Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Survival / Bushcraft Knife – REVIEW – Nearly Indestructible Tank of a Knife

David tests his Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Survival Bushcraft Knife by taking it up on the mountain and having some fun. Is the Becker BK2 one of the best survival knives in the $50-$80 price category? Or could it be THE best? Let’s find out…

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Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 Survival Knife:

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Schrade Extreme Survival Knife – SCHF10

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife:

SOG Force Survival Knife:

Cold Steel SRK – Search and Rescue Knife:

Gerber LMF II Combat Survival Knife:

Mora Light My Fire Knife – with Firesteel:

Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife:


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Kj Guitarman says:

How much to they go for?

Mr Potat0man451 says:

is the blade stronger than the ka bar usmc?


very good

Fan T.V says:

This blade would be absolutely perfect for me if it had a 6 in. Blade

Chimera Aretina says:

Support this man and the knives love with the MSK1 project. In France we love American knives. Your expertises are just amazing.
With passion of blades, Very good vidéos on this excellent chanel
Thanks for this review
Merci et bonne journée master

Andre Gomes says:

I wanted to buy a survival knife, but I do not know which one is better (schrade schf36 / ka-bar bk2 / schrade schf52 (m)

Tenfold_Noobsauce says:

the hoodlum is a garbage knife same with ur bear grils knifes i dont even know why you would compare this beast of a knife to those POS

dale carpenter says:

man loose the intro

California Good Stuff says:

I have the same knife and I was able to chop a tree with it.

Milan Avramovic says:

Damn, now I want to eat some peaches. :/

Georges IV says:

I have this knife, and the only thing I dislike is the handle which can be replaced. Also I have to add that they state on the box that  the knife should never be used for batoning as this will void the warantee

vegas wajeel says:

Does anyone know if this is better then the bear grylls? I just like that the bear comes with a built in fore starter and knife sharpener..

broken1212 says:

Holy smokes. Excellent review- man I did not expect the level of detail ( without useless filler ) plus the well shot and edited scenes

iminit says:

Sou its survival knive yes

Monica Jones says:

I finally bought one a few days ago. I cannot wait to get it. I have looked at a ton of knives. This was my choice. Thank you for your review as it made my mind glad I picked this knife

Jerry Purnell says:

whats the best eay to sharpen this knife?

crambone t says:

Good reviews as always Dave

JK 241 says:

What is the lighter weight competitor?

dale carpenter says:

I got the bk24 d2 steel (my new favorite will 68 hardess )it has a temper warp and wasn’t finished very well not happy as bent knives really bug me

Vladpryde says:

I….I think I’m in love. I….must have this knife.

Kj Guitarman says:

Nice knife” where do I buy?

Scott Bacon says:

how long is it overall

Sean B says:

The literal definition of a sharpened crowbar, this knife is unbreakable.

lolb4udie says:

I just got this knife yesterday. It’s marvelous and awesome!

eXplorer says:

Nice vid! I love watching earth, explore and relax…

sonoftakeshi san says:

on order…. can’t wait till it arrives. blades uk best price on tinternet. Recently 2 pals and I have wrecked blades on small knots. Same prob each time on 3 diff blades. thumb nail sized chips. Wish I had balls to spend the big bucks first. Will add response down the line when it arrives…

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