Schrade SCHF45: Big Bowie Chopper Survival Knife Tool

I’m a mission this year to test out the theory that in the NorthEast (where I live) you ‘need’ an axe. I’m testing this theory by using more and more big choppers like the Schrade SCHF45. This thing is going to be reasonably priced and it did a nice job at the cutting and chopping tests that I put it through. Is this the ultimate machete? Nope, but it’s not designed to be – it’s made to be a hard-working, budget-friendly chopper. Check it out!

(NOTE: At the time this video is released, the SCHF45 is not yet available on the market. Stay tuned!)

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michael alexander says:

I don’t see Schrade doing anything about the handle on this really nice blade, although I entirely agree that it needs more girth through the middle, especially for those of us who have larger hands. Remedies to this are to wrap paracord over the handle, balling it up in the middle to start with, then overlaying and braiding it however it is they do that; another option would be to go to buy some of those large rubberized bendable wires made by “Nite-ize” that are usually used to hold things down or bind things together and they come in a myriad of colors so if you wanted to also be able to readily see your blade or where you placed it while not wearing it, you could use one of the lime green or bright orange “Nite-ize” ties (cost ranges from about $3.99 to $5.99 and they usually come in ‘pairs’ = 2/package. “Nite-Ize” makes a black 5-footer now, but to wrap around this handle, I’d suggest buying a package of two 18″ ‘Nite-ize” or perhaps two 12″ ‘er’s.

StandsWithABeer says:

you did the chopping “off video”?? Really? Kind of like recording a song “off mike”, no? You were pecking with this blade. Unsub; bye.

ZyPhReX says:

That thing is a monster!  Way to go with the review Tim.  Your vids got me into checking out Schrade and the two blades we got are unparalleled.  Can’t wait to get more of their knives.  In respect to the vid, great job.  Keep up the good work man.

Brian Mccann says:

Best way to figure out if you prefer Big Knife chopper blades, Tomahawks, Axes … For chopping, and other stuff working for wood is to side by side test, on video 😉

I like big blades. I like tomahawks. I like saws.
Not a fan of true axes for bushcrafting though.

Yoda says:

I think im going to buy this knife

James Cooper says:

I’ve been watching the vids on this knife and liking it more and more. There have been no edge failures yet and 8CR13MoV steel is turning out to be much better than the blade steel snobs have made it out to be. Looks like a great deal for the 50 dollar range. I would like a nice leather sheath for it though JMO

இயற்கை வாழ்க வாழ்க says:

Super good

Eli Gallegos says:

Hey tim is this made in U.S.A

Texas Outdoors says:

I had that one and sold it. I new the specs going in, but it still felt to heavy for me, even for a chopper. The balance was off for me, it should have balanced at the choil, but I dont think it did.

cyclist01222 says:

Taylor Brands just keeps getting better. Their 8cr13mov is nicely done. I have had good luck with their 7cr17 also… even some of their earlier Chinese stuff. Thanks for showing.


I had a weird 3 seconds looking at the thumbnail…With the ballcap and the peeking over the knife for a few seconds I was like “I don’t remember doing that video yet!” Oh wait….that’s not me. LOL.

My Life says:

Where can I buy this knife at?

dale carpenter says:

In America it woodsmanship

ThatOne BadKid says:

when you are chopping, to get a better bite, you want to hold the knife loosely and right when it hits the tree, thats when you tighten up your grip, you will get better bites


Chopping with your thumb on the jimping????? Why??

Jdevilist says:

It’s a tactical knife for Christ’s sake….good for FIGHTING and light chopping…if you use it for anything else your kind of a fool….lmao!

CelfBanditten says:

Is there a holster/case for it? Thx have a nice day 🙂

Ei Pi says:

55.00 ebay free del in a week

guncotton 1 says:

that blade sticks in the wood because it is a hollow grind which can be drawback but we take the good with the bad – cheers

Gilbert Jimenez says:

I recently bought this knife, and as I mentioned in a comment for PreparedMind101 I’m kinda new to prepping/hunting and outdoorsman lifestyle. I love Bowies, so this one simply could not be ignored. Same question I asked PreparedMind is how would you compare this to CRKT’s big chopper/machete knife? I spotted one at a local tactical store and again at a sporting goods store, no idea what the model number or name is though.

Ray getoutdoors says:

Need a lanyard with big choppers….wish schrade would get rid of all jimping.

doug sawyer says:

I think I’d rather have my parang


I like this model. Demmmm that’s knife for Z apocalypse LOL

Morten Trolle says:

I am gonna buy this one,o yes .

jah vaults says:

tbh honest this knife has no use . as u said if your chopping a tree use a axe. it’s no good for Bushcraft as its just to chunky to do any fine work etc…. no good as a survival knife. great looking knife thou and would be more of a show knife. might get 1 for my display cabinet 😉

Todd Creswell - Preparedness & Outdoors says:

Looks like a good “sticker” to me! I really like Bowie knives. Schrade does well with the 8cr13mov. So you feel the edge will hold up for being such a BIG blade?

Iratus Jackalope says:

Great review!  Thanks.

Jeff Russell says:

Dont forget to gather any of the fatwood in that pine 😉

Rice Villatoro says:

I much prefer the Ontario SP5, it has a quarter inch thick, 10-inch long blade, and it’s 1095 cro-van carbon steel and also very light only $10 more than the Schrade and the handle is Kraton G, making it very comfortable. I live in Canada and I can swing my SP5 all damn day it’s so light!!!

Prepper Action says:

I did a Out-of-the-box review of this one, I like this blade! It’s a Monster!

Jabroni Jinkies says:


L O R I S B says:

Crap knife! Just get an axe or saw!

JoJo says:

Not sure what the difference is in materials but which do you think is better, this or the SOG jungle primitive? Because they look close in size.

notenoughprepping says:

Very nice, i have the Schrade Schbolo and its a beast that would scare any zombie off.

wjf213 says:

Nice chopping review, but I would have liked to seen that tip get tested a little as well, or maybe that’s a part 2 video coming up??? The tip just looks a little on the flimsy side….at least in a video. Overall I do like that knife, but without a strong tip, I will like it through a computer screen and not on my belt.

Prepper Action says:

It is a beast, I just reviewed one, nice bowie!

Charles Larson says:

Good review as usual. I would probably probably soften that jimping. But as you say, I wouldn’t use it anyway when chopping. And let’s face it, this also a combat weapon….almost a Bowie version of a Gladius….(this in one hand and a shield on your other arm,…HA! >;)  If you were forced to defend yourself in an assault situation, ya pull THAT beast out and your adversary would immediately have second thoughts!

straycat1674 says:

I would love to see this compare to the Mtech Raptor.


what kind of grind is the edge?

Rick AB. says:

I really like this knife. This is a very good chopper and depends on what the needs are ax or bowie. This be my second have a mora and love it. This still can fine cut which is a plus but this i got for 1 or 2 nights out. The sheath may not be that good but GZs its 50 bucks and not 150 or more. You did a good review have seen other reviews where guys beat on it pretty good and I have also and it’s still chopping. Thanks

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