Schrade SCHF36M Survival Knife Review and Field Test

Sensible Prepper Presents: Schrade SCHF36M Survival Knife Review and Field Test. Chopping, Batoning, piercing and fire starting, the SCHF36M is up to the task.

Taylor Brands

Fletcher Andersons

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Ram Skirata says:

I am currently looking for a nice EDC knife. I has to be of good quality and has to be a fixed blade knife under 12 cm long. Would you recommend anything particular ?

cyclist01222 says:

Ha yeah there is a reviewer or two telling viewers the coating needs to be removed on this and other knives. Not so… just an obsessive compulsive thing of theirs. Your review was spot on!

Bigfreakingbucks 97 says:

I just bought the schf37 can’t wait for it to come in the mailbox

Eric kyle says:

Oooh I may have to buy one of these and put in my car when I get it.

INXSable says:

I have the SCHF36 version. Actually, a couple of them. Same shape, but the handle is a different material and the blade is made from 1095 HC steel. The sheath is similar too, but no stone or ferro rod. And I just use WD40 and a toothbrush to clean mine. The finish is more durable and easier to clean if you lightly oil it before the first use … has less of a tendency to chip off.

Christopher S says:

Your chop would probably be more effective if you took a backseat grip behind the point of balance and let more of the weight of the knife do the work instead of having to use all of your muscle but great video looks like a great knife

leadslinger85 says:

This is 1095 h carbon steel

Charles S says:

I just double checked, the steel is 1095 high carbon steel.

Aharonov Yair says:
spikekrossa says:

Looks like a smaller Becker BK2 with a nice choil, and in stainless!!!!.

daniel maine says:

I really enjoy your videos and this one as well. I like others was disappointed when Schrade moved production to china. I compared the u.s version of the wwr1 to the China version and was highly disappointed. Looks like they have really improved QC based on this video. Thanks for the review. Keep up the good work!

Noah Bryant says:

And I was thinking about getting a cheap bear grills knife… What was I thinking? Great review persuaded me to buy it

joed596 says:

Looks pretty heavy-duty and well made!    Thanks for another great review, Don   🙂    Thumbs up,   Norfolk Joe

jim finch says:

Very good job on the knife review! Keep it up!

José Ulloa says:

Hello there, I really enjoy your channel and find it very interesting, and if posible I will like to see your opinon about esee knives especifically the esee 5, esee 4 and izula2. My name is Fernando follower from Honduras.

David K says:

About the part where you said the knife isn’t good for throwing, you just have a bad throwing technique, but otherwise great video.

toosoonjojo says:

Sootch how many throws before you got the knife to stick in the tree? Ha

Nick T says:

You might have just convinced me to go ahead and order one of these… Looks like a great knife considering the price. Great video as always Sootch!

Erich Diehl says:

Selling for $25.00 on Amazon now


The times I have the bucks to buy something of real quality, I never regret it.

Steven Fahey says:

Thanks Sootch, you make good Vids and pass along good info;)

RedBear Outdoors says:

Good review as always. Schrade is my knife of choice lately. I have a few I need to review.

Jeff Norman says:

That knife looks AWESOME I’m thinking about get one.

Donald Garmon says:

A great, honest, plain stated review. Thank you for doing it. I recommend your channel to everyone.

PyschoHunterz55 says:

Can’t wait to get this! Waiting for it to be available on Amazon or knife depot but I think they’re it if stock. They run for about $45 on those sites

Michael Kish says:

I like to do a lot of outdoor activities and camping, hiking, fishing. I really like the Scrade knife. This video helped a lot on getting one in my hands. Great video. Keep them coming.

roadkillrider says:

Liked the video .keep up the good work

Quinn The Eskimo says:

I have this knife and use it often. It has served me well. Thanks and take care.

Bruce b says:

whats the best fixed blade survival knife for shtf?

sole ripper 1234567890 says:

This is now $30 on amazon

Elliott Mazur says:

I recommend removing the jimping, that crap cuts into your hand, especially if you have the f-37 (I do) instead of the 36

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