NEW – Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife – Review – Best Survival Knife Under $50?

NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Review from – Is it the Best Survival Knife for the Beginner Survivalist? Let’s find out…

Along the way we will compare this knife to the: Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife with Serrations, Gerber LMF II ASEK, SOG Seal Pup, Gerber Prodigy, Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Survival Knife, SOG Force, Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife and a few more.

We’ll also start a fire with this knife and break through a truck window with the hammer end. Before we’re all done we will talk about who this knife is for… and who should consider a different knife.

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Here Are the Knife and Gear Links I Mentioned in the Review:


Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife – FINE and Serrated Blades:

Gerber LMF II – Great American-Made Survival Knife for Around $70 US

Gerber Prodigy – Great American-Made Tactical and Survival Knife (Around the same size, shape and weight as BG Knife but better quality all around):

Gerber LHR – Large, full tang survival and combat knife. REALLY nice knife for under $100:

SOG Force – This is a beast of a knife that is made of excellent steel and is made for extreme adventures and tactical operations:

SOG Seal and Seal Team Elite – Excellent knife for special forces, tactical ops and general survival – Two sizes – Lots of options:
My Review:


Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade Knife – This is one of my favorite new knives. VERY sharp out of the box so be careful:

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife: Excellent folding knife that you can carry with you everywhere:

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout Knife: Great folding knife that won’t break your budget:


Smiths Pocket Pal – Proven, portable, pocket sharpener for serrated and fine edge blades:

Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener – Very nice, solid sharpener with carbide and ceramic sharpening elements with 2 sizes of diamond sharpening rods for touching up serrated edges:


NEW Bear Grylls STUFF for 2012…

Bear Grylls – Compact Fixed Blade Knife:
Amazon Best Price:
YouTube Review:

Bear Grylls – Ultimate FINE Edge Survival Knife:
Amazon Best Price:
YouTube Review:

Bear Grylls – Survival Tool Pack
Amazon Best Price:
YouTube Review:

Bear Grylls – Ultimate Canteen
Amazon Best Price:
YouTube Review:

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– SOG Seal Team Elite Knife:
– Gerber LMF II Survival Knife:
– Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife w/ Serrated Edge:
– Gerber LHR Combat / Survival Knife:
– Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife:
– “OLD” Gerber LMF II Review (this was my first YouTube Review):
– Canon T3i Review:

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Modern Survival Sense says:

You said you would put the blade steel in the description… I’ve scoured it several times… where exactly is it? 

Thomas Gosling says:

Sound quality is poor but still a great vid!

Elliot Parkhouse says:

its not reliable!

FMJ Media says:

Hey so for a good woods knife do you think i should carry this, my Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord, or my schrade SCHF13 Drop point?

Mattias Bengtsson says:

Whatever you’re using to record sound on this video, never ever use it again, it sounds like you’re screaming through a walkie-talkie.

Dreem Walker says:

Interesting videos, but I would prefer that you didn’t put in the text in the video so that you couldn’t remove them. Other than that .. consistent reviews that gives a rough view of a product.

samuel seal says:

Don’t think that its junk because it was made in china no no… it was junk when you bought it.

smiley00341 says:

Pajama Bloggers lol.

Firstliam Lastmcmahon says:

Get mora light my fire

JulianFun says:

the slow motion was great 😀 i was thnking about Arnold Schwartzen. with his sentens: I am back

eddless321 says:

Really crappy sound, but good video

Ultimate Survival Tips says:

Ha ha! You are right about that. This video is what started Ultimate Survival Tips. Oldie but Goldie! We have come a long way. Thanks for the comment! ~ David

Faron Christopher says:

yeah, kid whatever.
Sell your bullshit knowledge to someone else.
This is a survivalist page.

Luka Smolovic says:


Aaron Y says:

Is this good for hunting

Maik Dueck says:

Please do the scout knife

Woodland Tactical says:

are you talking through a helicopter headset?

이상혁 says:

Where thes the tang ends?

Avery Edge says:

Oh hey drew Olsen. You asked how does he afford all these knives. Well I’m 14 and have 3 of these knives, two lmf ||sand every other knife that he has

Bill Hinson OutDoors says:

I just used one for 6 days and did a video on it
If you have never used the knife
You shouldn’t comment on it

J3ymzi says:

Why use the really poor video filter? Also, get a better microphone or don’t talk right next to it. It sounds disgusting.

MRF survivalist says:

Bro your breaking my headphones

StormFire151 says:

can you do a vid on the bg hatchet

dieselford9184 says:

Why would you ruin a truck like that???

AirSofter241 says:

Love the knife HATE the sheath. it just fucking bends and makes for a TERRIBLE knife removal. Also there are places where you could attach MOLLE but they are fucking TINY and NOTHING will fit

Chicken Tendies says:

Sounds like you’re talking though a helicopter headset

Ultimate Survival Tips says:

Yes it is.

Notsogrim says:

Audio on this shit is fucking miserable. Holy cankering shit balls.

Faron Christopher says:

no, leaves are covering it.

John Harrington says:

david the audio is terrible in this video please fix it i think you videos are very professional and honest however this needs to be fixed i could not comprehend your words due to bad audio

MultiRoyalGamer says:

Why are u f*cking screaming?

Jett Bakker says:

If you got stuck in the wild, you would proably have your self a cabin and food and drink for days…

Offtrailed Dino says:

Poor car,you are too rich !!!

Dany Tamasdan says:

It’s the firesteel on the blade, it looks like broken

Batesmotel1960 says:

Ka-bar and Ontario knives are made in USA.

Theme Forest Free says:

blade isn’t very sharp but it it can be sharpend and that is good. it will make a spark and its small enough to store as a good second
in your pack, not sure about its strength.

here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to18IbmMp

Grandpa the Grey says:

Here is my humble review on any product with Bear Grylls name on it :

Broken knives, saws, and compasses laying all over my work bench.

Thank you.

FurCobraLovesFish says:

Please do the scout knife

Rick the Firefighter says:

You’re not going to get the ASEK version of the LMF2 without military or police credentials.

Aaron Y says:

Is this knife good for camping trips or hikes?

Zach Weston says:

Hey david at 10:17 is the blade broken in half because it looks like it is?

Mr. Tangent says:

Audio is horribly clipped, and video filters really look bad. And these Gerber knives are very poor quality. Buy a Mora/ESEE/Becker instead.

cr33perhater says:

Good vid

Drew Olsen says:

How do you afford all these knifes???

OperationWeekend says:

people complain about partly serrated, despite what they say, there are outnumbering benefits for having serrated than not. For a survival knife partly serrated is a smart choice because you have the ability for sawing and cutting sticks, cord, fabrics, even for combat and the fact of tearing someone up. with just plain edge these tasks and more are much more difficult. The only downside I have heard a huge concern on is serrated is hard to sharpen. All you have to do is buy a serrated sharpener

IrelAzul says:

would this knife would work well on Smith’s Knife Sharpener: Smith’s Pocket?

Chris Clark says:

you should re-upload without that blaring music, i cant get through the video like this!

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