Schrade SCHF45 Bowie Style Chopper – Survival Knife

The Schrade SCHF45 is a big, full tang, Bowie style knife that would make Crocodile Dundee happy. It is versatile enough to be a one tool option or survival knife and it is very well balanced.

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Coolnicknameguy says:

Nice looking but I’d rather have the sp10 marine raider

Tall Man In The Mountains. says:

Hopefully you are not dumb enough to be throwing knives into living trees?

tristan scott says:

Hey, could you guys help me out? I have a class at Ole Miss and I have to do like a 20 question or less survey for them. It is super short and easy, I promise. Thanks everybody.

Brandon Brewer says:

why are you wearing the eagle , globe and anchor on your hat? Did you earn it?

justin estell says:

Was that an actual skunk

Jack's aquatics says:

That things is a better chopper than my hachette

tristan scott says:

I just put a patina on my schf36 this last weekend. It is much sweeter.

Neal Garvin says:

Looks like a worthy contender against the Ontario SP10 Marine Raider bowie
, and at a similar price point.

Donald Johnson says:

when your through rambling send me a free one

Maciej Pilichowski says:

Thank you for the review of the knife, but gee… there are dead branches lying on the ground, behind you is dead trunk, but no, too obvious, let’s cut some “almost” dead tree. So you cut entire tree just to DEMO the knife, fantastic. What next? Killing a (almost dead) whale just to demo new harpoon? Live the way you don’t do any harm — is this concept too hard to grasp?

Richard Anderson says:

Love your channel bro!!!

Jon says:

the drain hole isn’t really necessary , it drains pretty well , I had to clean mine after I got into some poison oak or something I was badly allergic to with mine

jabba0975 jj says:

Why not spend $15 more and get a OKC SP-10? SP-10 is much better in every way.

Wrath of Atlantis says:

Along with the Ontario SP-53, among the absolute best of the budget survival knives. SP handle may be softer on the hands.

Ez E says:

7cr…. basically 440a….u wanna Bowie get a condor bowie!

Roy Barrientos says:

I want this knife, powerful.

Jack White says:

Looks like a good knife but I’d just carry a machete or kukri for chopping.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah, I don’t think this video is because of the cookies, But we do have similar taste. I recently bought a Large Bowie. I bought it in my 2nd Ka-Bar Limited Edition. The 1st ine was the BK-20 BK-20 Bundok Bowie made out of a 1/4″ thick 1095 CroVan, it came with the BK-4 and the BK-5. The Bundok is around a 11″ Bowie. There were only 450 Kits sold and I think I bought the last kit, because I thought the price would go down, Until I realized it was selling for a real good price. Because I waited too long, I paid $250.00 for that Kit. So I didn’t wait as long I bought this kit for less. But this BK-29 Moses Bowie which is a 1/4″ shorter, but with a little stronger tip. It also came with the BK-5 which now makes my 3rd BK-5, No problemo, its discontinued and I think it will be a collectible. But it also came with a Snody SnakeCharmer, its a intergral design made out of the S35Vn and its just what I needed for a neck knife for my new bush craft trio. Anyhow the Moses Bowie l@@ks very similar to your SCHF 45 Bowie. You do have good taste.,,.

racerx8335 says:

mines on order thanx

James Noll says:

I just bought one of these and I am glad I did. now THAT’s a knife! Great demo man! oh BTW, the NEW Schrade 45’s do not come with the blade hole near the handle. It is now just a jut-out.

Osbaldo Hernandez says:

I have the same one I bought it for 30 but the blade is shiny not black

Martina Dejaquiz says:

i wanna know what you think about the following, please: does this split wood better than the SCHF52M? is this as thick of a blade as the SCHF52M? thanks thumbed you up!

Mr. Kitty says:

I like the blade design but dislike the finger grooved grip, thumb jimping and slanted pommel.

Mark R. says:

Hi Brian, Mark here i just ordered one thru your link, hope it helps and i like your knife throwing , i can throw about 1/2 the times i throw , i wish i could throw as good as you and at a pretty far distance to boot, im not that good, Thanks for the review

Uzma Aslam says:

What grind is it? Saber or hollow ?

Paul Hoon says:

In a Zombie Apocalypse, this knife would handle pretty well against both zombies and humans, right?

Rice Villatoro says:

Why don’t you do a review on the MTech Xtreme Raptor Bowie. It looks like that one but it’s bigger, stronger, and sharper! I think you will love it.

Stevan says:

Nice video. I like the knife but for the jimping and the ‘finger grooves’ in the handle. The sheath looks ok but don’t like the bottom to be that sharp and would rather have that squared off bcs that kinda knife usually rides in or on my pack. Agree with the drainage hole even though the blade is coated and made of stainless steel. Totally agree with the big finger choil on big blades.

SC bushcraft backwoods says:

which Bowie would you recommend between sch45 or the uncle Henry stag? the one with the fake handles

Dustin Gray says:

Im pretty sure schrade stole the design from the Mtech Xtreme Raptor

Victor Gee says:

So, how did this compare to the Uncle Henry 181UH?


podias haber cogido un arbol muerto

Falcon says:

Awesome review. Subed.

John Roberts says:

Want a drain hole? They’re easy to create with a small drill. I wouldn’t want one in a sheath like this because it keeps water out.

Andrew Thompson says:

can you describe more about tpe please? will it dry rot? will it melt or soften in direct sunlight? etc etc

Richard Anderson says:

How can I learn to throw a knife like that?

Steeltoe87 says:

Still recommend it?

Benjamin Tutsek says:

You make good videos man! 🙂 really really like what you’re doing.. Count on me with a tumbs up! 😀

IamNemoN01 says:



I bought this same knife, but mine doesn’t have the lanyard hold on the cross guard.

Виталий Радзиховский says:

Class knife:)

Anton Gonzales says:

Hey Brian, nice video! i just got myself an schf45, but i’m a little curious though because mine does not have that lanyard hole on the finger choil. Would you happen to have any idea why? has schrade made changes to the schf45?

christopher martin says:

great vid man, thanks

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Bryan, Yeah, It Looks like my BK-29 Moses Bowie.,,. p

Earthwooman55 spirit says:

brian i love how you handle a knife.sure like to buy me one of these

River Song says:

NowThat’s  A Knife!!! great vid.

TheLankyWoodsman says:

Great review, I will be reviewing and testing this knife this weekend!

benjamin dover says:

Better than the camp 10?

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