MSK1 Survival Kit Review – Long Term Survival Knife Testing

The micro survival kit in the handle of the MSK1 survival knife is from Wazoo Survival Gear so I expected great results but I was pretty impressed with how much useful survival gear actually fit in there.

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John Thomas JR says:

I am not saying anything bad about the setup. But with the big pocket on the sheath ,a survival tin with larger items seems like the way to go.

Jay Ballard says:

Great video Brian!! Keep them coming!!

Quinn Warman says:

Too much money not enough knife cool design just way out priced

Allen White says:

G.I. can opener AKA John Wayne Can Opener, I have had one on my key chain for years and use it every day, just about

William Sheehe says:

David is a really great guy who wanted to develop a survival system. The project was funded as a kickstarter project quite some time ago. It was not intended to be meant for everyone. The bottom line is how satisfied are those who purchased the product? And yes you do not need to purchased the entire system.

G T says:

Thanks for doing this review on Dave’s knife. I’m a watcher of yours and David’s channel. Looking forward on his return. No I don’t own this knife, frankly I can’t afford it. If I could I definitely would own it. On that note I also don’t dog on David because I can’t afford it or call it garbage. If you both say it’s good quality material then I note your opinion. Thanks again.

Remove Kebab says:

I agree people are willing to pay more for a premium and that there isnt anything wrong with that really. I just don’t see why you would want to spend that on a knife. For $300 you can get a bark river and for $500 you are entering the custom knife range. $500 is a price range for a safe queen collectible, like others have said you’re better off getting an ESEE or cold steel or any other higher end survival knife in the $100-$200 range and building a kit yourself. I just don’t see where the money in it is even if it mostly superb quality materials.

Tim Leaning says:

Those that cry “sell out”
Maybe don’t have nothin anyone wants to buy?
I’m surprised there are some who may be paranoid in the survival community.
Enjoyed your video yet again long may you continue to share your opinion.
I reserve my right not always to agree with you and probably never purchase based purely on your thoughts.
Keep smilin dude

Oxxnarr D'flame says:

High end knives like lifted tricked out Diesel pickups are not for the common man but we do enjoy looking at them

ou75id32 says:

this is crap knife with crappy kit for that price…

Bluegrass Survival says:

The comments I have made about this knife have nothing to do with this channel, or any personal issues with David for that matter, nor does it have to do with being upset because I cannot afford the knife. Truth be told if I want a knife bad enough I can get it. I enjoy your content Bryan, and we have spoken about several other knives in the past and I have always enjoyed our communication. Nice video BTW.

csh 62 says:

Looking forward to your assessment after using it for awhile with the Boy Scouts. I know you will be honest and sincere.

Charles Driggers says:

No drama. It is not worth it. It is nice. It is useful. There are other high end knifes that are just as useful for much less. Made in the U.S. There is no value to this. Being a one item all in one does not mean a thing. You are not a crook ,shill, or sellout. One guy posting that you can get just the knife for $300, doesn’t make it any appealing. Like I said, no drama, no hating.

George Wamser says:

No need to be defensive or cynical, you did a great job on this review, and I commend you for doing it. Is it worth $500 bucks? No, not to me…but I see nothing wrong with the package itself. David did a good job. $350…maybe.

Bob Ashmore says:

Thanks for the review on the in handle kit, I was wondering how it performed especially about that tiny ferro rod. Surprised the heck out of me that it does indeed throw sparks, a good surprise though. As much fun as watching your review was it was even more fun reading the comments. I can honestly say that I haven’t had this much fun reading comments in a very long time. I will say right up front that I am not in the market to buy this system, however it has NOTHING to do with the price or the steel or that David from UST’s designed and created it. Nope, not a one of those factors into my decision. What decided me not to buy this system was was way more simple than that; I don’t need it. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it, because I am. It’s a very interesting design concept and I’m very glad that Bryan is taking the time to do a real world, long term use test of the system so that I can see how it actually does without having to shell out the money for it myself. Again, I’m not going to, so I have no horse in the race of whether it’s a good or a bad system beyond simply curiosity because I like this kind of thing. Thanks again Bryan, both for the review and for how it’s generating all the hilarious comments.

