NEW! TOPS Steel Eagle 107C Delta Class Survival Knife | Built To Last For Sure

As I understand it, the TOPS Steel Eagle was the first knife ever produced by TOPS Knives. Well, they’ve come out with a new version of this knife and it’s still a monster. I really like the thickness of the handle, the look, and the overall build. The saw back is not my top choice BUT is is growing on me, so we will see what I think in a few months. As far as survival knives go, this is one – period. Check it out!

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P. OTTA says:

Nice knife But for this i thinck is Best a nylon sheath old model of Tops

SAM IAM says:

I think California will ban that knife because it looks pretty evil.

Jacques Nowell says:

Silent Hero… Coz not everyone has bear paws for hands.

MickyMouseLimited says:

The knife looks good. But the handle is not good for chopping. Also you were working on rotten  piece of wood as it is visible on the video and the saw is not good. Thanks for making the video it was really onset. This is really similar to the Rambo’s knifes from the late 80s .

Dave Smith says:

glad I saw this before I bought one…..thanks!

Jon Jon says:

Did you try cutting rope or cord with the top? Is that effective?

Danniel menton says:

Hell ya I just ordered the c class
And the operator 7 I don’t put prices on American steel TOPS
Colorado knife life

In2thePickers says:

poor design I would no use for that knife

Charbel KARAM says:

didn’t like it

Gary Johnson says:

If I had to chop with that knife, I would want a longer handle, with no jimping on the handle. I don’t like the overall design at all.

Jason Pettit says:

Hey I wonder if you can sharpen the saw top on the tops knife like a chainsaw blade,it will work better

Jesse Jimenez says:

You said aggressive work. What you showed use a Mora could do. Lol

Nelson Gonzalez says:

Would love to a version of that without the saw-back. Guess Andy Tran’s Tops Tahoma would be that version? Thanks for review.

Chimera Aretina says:

What is the differences between him and SE107C please?
Only the blade and handle color?
Maybe the sheath

Oliver St. Clair says:

Beautiful knife, can’t take my eyes off it… Think I’m gonna stick with my Papa Bear though

JediTim says:

I have a mighty need for one of these bad boys.

Jan van den Bos says:

Very nice again Tim, what do you think about the knives of Kaila Cummins, she does a collaboration, but so expensive !

jhon doe says:

why do they put saws on knives, they are terrible as sawing, you want a saw buy a Silky saw!


Not that good of a chopper

Fall1ngN1nja says:

I wish I could get this version in the uk

LA Prepper says:

Now Only: $210.00 Since 1998, TOPS Knives has been making hardcore knives for hardcore individuals.

Yeah, I’m not hardcore enough to pay $210 for a knife. I can buy a shotgun for that much for heaven’s sake.

David Barclay says:

I love your videos. There is rarely ever a need to “chop” with any knife. Using a baton to work angled, not cross, cuts until it’s through. Watch the Adventure Sworn Classic video.

Outlaw GT says:

Its a nice knife for sure but have you ever tested out an authentic Kukri made in Nepal? I have an 8 inch Kukri knife that was made from the leaf spring suspension off a Mercedez truck.. Full tang.. Virtually indestructable.. Razor sharp.. Cost $50 bucks.. I think I have found the absolute best survival knife in the world and they come from Nepal.. I think my knife would chop that TOPs knife in half.. I almost bought a Tops Anaconda. Im so glad I didnt. No offense to anyone.. They are great knives.. Nepalenese Ghurka Kukris are on another level is all Im saying and they are cheap.. You got to have one in your collection..

Love Life says:

The spine seems more of a for show kinda saw though, like the Rambo first blood knives.
Still, looks cool n chops well etc. Dont think it will saw well….. I think Tops should make a spring steel stainless steel laser cut comat utility knife…. 1095 rusts. And does chip.
No flexibility like apring steel does.
This reviewer gentleman admits this knife isnt for sawing… honest good review.

Phil Powell says:

Im not sure to buy the 11 inch version or to buy 7 inch does any one have the 11 inch version ???

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