ONE Knife for Survival, Bushcraft and a Zombie Apocalypse – Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife Review

If you could have only one knife during a Zombie Apocalypse, which knife would you choose? Well, today we’ll take a look at this blade and see if it might be THE Best All-Around Survival, Bushcraft and Emergency Preparedness Knife? If Zombies were real, could this knife save your butt? And could it replace a hatchet and a machete in a pinch? Let’s find out in this FULL Review, Test and Demonstration of the Massive, Tough and Innovative Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife from

Let’s go have some fun with one of the coolest knives that I’ve reviewed in quite a while.


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ArmaghHood1 says:

5160 steel is garbage

James Ritchie says:

A ten inch bade?  Seriously?  That’s not a knife, it’s a machete, and made out of machete steel.  I don’t know where you’re getting the owner comments, but there are hundreds of owner comments around the internet that call this a piece of crap, and who have broken this knife with mild use.  And what kind of idiot uses his main knife as a spear?  There’s simply nothing about this knife that’s worth five bucks, and it most certainly is not good for either survival or bushcraft  You have to know this.    You’re either making money off positive reviews of crap, or you just don’t know anything about knife use, or bushcraft, or survival.

TheRjmayer says:

If you want to waste a bunch of money on a knife that WILL break under normal use than this is your blade. Don’t trust anyone who recommends this knife, they’re either a paid shill or a moron.

Niklas Pfeiffer says:

Way too large for a real survial situation

Chris Doering says:

No offence to ron hood but the buck hoodlum is the worst xcuse for a survival knife ever made. Its too long. Its too thin. Theres no finger choyle. They dont heat treat them correctly and they often break. (Or used to dont kno id theyve opted for a new heat treat) to sum it up: Fail.

Wynand Koegelenberg says:

Too long and too thin. This is a piece of crap! If you want a machete, buy a machete. If you want a knife, buy a knife. Or if you really, really need an in-between dual-purpose blade, get a Kershaw 14 or Becker BK9. Both are tough, virtually indestructible, proven in the field and budget-friendly. Please do not waste your money on inferior “endorsed” products.

Mark Alan says:

Design error plain and simple.
Not manufacturing error.

Todd Klekotka says:

If Buck removed that notch, I would like this blade. A good idea but poor design. My BG Gerber ultimate survival knife is better than that. If anything breaks on that, it would just be the pommel and I still have my blade. My Schf9 is my go to blade. Wipes the floor with the hoodlum…

Richard Myers says:

Turns out the Buck Hoodlum is laser cut despite them advertising it being milled which means weaker blade and the constant breaks. I will not buy this knife. Not a fan of non-stainless blades either. Unless I’m doing some heavy camping its not worth having to carry blade cleaning supplies, but that will be pointless with a knife that has a tendency to break during batoning.

RonCathy Baker says:

I totally agree with rickd248 “NO NOTCHES IN THE BLADE”.  If you want a blade this size get an ESEE “JUNGLAS”.  All round better knife with an UNBEATABLE  WARRANTY.

Jacob Burns says:

It is true that the knife isn’t that great, any knife that big joules be able to do some hard work. Buck knifes just isn’t the best at heat treating

Robin Conkel-hAnnan says:

why the notch

Dustin Bell says:

Do not buy this blade has a major flaw. That notch in the blade is laser cut witch messes up the heat treatment cause a weak spot in the blade.

lekkem says:

Zombie?? really??

SuperLalulalu says:

There is only one with this knife, it sucks. 🙂 The spine is greatly weaken by the notch.

professorbland says:

get the tops armageddon, and you will use it for the rest of your life. The hoodlum is junk. 

Paul'ie 4X says:

No question about it, I am a choil guy, to me it’s like two knives in one, that little extra cutting edge towards the handle, doesn’t add as much versatility to what a choil offers, what I would like to see is a distal taper, but with a Saber Grind, I find my BK-9, out preforms my buddy’s Hoodlum, and all around, my Rodent 9 is the Big Daddy, except for the Battle Mistress, but some of my Barkies, Bravo 3, in 3V, and the Golok in A-2, should be mentioned, good knives too, and the Convex Grind, work good..

dsc20601 says:

sheath looks cheap….Leather always best….Go with Anza instead

C Tomlin says:

would be cool to see this compared to the schf37

Cryptonymicus says:

What’s amazing to me is that a company that sends you a bible quote with every purchase would actually sell a product with a word like “hoodlum” on it, as if that’s somehow funny, or cool, or a clever play on words, or a real positive selling point.

Well, maybe if you’re a gangbanger in South Central LA it’s real cool to tote “hoodlum” weapons.  Not where I live.

fiendin281 says:

why is that notch there? seems like it will just weaken the knife for no reason.

Ken hughes says:

Excellent review, i have 3 of these and would never get rid of them.
they are very well made and convenient.
thank you for the review.

twig d says:

Even non survivalist  knows  never to wipe your knife clean from the edge, always from the back of the knife

Ramiro Silva says:

yes you want a knife and having to carry something to be concerned with rust in the blade? Lot of rubbish, a knife is not to be on display.

Leeroy Jankins says:


rickd248 says:

I will never buy a knife with s notch in the middle of the blade.  That will always be a weak place no matter what they do.  That was a screw up on the part of Buck.  That will always be a serious FUBAR and I will not trust my life to that knife.  Sorry.  I guess I should say I’m a Buck owner since they first came out with the General.  I own quite a few Buck knives and most of them are well above average.  So anyone who thinks I’m down on Buck is wrong.  IT’s this poorly thought out knife I don’t like.

Leeroy Jankins says:


Paul'ie 4X says:

Yup I always though a good size for a Survival knife is around 7-9 1/2″ I like a choil on a large blade though and between 3/16th’s and a 1/4″ sort of like a Leuku that’s probably used as a one tool knife carry but they are thinner.

Juai nott? says:

Damn zombies there are like full serious info out there about them yet they just don’t exist
Is like a whole book with details about a god but we deeply know he is just imaginary
Hahaha triggered

noah naworski says:

If you could review the homeland security that would make my week, thanks.

robert johnston says:

Hi from north west pa great vid!!

Gun Slinger says:

I want to know more about that notch in the blade, there were some recent videos where people actually broke the blade in half at the point where that notch is. Did they fix that issue, or is it still going to be a problem to watch for?

Ashleys Gymnastics & More! says:

That puppy is breaking right at the notch in the blade. Check out some of the videos on YouTube. I was going to buy one till I saw that notch and subsequent breakage.Are you selling these? It’s the only reason I can think of that you would recommend it and leave the video up after a couple of years when the knife has proven to be unreliable.

Apollo Mann says:

My guess is that you’re better off with an ESEE Junglas, or an SP50, 51, or 52.  I have a Junglas and love it.

John Roberts says:

They need to get rid of the notch. Besides being ugly, it just isn’t needed. Every failure I’ve seen happens right at the notch. That said, without the notch, I still wouldn’t baton with a good knife.I’d use a S&W Homeland Security with a thick 440C blade. It’s indestructible.

julien6541 says:

The hoodlum is crap. Any time you try to baton with it, it snaps. Watch the buck hoodlum failing by ( new American woodsman ).

Never buy it!

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