Ontario Knife Co. RAT 7 | Survival Knife | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews the joint venture between Ontario Knife Company and Randall’s Adventure and Training, the RAT 7. The RAT 7 sports a 7 inch blade with micarta handles and a full tang. Constructed of 1095 carbon steel, the RAT 7 is a work horse and behemoth of a knife. While it may be too big for most campers, hikers, backpackers or for those practicing bushcraft, the RAT 7 is well worth the money.

Ontario RAT 7 – http://amzn.to/1O83Jpy


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Mark MacDougall says:

Hey Wolverine, how are the rest of the X-men? Phenomenal review.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Turtle. Yeah, I didn’t get a Rat 7, But I did team my Ranger Afghan and my Ranger RD-9. Both in Orange G-10 Handles and in the 5160 Carbon Blades. Infact I seen a Ranger Afghan sell for $350.00 dollars, Go figure. Yeah, It’s a tough one that gives my BK-2 a run for tge miney. I also had a great experience with my Ranger RD-9. We had it Curved badly one Trio, We thought it was ruined so we continued. When we got through it straightened out true. I still use my combo.,,. p.

sjtf2 says:

I recently ordered a custom rat 7 off ebay it has a 440 stainless steel hallow ground blade with a green g10 handle. do the rat 7 normally come with hallow grind?

brian Smith says:

I’m Confused your channel is called black owl, your logo it’s a penguin and you call us turtles

Tom B says:

Nice vid btw I love your intro

Billy Two Knives says:

Too big.

Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung says:

Great review man!!! I am still deciding between Rat 7 and ESEE 6. BTW, what filter you use for all your videos?

Ei Pi says:

good size for my area…but i wont give up my trailmaster either….it sure beats carrying an axe

ThaiTan Corner says:

great video work woodsman. Over all use in the woods unless your woods a is domesticated with friendly animal your 3-4″ is great comfort. In the rainy cougar, black bear country of NW USA this knife was design with defense plus sustain life in mind. On the other hand application is up to the operator skinny game, gutting, butchering… I have never been happy with any of Ontario sheath product i think they have a 2nd grader engineering them

Maxwell Ramen says:

this or the bk7?

Black Owl Outdoors says:

Thanks for subscribing. And we’re glad you’re enjoying our channel.

Clorox Bleach says:

The knife and the case reminds me of the bk7

Carlos Sepulveda says:

Rat 7 vs esee 6 which one you prefer and why… I am undecided turtle…

Deranged Survival - Eric Bourgault says:

I love my RAT-7 the weight balance of the blade and handle suits my needs well. I’m not a hatchet or axe guy so a large knife fills that void for me.

Guns N' Loaded says:

Vamp-rats are the worst.

Texas Outdoors says:

You have got stop with the moving wiggly camera. It gives people motion sickness like that Blair Witch movie. Other than that, good content.

Joel Bragg says:

Nice review. But you’ve got to tell me more about your recording equipment. I’ve been wanting to make vids for awhile but I am never happy with the quality.

Snezhni says:

Haha.. “a steal”. .. 🙂

christoforos pilitsis says:

Did you call me a turtle?

Travis Dude says:

Oh I agree that it’s affordable. I’m not bagging on the knife at all. Just my feelings on it’s size. I’m like you. I like my Esee 3 or 4 teamed with my Junglas. I like a 3.5 to 5 inch blade. But I love my big knives also. I like your reviews though. At least you show the knives in use.

John Petzold says:

Are you the kid from the state Fair, that told a reporter “I like Turtles” I think you’d had your face painted. That interview with you, if your the one that I think went viral. So are you the I like Turtles kid? Yes or no I gotta know!!!

PerceptionVsReality says:

Will ESEE 6 handles fit the OKC RAT 7?

Teachering says:

This was a very good review of the Ontario RAT-7 Knife. Only recently has this knife caught my notice; when that happens, I’m always plagued with a strong urge to purchase the thing. I like what I’ve read and seen of this knife from OKC.

TNPmarksman says:

$84 on amazon

Sand_Deep_Fighter says:

I have the RAT 3 and after watching this video I want the RAT 7.

Throwing Leather says:

Sweet facial chops brother

Jim Garrison says:

It’s not about “Style” in the woods, it’s about what you need to accomplish and whether or not you like to baton or chop with a knife, sometimes you have to and if that’s the case, this knife is excellent for both tasks.

Black Owl Outdoors says:

I hear ya man. I sort of agree with you. I want either a BIG knife, or a 4 inch blade. Anything in between doesn’t seem practical for my style. But the RAT 7 is a quality (and affordable) knife for someone who wants a 7 inch blade. -Krik

Ethan Hardy says:

Great vid, i would buy the long Spec Ops sheath if i was to get it.

Travis Dude says:

Not a bad knife. But personally if I was going to get a big knife. I would opt for 3 more inches and get the RTAK 2 or Esee Junglas. I think it’s why Randall opted to make the Esee 6 it’s lighter and faster than the Ontario RAT 7.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:

Do you guys use machetes? I just bought one to clear some mallee scrub – the ontario SP8. Its a great trail maker, a bit more like a japanese hatchet than your traditional thinner machete.

Andrei Iosip says:

Could you tell me please, what would be the disadvantaged of having an Ontario Rat 7 serated vs straight. thanks

Dacian Perta says:

i like your presentation… respect!

Michael StJohn says:

For the money difference, sheath, warranty I think the ESEE 6 might be the way to go. Excellent vid guys. Thank you.

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

Great review Krik. I would have liked to see a little more demo usage of the knife but still a great review! Oh, and let’s not forget about Ontario’s superb customer service! They probably have some of the single best customer service in the industry! Never been happier with them.

TheWtfnonamez says:

Thanks for the great video. I just got one of these and its great. The knife is awesome and the sheath is questionable. Anyone got any ideas on setting something up for quick release, with paracord or something. Atm I have to pop off 2 heavy riveted poppers to get the knife out.. and its not optimal.

Hayes Ryan says:

you said a big knife in the woods isn’t really your style. what is your style? more of a hatchet/axe with a smaller knife?

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