Harbor freight survival knife review

My thoughts on the harbor freight survival knife. ( 8 inch blade )


JennysCountryChannel says:

Thumbs up for you 🙂 Have a nice week….Jenny

Mr. Tolly (AKA: fatmantolly) says:

I had something similar to that once, I didn’t care for it, just felt odd in the hand.

Todd Klekotka says:

I think if someone wants to go cheap, Old Hickory would be better. These survival knives are only good for a wall hanger. Otherwise go with Schrade. For $30, Schrade can last for many years. Rambo style survival knife, a week or two in the garden at best…

Keyser Soze says:

A survival knife review is worthless if you don’t actually demo it by chopping/sawing some branches, making some feather sticks, and batoning some firewood. I specifically wanted to see some heavy batoning to see if that blade stays attached to the handle. This video is a definite thumbs down.

EconomyV GT says:

A good knife for $10.00. just don’t stray too far into the wild with it…

Gunzit86 says:

this knife is pretty good, I’ve put one to test and I liked what I was able to do.

TheBullFrogMan says:

Now that you have the knife, instead of watching it, you can live it. Not a throwing knife!

Michigan Arms says:

It does look like Rambos knife

MI Timberwookie says:

I’ll admit it…I bought one. I gotta agree with everything you said. It is not a chopper or baton tool, one must know its limitations. I did have better success with the saw back than you claimed. I added a paracord wrap and revamped the handle kit including an allen wrench to fit the set screw on the blade. I can’t complain for 8$.

SnX Scarius says:

Hey! Its EDCThat! Im starting to get back into edc! I recently bought the spyderco native 5 and i couldnt love it more! I might start making some more videos! Keep up the good work!

the mi woodsman says:

cool novelty Knife ! i use to have a Rambo knife when they first came out in the early 80’s 
they were a hot item back in the day !
atb john

Boomer Taylor says:

My wife happens to work for HF and she sells a ton of these. Iit’s an 8 dollar knife. Expect and treat it as such and you’re fine.
Most hollow handle knives don’t hold up to batoning too well. These are no exception.
The blade is pretty decent, considering the cost. Will hold an edge if ou use a little sense and care. The solution to batoning with these knives? Carry a hatchet! Sheesh. If you’re stuck out in the “jungles of Africa” and this is what you have, use common sense and don’t sweat the snot out of your only tool.
The better answer is to carry the right tools for the job to begin with. I have great knives that take batoning all day long but I dont. I carry a hatchet and small camp axe for that. As for the “saw,” it isn’t designed to buck logs. It’s fine for notching small notches in brantches, etc. so you can make traps, shelters, etc. Need a saw? Carry a folding saw!
Just don’t buy an 8 dollar knife then complain it won’t perform like a 200 dollar knife. Keep a dose of reality in your survival bag and you’re good to go.
Use your brain instead of your muscles and you will go a lot farther in your jungle journeys.

Simon Green says:

i love crocodile Dundee!!!
I own and love this knife

Dr.No says:

I killed a teddy bear last weekend with that HF special.

Mark Maresca says:

Very decent survival item for the price!  I removed the blade on mine and added a generous amount of silicone sealant to the tang and to the set screw that holds the blade on.  This adds more strength and keeps it from loosening during hard use.  Also sharpened it up nicely (it’s a pretty hard steel, I noticed) and added better matches to the “survival kit” inside the handle.  With a few tweaks, it’s a pretty kick-butt knife for $10.

andy Aparicio says:

i am your 801 subscriber

Survival Know How says:

I think I had this exact knife, I got it as a gift and thought it felt cheap as hell when I got it.  The first day I took it out the tip of the blade broke off and all I was doing was cutting some branches for fire wood.  But it had more “survival gear” with it though than the bear  grylls survival knife.

sssshhhh101 says:

I’ve thought about buying one. Now I know I will get one. It Looks like it will make a good tool. Nice enough to do some work, but yet cheap enough that I won’t be afraid to use it. If it gets dull I’ll just hone it back out with a rough then medium stone real quick. I could always fine edge it again just for fun then use it as a tool again.
I’m definitely doing that. If I have good results I know a few family members that could use a tool like that.
Thanks for the review.

Kieron Bevan says:

ha ha

504 Dirt Dart says:

Sure seams cheap – I see them advertised here all the time.

L gamer says:

no do not boton the blade will snap of

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, I have one that’s very similar to that one. On my cap it has General stamped on it, Yeah the Compass works but the compass fell out. but I pushed it back in and it’s holding. Did you ever use you knife yet, Oh and does it have General stamped on it. Thanx in advance. ,, ,,

Corcoran AL says:

Excellent knife …. !!!! … Thanks for the nice review … !!!! .. + 1 ….

Survival Mindset says:

Good beater knife great price.

andy Aparicio says:

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