Allen White says:

Did you try to use the butt end of the small knife as a screw driver to see if that worked

Mike Hatfield says:

For $500 I can get something from Dave Beck or Scott Gossman which will perform far better…… Just sayin.

Terry W. Milburn says:

Hay, Bryan, I.M.O. David had his Head Screwed On Straight ! Great Part-2 Vidja, Brother ! ATB T God Bless

Lucio Anneo Seneca says:

This is reminiscent of the old trick used in the music industry, to play a badly composed song over and over again on the radio and MTV until people accept it due to fatigue…

Todd K says:

I can see someone using the kit inside the knife and losing one of those screws, lol. I think having a survival kit in a knife handle is way over rated or obsolete. Having a dedicated tin or container that is part of the sheath or attaches to the sheath would be better. I used to be in that stuff but I didnt find it very practical. Especially in the cold winter months, the small items can be easily lost in the snow and can be hard to hold or use if the fingers are cold. I much prefer an altoids tin, water resistant cell phone case, or a small pouch. I think this whole kit may fill a niche for some, but just like some beer or liquor, its an aquired taste.

Troy Manning says:

Thanks Brian, nice video. I really like the looks of that system. For me, as I assume others as well, the price is my problem. For $500 I can buy some nice knives and really good survival gear. Look forward to the rest of the testing process!

vashonmart says:

Msk1 bundle. Around $490. Esee junglas $174 + victorinox army fieldmaster $35 = $209. If secondary knife has to be fixed blade, variety of kabar neck knives exists to replace swiss army knife at $35 range. You can’t say those knives are worse than msk1. Personaly, I think those knives are far superior, but that is my personal opinion. That leave people with $280 to buy other items. $280 will buy best quality items that are far superior to what’s provided from the bundle. I’m sorry but I just can’t agree with your opinion on this gear. Are you a sellout? No one has the right to call you that since no one can read your mind. Only you will know. As for me, I’ve decided your values are too different from mine to continue watching your channel.

Craig Banach says:

time for you to design a knife

TheKimjoh560 says:

If you have a belt knife, you likely have a belt which means you likely have pants… with pockets. So why hide a bunch of stuff in your knife scales?

I love the knife though.

Son of Dad says:

You have haters on your channel? Shocking.

Allen White says:

Been watching David for years and been following wazoo since they first came out, looks nice

Oxxnarr D'flame says:

Brain, it looks like you are way overdue for a new stump top. 🙂

MickyMouseLimited says:

The problem with this knife is just the price. The shape the steel the grind the handle its all made for a reason i am sure during the knife production they had other options for steel but they took d2. I would buy this knife just with the basic kydex sheet for around 150 to 180 $. Well think about it bk2 is around 72$ on amazon the knife is American made. So lets go back to simple math micarta handle 37 $ kydex 30 to 50 $ D2 blank comparing to 1095 about 20 extra. Final price 159 to 179 depending on Kydex sheet quality. So yes this is way people are trashing the product. The knife as today is for sale with the sheet only for 299 $ this is 120 $ more then acceptable coast for the quality delivered. Unfortunately there are a-lot of quality knife manufactures that have tuned there production coast and material selection to produce a product that is high quality on acceptable price. If I would pay a 300 $ for a knife I will buy a Bark River at least I will get a hand made knife from super steel from a well know and proven brand that has hold up in the test of time.

Allen White says:

if worse come to worse you can use the finishing line and fishing hook to sew up a deep wound

Vlad The Impaler says:

You know what they say about opinions lol. But seriously if someone wants to buy this knife for $300 or the kit for $500, God bless them, just know if you do some research there are better options out there for far less money.

jonnyboat2 says:

Bryan have you ever heard of WC Knives. This guy made a similar “one tool” survival knife. It’s made from 01 tool steel. Maybe you could do a review on this one too someday.

