How to Choose a Survival Knife

In this episode, we run through many of the different knives in our collection that include both survival and bushcraft knives. We give you situations associated with certain styles and lengths and hopefully give you some insight for which to choose if you are in the market for one! Thanks for watching!

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Pack seen in video: FAST Pack EDC

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America Reigns says:

the Ginsu 2000 is by far the best survival knife available today. And you can slice a tomatoe so thin it only has one side. Ginsu 2000. get yours today.

Brian says:

I know this is an old video. Anyone have opinions on the Benchmade Bushcrafter?

Jay Paquet says:


David Walsh says:

Ah nice, I get you. An all in one knife. One tool to replace them all.

Just a shame survival situations aren’t like a planned thing.

The bottom line in survival is we have what we’ve got.

Thanks for the reply it does make sense.

I might actually get a golok to replace my axe.

Richard Shields says:

Survival is short term and relies more on your skills and judgment than the size of your tool. Any knife is a good way to get injured, but really knife fighting rarely comes up when trying to survive in the wilderness.

Sharpas Fuuk says:

A survival knife can be any knife you might not even get a choice knit wits hahah

Manolo Ramirez says:

good video

Jeremy Steckman says:

I carry my Grandpa’s kabar

Norman Davis says:

I have a question. I was looking at Survive Knives, and the GSO-4 Limited caught my eye. I was just curious if you were familiar with it and, if you were, what your thoughts on it were.

Patrick Loveless says:

down here in west virginia, i carry a condor dundee or tops sxb. Honestly, for me i carry what i need an ive been put in survival situations an i always carry a fixed blade of sorts on my person or near at all times

Tiger H. Lore says:

*Picks fanciest knife. Grows old suddenly, turns into skeleton and explodes.*

He chose… poorly.

Leveraction3030 says:

USMC K-BAR the knife that has worked for years. Enough Said.

Monkey Testicles says:

I got me a survival knife from the 80s at the flea market for $4.99 it has a compass and matches in the handle. I can survive anywhere

otto man says:

what about the cold Steel trail master in San mie 3 steel

Survival Knives Guide says:

I’m curious as to how do you guys feel about carbon steel knives vs.stainless steel knives. Which one would be better to use or would it be a good idea to own both?…. Great video by the way

Jason Minns says:

Is it true that a handmade-forged blade is a better quality end-product steel than the repetition-alloy knives that are out in the vast market? Great videos too. I’m a new subscriber.

Spankplank says:

Can someone give me a list of the knives being showed in the video? hehe 🙂

David Walsh says:

Im curious about why you think a bushcraft knife isn’t as good as a survival knife in a survival situation.

Scott Baker says:

I’d love to see a new Knife video with some of the newer profucts out there.

ClearedCrayon says:

anybody else binge watching BSS vids?

Jimy Hendrix says:

mora ftw

Mike Kaminski says:


Schlomo Shekelstein says:

The Green Berets follow a rule of 3 when it comes to knives and wilderness. Some kind of Multitool, a medium fixed blade like the ESEE5, and a machete type option.

justin jeremiah says:

Great review. I agree on the difference between a bushcraft knife and a survival knife. I love camping and outdoors. Mora is my choice for simple family camping outings.

Sea Level Werdum says:

A lot of people criticise the bear grylls range of survival knives and a few years ago I got one as a gift and I can say it’s held up through a lot of punishment

Matt Rappazzo says:

I own a blackbird sk5 great knife

Eyeamtha1 says:

Haha good luck trying to break an esee 5 or a bk2 someone shot one with a gun and nothing happened

Lloyd Jacobson says:

Best channel out there hands down. Especially for new people to learn about most everything outdoors

Jason Argone says:


katman3900 says:

I have a Viper Knives Fate. It’s a little longer, 7″, but it’s light and wicked sharp. It’s flat ground D2 tool steel with a black coating. Full tang with micarta handles. It’s more of a fighting knife design, but it can be used for a lot more.

Joe All Star says:

awesome vid. I could here the clacking of a red belly golden bottomed spruce warbler in the background. or maybe it was just a sparrow.

alizarin says:

good video, i’m going with a kephart, i like the ontario black bird also

Evan Hinz says:

what do you think of the Benchmade Bushcrafter?

Austin Hawkins says:

just wanted to say that I love your videos. Great job!

Dutch Bushcraft says:

Like the video! I not even 12 minutes you explained a lot more than some people do in 45 minutes. One of the few video’s I did not put on pause to take a break 😉 About the quality aspect. I agree that you should get a knife that you really like and save up for it but meanwhile buy a cheaper than dirt Hultafors GK. Bcs Hultafors is a sponsor of the Dutch Bushcraft Association I started using mine in 2011 and even though I did test other knives it always went with me and tested it in every way possible. Sold it to a lot of members also and never did one person complain. Tough as nails. I hear a lot of people saying that Mora is the way to go bcs they are also cheap and if they break you just get a new one for a few dollars. True if you are at home in your backyard but not if you are in the bush. Amazone don’t deliver in the bush at the second tree after the lake. I also agree that a bushcraft knife is usually one of the knives you bring so you have a back up and maybe an axe or machete. A survival knife is more the one knife option. It does not have to be excellent at anything but most be able to be sufficient at everything. Still loosing your knife is a bigger risk than breaking it so also for survival I bring a back up pocket knife.

Brother Nature says:

10:30 is when he starts talking about the difference between survival and bushcraft knives

Adam McClendon says:

I think about the choice like this:

If you only had one item, it would need enough heft and proper geometry to chop a tree and clean game, kill a predator/enemy. That’s your larger survival knife…MINIMUM 7 inch blade. I personally want 9… I’m grabbing a ColdSteel TrailMaster … you can kill a larger attacking animal with that knife I’m sure.

If you are out camping/backpacking, you can realistically carry multiple items without too much weight detriment. More specialized gear like a long/slim ligh machete / camp axe / or saw is best…then … carry a 4-6 inch fixed blade for your detail work and cooking/cleaning.

Thies says:

Come to the State of Victoria / Australia and you will get free accommodation in any outlet of the “H.M.Prison” chain the moment you cross the border anywhere sporting your collection.

Jep's outdoor Adventures says:

Do you know if the belt clip for the ESEE work for the BK2 ? You keep making good vid’s man. I hope mine are half as good as yours. Keep it up! Thank you.

T Singh says:

I am no expert, but once a person selects a knife what I would guess would make it the best for survival is the one he/she keeps on them at all times. Without having gotten used to it, you can have a $1K knife and it will not be effective in a survival situation unless you are comfortable with it in your hand. That is why I have one pocket knife and bought 2 more of the same make model and keep one in each car as tool kit. This way no mater what I always have the one, which I am most comfortable using. So taking this in to consideration moderate price might be a factor in what is worth buying. Just remember you are alive today no mater what country, religion, ethnicity because your ancestors used sharp objects to survive. A knife is more valuable over all then a gun [ it is not bullet dependent].

전직검사 says:

감사합니다…from Korea

Håkon Karlsen says:

If you want a real survival knife you should buy a knife from Norway up in the north they have the best knives in the world

Bruce Bain says:

Your video  covers   all of the main  bases,  and what surprised me,  was that you even  mentioned that the knife you choose,  also depends upon what  other gear you carry.

Obviously,   if you have  an axe,  a  hatchet,  a  saw, and  a  folding knife,   you do not need a  survival  knife which is also supposed to    perform the same function.

  Good video.

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