Intimate Review: The NativeSurvival Knife


WarGrrl3 says:

I prefer 01 as well…loving that knife!

Kertys Moro says:

Very nice!!!!!

William Sheehe says:

I purchased version one of your knife. What is the biggest design change in version 2?

LoaferXcursions says:

Great explanation of the details and the thought that went in to them.

Austill Outdoors says:

That is, without a doubt, a REAL knife. It shows your knoledge, of course, but its so nice to see passion. It reminds me of what Beethoven once said, in part, ” dont only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to the devine”. You do that my friend. You like to understand what you undertake. I look forward to getting one in the future.

lone_woodsman says:

Man Mitch that is a beautiful knife. I’m gonna have to save my pennies for this one. The handle shape looks so comfortable, blade length is perfect. And I love O1 tool steel. Thanks for sharing man, take care.

Kermit The Callen says:

Is this the new Feather Sticker? Look’s rad, now i’m torn between this or the new WCSK from William Collin’s.

the wild onions says:

3/32” should be closer to 2.4mm right?

Malcolm Coderre says:

A kabar has a saber grind. Not good for carving wood. Saber grinds are for hard use and combat knives.

so steve says:

great design,you put some thinking behind this knife
Steve (Belgium)

Christopher Daniels says:

Gorgeous knife Mitch, going to try to get one!

Joe Lewis says:

Sabre grind with a secondary bevel is what kabar uses I believe.

Wiltshire Man says:

Hi Mitch,
Lovely knife design. The Coke bottle handle was originally designed by Bob Loveless I believe. Ray Mears and Alan Wood popularised it more with the woodlore. It is a lovely design for a knife handle in my opinion. Thin blades and stout bevels do make a good combination.
Sandy (Jacklore)

justArandom Guy says:

Oh man now I can’t wait for my knife to get here even more

The Elusive Woodland Hobo says:

beautiful brother…..hope to have one some day soon, love everything about it, god bless you Mitch

Waldhandwerk - BushcraftSurvival says:

Nice Knife and tool! All the best Mitch!

mark Wallingford says:

Mitch Man awesome job on the knife … Wow is it ever nice …

coydog outdoors says:

great design mitch looks like it would be a lot of fun in the woods

sluda ron sluda says:

3/32 is 2,4 mm

Carlos Sepulveda says:

I’m used to the first version of your knife. No doubt this new version would perform outstanding.

Thaddeus Mikolajczyk says:

Real nice knife looks like a winner good luck with sales I am sure you will do great.

Lazy Moose says:

Looks like and sounds like a very meticulous design.

乇volve Outdoors says:

Beautiful blade!

Airik1111 says:

Very smart bevel edge design brother, I like my Garberg cause of that. You can do everything ya need to with that edge I’ve had ZERO issues with mine. I’ve had those high grinds they suck, and simple branch knots destroys the edge.

Nathaniel Betteridge says:

Sabre grind

Bacon Bits says:

Reminds me of a Mora Companion on steroids

cyclist01222 says:


David Flores says:


Schteve Ven says:

Very nice. Like that better than my GNS, buuuut can’t own them all. Maybe one day:)

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