You are obviously dsylexic! LMF  Boys   as  in  LIGHT MILITARY FUNCTION !! Still trying to make firewood  with  a knife? Batoning? Use an  axe or a saw, even Swiss army knives  have a saw blade. NEVER use your main & only blade as an axe.  Morons! You wouldn’t last a day in a survival situation. Watch “Survivorman” and LEARN!!

cold war sime says:

something about mary jizz gel?

Caleb Tran says:

Hey guys, he never said this knife was a bad knife, but he did say it’s not his preference. He said he likes knives with a full tang so he can use it his preferred way.

specter says:

lmf 2 was my first knife…but the sheath dulls the knife

DieselQuads says:

I don’t understand why it seems like every YouTube knife reviewer uses knives to split wood for fires. I’ve been camping, backpacking etc for 25 years and am an old Eagle Scout. Never once have I used a knife for this purpose. Either used an ax or just built the fires in a way that allows incrementally larger wood that doesn’t require splitting. Maybe if I had to build a fire in a lumber yard? 🙂

Tyler Murphy says:

She is Tough!. That being said my brother in law broke his that I
purchased at the same time same place batoning wood first time out, the
pommel broke loose not off but it was just the rubber overmold holding
it on. : ) Tyler EXTREME Knife Abuse LMF 2

Timothy Rawson says:

The Gerber MILF? I want one!

bubblebutt4201 says:

That’s okay I’ve been calling it The mlf to had the hardest time looking it up then found out it was lmf

Doberman144 says:

Thanks for sharing .. First of all this knife is not full tang .. The serrated blade is something you should avoid in a bush craft blade due to possible chipping .. Its is tacti-cool but has some serious draw backs as seen in this review .. If you want a serious bush craft knife in a reasonable price range, go with the KA-Bar Becker BK 2 , BK 7 or BK 9 blades .. These knives are under $100.00 on Amazon and will make the Gerber LMF II look foolish .. Check out PREPAREDMIND101 reviews and enjoy .. God Speed ..

Noah Koenig says:

why does Gerber always have to use crappy steel and serrated edges. especially on an $80 knife.

Johnny Savage says:

can’t watch this guy anymore smh

Grayfizzle says:

why do you keep calling it a mlf????

its LMF ….

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