Kizlyar Supreme Vendetta Russian Survival Knife Review

The Kizlyar Supreme Vendetta is a very capable, full tang survival knife from Russia. This model features D2 steel and G10 handle sales.
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BR COLT says:

That was one fast skunk!! I liked the vendetta so much going to amazon now to order .  your review made up my mind . I have been thinking about getting one for while. thanks for the great review.

Blake Tyner says:

What’s the cost?

Terry Henry says:

I would like that knife a lot better if it didnt have a false edge,but still great knife

TBM721 says:

you should make a survival on a shoestring on the gordman folding knife you can get it on amazom and at your local harbor freight

glockensig says:


snakemonkey555 says:

Ahhhhh, loving that latin music. Great review, Bryan.

schlooonginator says:

Oh my, that looks very cool. I like some of the Eurasian designed knives. They think out of the box. Like Extrema Ratio, they have neat designs.
I really like the the blade geometry but they kinda killed it by making it too tactical. I would prefer to see this but without the sharp swedge. Replace that with either a drop point or clip point,then this would really appeal but as it is it would just destroy a baton.
Thats the thing about so many knife companies they want to appeal to the tactcool crowd and handicap otherwise cool knives. IMO either make it one or the other. Besides, in reality a knife will never be used in a fight and if it had to almost anyknife can be usd as a weapon. I just don’t see the point in purpose built fighters.

Rodney Fleeman says:

Yep, looks like you’ll be keeping that one! lol, cool knife.

phyllis mulkey says:

i like it

Max Heimerl says:

why the skunk its about in every single video of you….

Mark Martin says:

oh yeah! they know when you’re making a vid! your on the list! You know those ain’t really weed eaters you keep hearing out there! Just always smile when you look up!

alex o'neal says:

Thats one of the great things about the knife hobby –folks keep reinventing the wheel by coming up with new designs…this looks like an impressive blade (rockwell hardened to 64! …gotta be a bear to resharpen but it should hold it’s edge real well)

God of Thunder says:

in Russia, knife balances you

youval halvani says:

After watching “Survival On Purpose” with Brain,I purchase the TFK knife TAHOMA FIELD KNIFE. Now this is just grate knife if you are looking for one knife for the jobs out there in the woods-that’s the knife. thank you Brain

TrueBladeI says:

Hey Bryan nice review!
Is there another model of this knife? Because BladeHQ and KnifeCenter both say that the steel is Aus-8. The blade design reminds me of the Schrade F26 with the swedge. How comfortable are the G-10 handles and do they add unnecessary weight to the knife?

Teachering says:

That is a very smart, very handsome knife. I think attention to detail, as in the packaging, is important to many knife collectors like me. I plan to look in to this company and discover what other creations Kizlar has come up with. I’d like to own this knife.

Cotoz Alexandru says:

do you know the retail price for this !

random nigger says:

I don’t know why. but it just looks like a folder.

Feral Woodcraft says:

That is an interesting design that looks like a winner. Sharpen up that factory edge and I bet it’d serve you well for a very very long time with that D2 steel.

JL South says:

Great review as always

niggerfaggot says:

When i clicked on this the video add was from robopp and it was your review of their sound maker thing

treesablowin says:

Looks like a nice one.

Flint and Steel Survival says:

Very capable knife option! Thank you for sharing!

Richard Allan says:

Many thanks for your review Survival On Purpose you have nearly sold it for me. I just have a big problem with our Laws in Scotland.Its a fine ,confiscation and worse case scenario 5 years in Prison for carrying something this size in public.I MIGHT JUST HAVE TO HANG IT UP ON A WALL AND ADMIRE IT.

Gary Weaver says:

I’m still waiting for that Survival Guitar Comparison

Msilverhammer says:

Nice knife, and good review, but at $135, it is a little rich for my blood. High price, good quality, but low value.

The Schrade SCHF9 is very similar, and I purchased mine for $35. Low price, good quality, so high value.

The more I see people chopping lumber with a knife, the more I question it!

I don’t see the need for knife chopping, as it requires a large expenditure of energy, and a saw like the Silky Big Boy, or even a cheap Coleman saw goes through much larger diameter wood much faster.

Batoning is a good task for this knife, after cutting lengths with a saw.

I would chop with a knife only as a last resort.

Thanks fir the review.

Jase Amcroja says:

I am Scoutmaster. I bought this knife for everyone in my Cub Scouts troop I let play with the knife for a while

dalton vickers says:

That is the kind of knife I like taking into the woods with me in my pack. It will take care of a lot of chores. I have the Mora Bushcraft Pathfinder and I love it. The stock sheath really sucked though. This knife has done anything I have asked of it and kept right on going, It is tough. And sharp, well it’s a Mora, sharp as hell. Thanks for the review, that seems like a really nice knife

Outlawstar79 says:

The FPS Russia reference was great! The Airplanes were even better! and the Knife was fantastic! the lil bit at the end is what really made the vid for me….keepem coming brutha!

Eric Blades says:

Great looking knife, I like it. Good video

Daniel Ruthven says:

Glad to see a review of one of these knives. I have been looking at these but there aren’t many reviews for kizlyar knives. I like the look of the maximus, also you should check out the enzo and the survivalistx.

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