NEW – Cold Steel SRK Survival / Rescue Knife – REVIEW – Best Survival Knife under $90?

NEW – Cold Steel SRK Survival Knife REVIEW from – Is the SRK the Best Survival Knife available for under $100? Let’s see…

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It was better when made in Japan

Frost DX says:

Looks like a cheap rip off of the falkniven s1.

rlinn78 says:

I’ll tell you what, I do no own this knife, but the only thing that I do not like that im seeing is the rubberized handle.  other than that great looking knife.  I would love to see 1 20 yrs from now.. 

esiagent1 says:

Got it and like it. Seems to be a cross between a Bush/survival and could also be used for defensive purposes.

srspower says:

It would be interesting to see a version with a slightly wider and a fair bit longer blade.

paulie 4x says:

IMHO it’s just me, even though I have two of them, I find a curved belly slices much better for me, But working wood with a S.R. K. has its limits, As far as Survival, Yeah its Ok, Batoning and making Kindling it’s Ok, but for carving, it has its limitations, Would I recommand this knife. Yeah, it’s a good 6″ blade that’s light yet strong enough. But as most knives, Right tool for the right job, ,

Avery Rock says:

You should review the amazon jungle knife with sheath u can get it off of amazon

Gordon Stevenson says:

Blade length is the cutting edge. Starting at the heal where the cutting edge starts horizontal to the tip, nothing more.

Daniel Kompolt says:

A new version in 2017 is in SK-5, what are your thoughts on this steel?

luis gustavo zeas zeledon says:

aus 8 is junk

KeuleKanal Rosigkeit says:

I meen the SRK

daniel rodriguez says:

out of all the knives you just mencioned, wich is your favorite???

eestialex says:

Good and cheap knife.

KeuleKanal Rosigkeit says:

First of all is this a very nice Video but where you buy this Kniff? Thanks

Dwight E Howell says:

You cab easily pay $300 without getting a better knife. These knives are durable. You can ruin the handle if you act like a fool but then fools have proven time and again they can ruin most anything.

Adrian Gonzalez says:

my father was issued the srk when he was in the military I have had it for 10 years the blade coting wears off slowly but that not a problem it is also good for throwing if needed.

time777frame says:

Was your knife made from Carbon V steel ?

Axl Vixn says:

I wonder which one to buy just to have one knife,cold steel Recon tanto or this SRK..? 

Ta Price says:

this was a great knife when it was made of carbon V . wouldn’t buy one now.

Boomer Taylor says:

The size is good, 6″ is enough to chop and baton but getting much longer gets a bit unwieldy for general use. Plus, with this style sheath, you can attach it to a larger esse, etc. for a two knife system which would be ideal.
The “modified clip point” of this knife is stronger than a full clip point (think Buck, etc.) but, as he says, is better.for skinning and all around tasks. For a one tool option needing to do many rasks, this is great. People get all bent about no pommel but, unless you encounter a lot of windows in the bush, this is a great bush knife. Maybe not the best “tactical” knife, but don’t get too invested in everything needing to be “Tacticool.” And not having pronounced finger grooves is better for manipulation for fine tasks and different sized hands.
I like it better than the SOG Force, and for less money. The sheath may be an issue for some, but, fire steel holders AND a mole strap can be added to this with a little creativity. Or do as I did and look on line and procure a different sheath, like a SOG sheath. I found a perfect, “Bench Made” sheath for my Buck and created my own, two knife hunting system, and have the best of both worlds.

Ryan Lopez says:

This knife does feel very nice and is designed very well size and shape wise but every single SRK ive seen with some use has a loose handle. It never comes all the way off and doesnt really cause any issues but just a little wiggle which is annoying.

Rothrock Reliance says:

you live in North Central Pa. I’m in Central PA Military buddies and I hit The Appalachian trail all the time. off of 7 mountains

1776 1884 says:

ive had my SRK for almost 10 years and its edge is still amazing

Austin W says:

I actually per chased an SRK for my self due to your reviews and a three day backpacking trip proved its ruggedness for both it’s sharp point to its residence to salt water and air still sharp after that every Boy Scout and scout master wanted one

Rusty Gunn 7 says:

No doubt the handle is longer than three and a quarter inches, as claimed here. Perhaps a misquote?
Also, it is not full tang, but a hidden tang.
Full tang knives have their tangs exposed all aound the handle. This one is hidden completely within the handle.
The tang is indeed very substantial though.

