Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife – Review – Best Small Survival Knife?

Gerber Prodigy survival knife review from – Is the Gerber Prodigy the best small survival knife. Let’s see…

Today we’re going to review and compare the Original Gerber Prodigy, the newer Prodigy Tanto and the Gerber LMF II.

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eddless321 says:

Are you the ultimate survival tips guy.

MrNinjatastic says:

I use to think Gerber was crap. Because, well I’m a hater and wasn’t to fond of Bear Grills ether but it’s USA made and not half bad in durability.

magnus andersson says:

Love the normal version, That one and a gerber half serrated gator clippoint folder is the only knifes i use in the woods this day. I have try and use alot of more expencive knife trough the years and one thing is sure. If a knife cost 200 dollar, do not make it better.
But one thing is strange i got sandvik 12c27 in mine, they dont do the normal one in that steel anymore.

14kjar says:

Do you know if this knife is found in any stores? Thanks

Patrick Riley says:

420 is just fine if heat treated properly. Do some steel research and don’t just assume anything not labeled a “super steel” isn’t good.

Life Mission Studio says:

Glad you found it helpful. Thank you.

Life Mission Studio says:

@Mig2133 No problem. Glad to help!

Andrew Brindley says:

Yep. This is David before being popular. lol. Take care.

Alex Magers says:

that was a great vid

thenametak says:


Dallas Bennett says:

How could someone say “needing a knife to penetrate body armour is unrealistic?”

Bitch, it was realistic at the movie theatre in Colorado!

leonidas spartan says:

you videos are such a nock off

Life Mission Studio says:

Unfortunately at this time the tanto only comes in green to the best of my knowledge.

Kelly Smith says:

Great review. Own the LMF and the Prodigy Tanto. Both are outstanding.

deathspartan209 says:

I guess I’ll just go with the normal blade than. Thanks for the fast reply!

bugaljuice says:

thank goodness for a good review. i just got done listening to two retards trying to review the lmf2 knife…

SuicideFixated says:

this knife is a piece of shit. i got one

Gun Slinger says:

I bought the Gerber Prodigy a few weeks ago, put it through my “hell test”…and it passed with flying colors. I love the sheath, and the fact that it is ambidextrous…I loved the knife so much I went and bought a second one. One to keep in my “Preps and Go Bag” and one to keep in my emergency kit in my truck. This knife is damn well worth the money and one hell of a knife.

Tub Thumper says:

It was a bit of an impulsive purchase, but now I am currently sitting next to the fire I built with it! I love it!! 🙂

thefirm13 says:

Great review. Thank you. Gerber LMF 2 on its way.

Outdoorslayer 90 says:

Dude Bad Ass video ! I have 2 of these knives ! 2 is 1 and 1 is none ! great review , one of the best I’ve seen . keep up the good work

sliderulelover says:

Serrations suck when it comes to bushcrafting. Serrations are great for fighting, but for bushcrafting, serrations SUCK!

Elijah Hayes says:

Got mine for 29 bucks. Still waiting for it, but great price.

2012powerwagon says:

i have the original prodigy and i love it. I’ve had mine over a year and its held up really well, i went with the prodigy cuz of the full tang. I’ve even batoned wood with it, among other things to.

KrownSkull says:

gerber makes the best affordable knives (minus the celebrity knives). im not one bit scared to whack the shit out of these.

40 bucks + lifetime warranty = no brainer

and all you douche faggots who think they need a knife that wont fail them in a life/death situation will NEVER be in that situation. it’s just a man made concept. most of these wannabes out in the woods are within 1/2 mile of their car. hardly a life/death scenario.


My dad bought one at a Frys Electronics last year.

Life Mission Studio says:

Thank you…

Andrew Stewart says:

blahblah… 420 steel
me:wtf, thats a POS.

elias savoie says:

you didn’t make this video u credit stealer this a video from ultimate survival tips

Ricardo Barradas says:

I bought a Gerber Prodigy, I have watched several videos and it seems to me a large knife. I hope I do not regret it! Thank you, excellent review!

Undead Osprey says:

I wish the tanto and LMF II came without serrations, I think they are better without them

knifebuster72 says:


Coolnicknameguy says:

this is the only gerber knife I would ever buy

84neilbone says:

how do the serrations hold I got the bear grills and that did not do good? I’ve always like serrations but being that bear Grylls serrations rounded up on me I’ve been afraid of them ever since. Would I get that problem with the prodigy?

machine120 says:

Good review.

The only issue is that your recommendation of the tanto vs drop point should only be made if you will use the knife to penetrate body armour, which, realistically nobody is going to do.

Go for the drop point, it is ideal for cutting and can penetrate just as well. Tanto is a gimmicky handicap.

eddless321 says:

Do i know you?

Life Mission Studio says:

Go with normal. Tanto blades are a bit of a pain to sharpen… although they look cool.

T1ntin1010 says:

in the uk its really expensive compared to us prices

dohmaster1 says:

Mine just came in today. I plan to keep it in my car for emergency situations, and I’m very glad to see such strongly positive reviews in multiple places.

Karen or Burke Anderson says:

well done…..

Andrew Brindley says:

Don’t hate on Gerber.

deathspartan209 says:

I only have 1 question…..I’ve been looking and it seems like the tanto ONLY comes in OD green…..and with the multi camo sheath……do you know if there is on that comes in BLACK with the normal prodigy’s HARD BLACK sheath? Thanks!

Nick R says:

way to create something TOTALLY ORIGINAL. jesus man make your own videos this is just a copy of one of UltimateSurvivalTip’s.

Life Mission Studio says:

@thefirm13 Excellent choice! Enjoy. Glad to help!

James Christie says:

Not a big fan of the Gerber LMF II, I was very happy with it from the start but after some harder use the blade became very loose in the handle, I know that Gerber has a great warranty but I decided that I was just going to make a new custom handle out of ether wood or possibly G10 if I can get my hands on some, when I removed the loose handle i found that the LMF does not have a full tang and is only held in place with a very tiny screw and not what I was expecting from a knife that costs big $

A Johnston says:

Well done video. Gerber still makes junk though

Andrew Brindley says:

I just got the Gerber Gator 2. It’s really nice.

Reeyad Persaud says:

I just received the Prodigy Tanto today and it’s great. Fits perfect on my vest. Just wish they had a multicam sheath.

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