New ultimate survival tips Msk-1 survival knife first impressions!

The ultimate survival tips msk1 survival knife is a very nice survival knife that I would highly recommend to anyone
Ultimate survival tips video:
You can purchase one here:
Thanks for watching and for all of your support


Lukas Rowe says:

I’ve been searching for this knife online and it still takes me to kickstarter and says I have to pre order it. Any other websites you know of that sell it?

ThePreppersBunkerOutdoors says:

Dude, I am super excited about this knife. Which reminds me, Ill shoot you a pm to get an update!

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

now that is a knife! great job bro. congrats on getting that thing. this is coolkid survival by the way

Ouch Iturts says:

the audio seems a bit off but good video dude. You seem to be on top of it when it comes to products people wanna see keep it up!

Jaxen Wiegand says:

I would love to see more videos on the Msk1 or you making something with it or just more videos with it. And thanks for going in depth

WarGrrl3 says:

knives are for cutting. I need to see a knife in action.

Rick C says:

Nice 1st impressions video. Thanks for showing us the cool things that are available.

Juju H says:

Worst YouTuber ever can’t even hear him

Blade Ponds says:

how much did it cost.

Nehemias Camacho says:

how long did you have to wait for it?

Anonymous Maximus says:

Cool review . But very scuffed audio would massive gain would come an go blasting my ears

T Cofer says:

How you liking the MSK after a few weeks?

The_kid says:

did you get the neck knive to and if so can you do a review on it please!

russell dick says:

great video

Javier Lopez says:

great job on the video

Frank Webster says:

Great video. Couldn’t hear you very well..volume.

Feral Woodcraft says:

Good video my friend. I’m really having to not judge this book by its cover. At some point I’ll lay hands on one a build an unbiased opinion. Excellent first impressions and I look forward to the full on review.

cyclist01222 says:

Funny that no one has put up a vid using this knife besides David… strange. Thanks for showing it to us though.

James Pablos says:

No offense but have you stopped making videos??


great review, ive got a karesuando boar survival knife its not full tang and im thinking of upgrading too this one.


please can you make another video on this knife and do some testing, like feather sticks, batarning and fire making. I really want to see if the grind is and good for feather sticking☺.

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

hey brother, how is this blade holding up? one other thing, are you interested in trading your LT Wright bushcrafter HC?

Eric Olmstead says:


Alex Malloy says:

Nice first look! Any updates on your dry creek forge custom?

Big B Big B says:

So what happens if you don’t have a belt to put your knife on? is there a clip or just belt option…

Bodge Kirkman says:

No offense but your audio is terrible at the start

Joshua Salazar says:

Are you going to do a field test one it

Eastern Bear says:

I’m about to pre oder mine but it’s not asking me what color handle options I want. I don’t want to receive a wrong color. how did you guys do it?

Fruit_GamerYT says:

Am still waiting on the review! Great video and am wondering can you food prep with the knife or finer tasks?

Average flipper says:

Seriously? D2 at around $200 is so bad. I mean I would pay at most around $100 for d2.

Priority Survival says:

I am saving up to buy one. I love the design!

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