Roadking26 says:

I have one of these made from the older carbon V steel, and it is the most rugged knife I have owned.  Keeps and edge and is easy to sharpen.  I’m not crazy about CS newer products since they are mostly made overseas.  It would be nice to see a review on the older carbon V SRK vs the newer one.

Papa Bravo says:

Lost all credibility with the Gerber product comparisons.  The only thing Gerber makes that is worth buying is baby food.  Period!

Semper Fi

Jesusandbible says:

I agree, you need to hammer with it. This is close to perfect. To perfect it have a Bear Grylls hammer style bottom on the handle, a bit of grip for the thumb on top for fine working, and a slightly inwardly rounded choil for the index finger doing fine work too. The handles grippy rubber is great. I have never seen one that does all this, but plus the modifications I mentioned to perfect it. Know one???

ArsenaI1 says:

no glass breaker 🙁

Ron Cash says:

Thanks!  Great review of a knife I’ve been thinking about buying.  I think I’ll get one for sure now.  Thanks again!  Oh, what I like most about your review, is you get to the point and stay on task.  I have seen so many videos that show the person opening the box, taking the plastic off, moving to the table.  In other words a  lot of junk that is not germaine to the review.  You must plan these out and edit the video.  Nice work!

abc dfg says:

so I am looking for a survival knife for light bushcraft and camping. I am looking for something that can take some abuse, hold an edge, sharpen fairly easy, and use for batoning. From my research, I found that 4-6 inches is what Im looking for. Not quite sure if stainless steel would be fitting or if HC Would be better. I have considered this blade, as well as the Berber strong arm, bear gryls ultimate pro, and esee 3 among others. Can I go wrong with any of these blades?

MrPhuc23 says:

What should I get…

SOG SE38N Force
OR the Cold steel SRK

Thanks in adv.

Jere Lempinen says:

Gonna buy one right now.

David Tate says:

carbon 5 is very tough knive keep it

mikki jones says:

If it isn’t a full tang then scrap it and make it one!

paulie 4x says:

One of my first serious mid-size survival knife, is the S.R.K., mine is in the CarbonV, great knife, I’m also a 3knife carry guy, so I buy my knives in set’s, when Camillus went belly up, Cold Steel stopped making the CarbonV, what a shame, because I got a Cold Steel set in San Mai, the Mini Pendleton in VG-1, Master Hunter, S.R.K., Recon Tanto, and my pre 1980’s Trailmadter, are all in San Mai, the Kukuri Plus is in 0-1, my new S.R.K. is no where near as good as the CatbonV, the tip is paper thin, and is a Hollow Grind, yet my Becker BK-s are in 1095 CroVan, which is the same steel as the CarbonV, or also known as the 0170-6C, what a shame Cold Steel dropped their CatbonV, but are finally making them is other great steel’s, 0-1, 3V, but not all styles, I compare my CarbonV, S.R.K. to my Benchmaid #152, in D-2, and it’s no longer made. I still like my S.R.K, because it’s a straight edge where my #152 is partially serrated. I really enjoy your video’ s Mike, keep up the great work.

Jed Farley says:

SRK is boss!!!
I’ve beat the hell outta mine and the worst is I have to hone the edge on some stones!

Devon Spencer says:

What I don’t like about this channel is the cheesy intro and that he doesn’t really use it for a while and give us his opinion. I like hearing people talk about what they like or don’t like, how it’s held up over time and continuous heavy use. That’s what I like about Nutnfancy and The Late Boy Scout, they don’t care what the company or anybody says about their opinions, they just give it to us straight.

Chris Turley says:

My Carbon V is bad ass. They need to use that steel again.

cameroncjgc says:

It would be great if you could do a review on the ka bar bk7. The bk2 has lots of reviews but the bk7 hasn’t got any decent reviews on it. It would be a good comparison to the SOG seal team and this knife. I think this personally would beat the gerber as an indestructible survival knife

Dakota Snyder says:

love your videos man!

Thibaud w says:

should be compared to the S1 and not really full tang

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