Morakniv Bushcraft Black Knife: Not Your Average Mora

Mora Bushcraft Black:

The Bushcraft Black knife from Morakniv is a lot more expensive than your average Mora, but it doesn’t take long to see where that cost comes from. The fit and finish of this knife is far better than most Mora knives, with a sharp, finished spine, a durable coating on the blade, and a well thought-out sheath kit. A less expensive Mora would do the job, once you customize a few things and put some time into it, but there’s no doubt the Bushcraft Black is a well equipped and squared away knife.

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Drew John says:

my orange stainless steel one feel like it will go thru a brick wall, they are o light and so well made when i go in the woods i take my main knifes and i have these in every pack, even if it was my main it would fail

Death of Modernity says:

Love my Bushcraft!!!

hogman61mike says:


rachael9372 says:

Hi, bought mine at wal mart .com for $54 with free delivery. Coming in the mail june 1

gunny says:

i wish they would have kept the sheaths the same on all moras, the belt loop is impossible to have sheathe unhinge from belt but dont use the diamond this coaurse diamond is marketing bs
keep a small peace of wood with a peice io 600 1000 and maybe 2000 wt dry sand paper and peice of compounded leathr that siamon is useless . i wish i can get mine cut off and i as yet was unable to be successful with the fire steel, but that could be me doing something wrong, get the black without the diamond and fire steel. there are better fire steels that come with ist own steel stricker and can be looped to knife
and much cheaper and same knife., i dissagree with such coarse diamand you will create a second ary bevel. maybe a fine grit but not such a coarse.

MrJumbolegz says:

Dear Mora, make it full tang with a glass breaker and a companion style sheath with the standard thumb ramp. You can’t pull this knife out one handed like you can a companion.

mastermachetier says:

When you sharpen the scandi grind on this does the coating come off on the grind ?

Dabs 4 Truth says:

Not 1/10″.. it’s 1/8″

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah, No offense, But I’ll put up my Rodent 5 against your Mora Black. I also love my Ratmandu, Infact I have (2) very rare Ratmandu’s in the INFI Steel. I also had my Rodent 6 thinned down and the top guard taken off at the Busse Custom Shop which is one of my all time Fav’s. I also team it with my Mora 510 as my Neck Knife. But I took my Mora Forest Exclusive #277 instead this weekend. I was going to take my Rodent 5, but I changed my mind and did go with my Modde Rodent 6 I also brought my Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Parangatang which I put Black Handles on it and my Agawa Canyon 21 Boreal Saw in the Crazy Horse Scabbard. Yeah, there’s alot of brambles where we go. Usually on colder weather I would of brought my 17″Hultafors Bruks Agdor Hatchet. But it’s nippy but not that cold yet.,,. p

Ryan Kraus says:

I believe this is a 3/4 tang.

mrouterrim says:

I can see that sharpener falling off and getting lost .

stockholm17 says:

I got one of these, and iI’m really happy with it. The knife is superb for the price. You could spend three times as much on a custom bushcraft knife and not have better performance. My only gripe is the sheath. I wish it was more basic.

Juan Collazos says:

ugly ass knife…

Jason Barrameda says:

do any moras still come with a knob on the sheath that lets you carry two of them? I have that 511q and am trying to find a larger one that will let the 511 ride piggyback. I might just zip tie it to my glock field knife haha

Corvo Attano says:

Should I get this knife or the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife?

Dano DeMano says:

I love all my Mora’s, but this is by far my favorite one! I too bought the whole kit for a few bucks more. I’ve had mine two years now and have used it quite a bit and it still isn’t showing much wear. Thanks for the great review Sir!

nino71 says:

how would this compare to the SCHF56, does anyone knows?

Kazak Thranduil says:

Tough knife. I’ve been using one for years very hard and it never breaks even with using a metal bar baton!

glockensig says:

I’m still enticed by the Strongarm…but Moras are awesome!!

Dark Soul says:

Is it full-tang?

shcmoly says:

Nice review on a good knife. But the description skipped to “buy my stuff” and had no actual info on the knife. Gotta keep it real brother.

daperpkazoo says:

Nice video, nice knife.

My go-to outdoors knife is my Mora/Lightmyfire Fire Knife. I don’t think I’ll be replacing it with this, but if I ever happen to lose it in a lake or something down the line, I would consider upgrading to this.

N English says:

Does anybody know if the ones on amazon are legit? I’m a little suspicious of the blade saying “Carbon Steel” when the Mora site knives say “Carbon”

scott smith says:

Mine doesn’t keep a blade

doug nc says:

Agree, has been worth the money. It’s either a really impressive knife or I’m much better at battening wood than I used to be. Very comfortable blade to use around camp. Anybody considering buying one to take backpacking I highly recommend it. My bushcraft black paired with an Opinel No 7 in my cook kit covers most any knife related need in the woods. Nice video TLBS. Enjoyed watching.

Gesar says:

thank god sweden is a country

Corpsie says:

You should get Mora to make a The Last Boyscout edition kniV 🙂

Slack says:

how many knives does a guy need!??

I SSMDad says:

I have one of these. One of the best knives for the price out there.

M. S. L. says:

You better put a caliper on that blade… It’s .125″ which is ⅛” or 3.125mm for those who don’t know the Imperial system.

gunny says:

where you succesfull in ignision in a fire, sparks, great but did, you get fire, do not wast a dime on the diamond and fire steel. i really disagree with what he says about the diamond. you must keep a water proof plastic otter box for emergency sharpening needs , just to keep your knife ok incase of micro chipind. real fixing wont hapen till you get home and bring it to your japanese water stones

mrouterrim says:

I like it but not for 65 bucks !!! Schrade has much more knife for that money .

MasterK9Trainer says:

You asked the question if it is worth the higher than usual price. Well, I own the smaller version of the SCH42, the SCH55 which is very well made and has a rather nice sheath for $35. I also own an SOG Seal Pup ($32). And they weight nothing, have plastic handles, but I like them. I tend to buy blades when marked “reduced” or on clearance. Maybe I have too many, but I didn’t spend a lot for them and I don’t buy stuff everyday.

Now I would like the Bushcraft Orange (stainless) because I live in Florida with high humidity. But I own the Kershaw Antelope and Bear Hunter knives which are similar to the Bushcraft Orange in terms of blade steel, length and thickness and handle material, but neither costs over $20 while the Mora is $34 and $50+ with the stone, rod and nicer sheath. If they offered a stainless knife with a 3.2 (1/8th inch) blade for $20 I’d buy it right away.

ben Thomas says:

looks like a steak knife

moose drool says:

it’s good practice to sharpen you blade a centimeter above the stone…..

John Wiseman says:

To complete the Mora experience learn how to pronounce the name correctly :p

jelkel25 says:

?? It is an average Mora, it’s the same sized blade as a Companion HD, you pay the extra money for a different handle, some black paint on the blade (which will come off) and a slightly different sheath.

TheMwnciboo says:

Carbon as well, so easily kept sharp just need to watch the face doesn’t get chipped.

Storm Breaker says:


rusty shackleford says:

I got mine for like 20 bucks from OR I love it so far

Mr. Skeptical says:

Is the steel cheap? Seems like a cheap price

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