Butch Hill says:

I’m not going to bash the knife or anything I just have one thing to say. Bryan don’t you think it’s about time to get a new stump. Old stumps I got my side yard I use I’m going to throw them away and burn them

T Dawg says:

What kind of person purchases a $500 survival knife? No, really.

SpectreWorkshop says:

I love your intro. How have you made it?

Real Survival says:

I remember when a kabar usmc with the finger guards cut off was the main survival one tool option hahahahaha
Then I bought the tops tracker with the scout knife piggybacked on it
It was my most expensive knife purchase it was over 400$ back when I was 22 in 2003
If I didn’t already have a butt load of knives and have to explain to my wife why I need this one I would totally buy it

Cross Country Outdoors says:

I can’t afford it at half that price. Let me take that statement back. I don’t want it at half that price. If I wanted it I could find the $500.00. I have a lot of expensive guns and fishing equipment and Golf clubs etc. scuba and so on. But I have mostly inexpensive knives. Why is that?? I don’t know. Love your videos! And you are a great guitarist!!!

Rocco Generoso says:

Great video Bryan. I see a lot of comments about people saying that the price is what breaks the deal but if you honestly think about this system it’s an original knife design with a custom Kydex sheath and nylon sheath with a secondary blade and a complete survival kit if you honestly put all those numbers together it breaks $500 easily. A lot of hate for it but nobody really thinks about the work that went into it. If people have their doubts then go on to make your own system and then add up all the numbers. I honestly would love to buy this knife and continue to see the videos about it before I do. Keep up the good work

Brown Dog Dude says:

Make it half price and you will have a winner!

The Joe Proffitt Channel says:

U are one of few channels i trust for honest review. I ve seen you fail on camera as well as suceed. Same with the products on this channel. That’s realism. I know im a creator myself.. this kit will work in a pinch no doubt its all sound principle. My question is how well do the screws stay in place while doing heavier task like chopping batoning etc?

Al Perger says:

The first fish I ever caught was over 60 years ago off my grandfather’s dock with a stick,a string and a safety pin and half a worm.

Dwight E Howell says:

If you have money to burn, burn it any way you want. If you don’t there are a more cost effective options. The majority of posters have noticed the same thing.

Eric Ocasio says:

I hate when people say they can’t afford something, If you want it, save up for it, If you don’t want it just be honest to yourself and everybody else and say you don’t want it because you don’t want it. You don’t have to put people down because you don’t like something. It’s all about personal preference people. You’re not wrong for being more comfortable and more effective with an axe, just like I’m not wrong for being more comfortable and more effective with my Master Woodsman.

Oldman Stoner says:

So a 500 dollar knife for a D2 steel knife that looks like he got from Habilis! I can buy two of the old Habilus kits for this knife! I can buy likely two honey badgers for the price of this knife, really likely the prettiest an sturdy knife I know of! I’ve use this knife, yes I know someone stupid enough to buy hype! It was not that great of a chopper, just look at the knife an I can of knew that! Nice burn spots on my hands within a few moments. Secondly, its not the video production of the knife itself by David but the fact the wood he was splitting was splitting in places he didn’t even hit the wood with knife? Since you likely know what cheap gimmick he was using do you care to explain? Yea you get frozen wood an start hitting it with anything it’ll split like crazy, a very cheap old trick! Okay, I’m a hater? That’s fine, I’ll never watch your channel again, “SCHILLING for MONEY” I guess David has a good profitable marketing program with this knife???

Doug Johnson says:

You could always just get a fanny pack, buy about $100 worth of gear and throw in a knife if you want this kit and can’t afford it.

Bill 3693 says:

I agree, this is not a cheap system. $500 is a lot of money!

M. Myrick says:

how did you get the metal needle to float?

Jeff Sherrod says:

You could get a more useful knife design such as TOPS Silent Hero then a custom kydex sheath from Yellow Hawk Customs with an added accessories pack and stock it up. For a little less than $500.
But to each their own. This knife reminds me of the bass fishing lure industry. It doesn’t have to catch fish… just fishermen.

L DeGrave says:

Do your thing man. A lot of people like your videos.

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