Gough Custom Survival Knife Unboxing and Review

I finally got my hands on a Gough Custom – unboxing and providing honest opinion of this amazing knife.

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so steve says:

looks a very nice knife,great review my friend

Brandon Roberts says:

That’s made on my birthday that’s clean work

Flinders Adventures says:

Those arms look pretty Harry… Time to test the sharpness. Looks like a great knife though

Daniel Heller says:

Glad Aaron is getting review time some where. You guys got my sub. Awesome review

nabob14 says:

I will never be able to justify spending over 450 bucks on a knife… might be a quality blade but it’s really just not worth that kind of money.

Gary Fairbrother says:

I have been on the list for a couple of years now and whenever a pre-order comes up I reluctantly hold off…UNTILL NOW! With a little luck it will be here for my 73rd birthday in March. I don’t really need it but I will enjoy it until it passes to my grandson. Thanks for the preview you have provided. I will probably watch it often to make the wait easier.

thomas candlish says:

been following his chanel for a while. when I saw your video I was like “man, please be a good review”.
hope you enjoy it.

Mike Prout says:

Can’t wait to see you put it through the paces! Right on.

Hector Sanchez B says:

Espero poder hacerme de un cuchillo de esos.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Yeah, I’m familiar with Gough Knives, is this the same style of knife that he made when he was commissioned to make those knives for a special mission to the antarctic? I do remember when he tested some steels and came up with the A2 Steel. Your Knife, It is a Beaut. Thanx for sharing.

Fredrik Carlén says:

I would be pleased if you did some research on how to prenounce “fallkniven”. Great review though!

David Munger says:

Honestly if you had to compare the A2 resolute MkIII with the same size survive knives CPM3V whitch one is the better knife ? I am also a big fan of the Fallkniven F1. Thanks

urin1337 says:

cant really call it handmade anymore. It is an awesome knife though but I think it is too expensive for a knife you are bound to loose someday.

j r says:

Happiest day, I ordered mine!

Canadian Cutting Edge says:

I have watched some of Aaron’s videos and he indeed is clearly a top notch knife maker. I can only dream of owning one of his knives, and even if I did it would not be a good use because his knives are begging to be used and with my disability it would end up being a wall hanger of a knife 99% of the time. I think that the grind is referred to as a Full Flat Grind with a micro bevel, but Aaron may call it something slightly different.
I sure would like to take one of his knives into Jasper National Park, and even though I would end up in one of the campgrounds where people in everything from tents to luxury RV’s park (no RV for me though), I do know one thing: everyone who knows anything about knives who would come into my campsite would be awed by a Gough blade indeed.

Grizzly-Outdoors says:

how come I can’t find a review anyplace for his stuff besides him or his friend ???

Aram Teran says:

more videos featuring this knife please!

lance h says:

you will not get more for your money anywhere else. A2 done right is a great steel. Aaron also seems to stand behind his knives like no other. I wish he put out more videos. nice review man.

Frederik Nielsen says:

Great review even though it is quite biased. I doubt there’s nothing negative at all to be said about the knife 🙂

Oldsnake Mgs says:

Than knives is awesome!! i wll got a gough one day..

I—Theist says:

That looks a way too small to be a “survival knife”.

Wheels gone Wild says:

Very cool knife for sure.

Stephen T says:

you are really lucky to have this knife. i really want one but too expensive for me

Gareth Ga Wilmott says:

They’re a beautiful knife, I hope to buy one some stage next year!

Outdoor Archives says:

Wow, great looking knife. You can tell he takes pride in his work.

Gareth Ga Wilmott says:

They’re a beautiful knife, I hope to buy one some stage next year!

Sunday Drive says:

Where are your other videos…?

Josh Bowerman says:

Have followed Mr. Gough for a longtime now…  love the lines in his designs and the fit and finish is perfection…  Saving this purchase for when there is more disposable income…  I do believe its is worth the price as he has uncompromising standards and attention to detail but the reality is the price is a hurdle…

schlooonginator says:

Been following Aaron’s videos for awhile and just now realized he is a fellow Canadian.
Also just realized how many views his videos get…wow…million plus in many.
What impressed me is how thorough he tests everything and thta he posts it for all to see so you know he is putting in the effort to make the absolute best.
Would love one but they are just a bit rich for me. They are almost too nice to use hard or that will be how I think about it so I dont feel so bad not having one.

Alnasser Obed says:

How much is the price of this knife

Arak Seepoom says:

1:38 = stick abuse.

Chris Hutchins says:

that would make a good tactical fixed blade

Flex Tango says:

Can’t wait to own one of his knives

Joshua Jacob says:

Aaron is an awesome knife maker. Hope to own one someday!

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