Schrade SCHF9 Survival Knife: $40 Well Spent!

The Schf9 is on tough blade, the 1095HC steel is great, and 1/4in. thick spine makes batoning a breeze, and the 15.9oz. makes it a good chopper. My only two complaints are that the handle is too thick and is not comfort for extended cutting casks and the sheath is low quality. Overall $40 is a great price and this thing is indestructible so I can overlook the thick handle and low quality sheath.

Spec Ops Sheath Review:

SCHF9 Link:

Spec Ops Sheath Link:


OrangeMC says:

What knife should i get if i wanna baton: SCHF37 or SCHF9 (This knife)

shcmoly says:

Budget beast!  I usually stick with the basic sheaths, but at this price it might make sense to upgrade sooner.

TopShot FiveOneFive says:

I’ve made up my mind. I’m getting one.

Jonathan Lewis says:

Good Video. I have the Becker BK2 and I love the hell out of it. I also have a Seal Pup Elite, A classic Buck and a bear grylls ultimate pro, though that one is misplaced and I will likely be getting the Shrade to replace it.

oogity-boogity woogity says:

Gideonstactical, they also make an SCHF9N that has 8Cr13MoV steel and I was wondering what the pros and cons are to that steel in comparison to 1095, so as to decide which knife to purchase.

Larry Lightle says:

does the attachment compartment on the original sheath fit the other one

Camping 4x4 Victoria says:

Let the knife swing in your hand about 45 degrees while chopping. It lets the weight of the knife actually cut.

True Blade says:

Great review! I got my SCHF9 a week ago and love it! I really like the weight and the ergo on the handle. I have large hands so it’s hard to find knives that fit me, really love the grip. Nice idea of buying a decent sheath for it, I found a company that makes Kydex sheaths to fit the SCHF9 specifically, Cleveland Kydex Co. They sell theirs for $30.00 also. Just thought I would mention it.

So for about the price of a BK7 – I’m getting a good overall 1095 camp knife and a kydex sheath that snap-fits my SCHF9. Not bad!

Michael Clark says:

How much harder does the recurve make it to sharpen?

Floshmio lll says:

Would you recommend this for slitting someone’s throat?

Wildman says:

I love mine, I keep it in my car bag all the time.

DTurtle Tadeyeske says:

Looks like a knife I need to add to my gear.

Michael Clark says:

What state are you based out of? I’ve seen the logo on those gloves before.

TurboT8er says:

I was under the impression a given type of steel is either 1) hard to sharpen and holds an edge for a long time OR 2) easy to sharpen but loses its edge quickly. Can’t see how it would be hard to sharpen and lose its edge quickly unless it’s so hard that it chips.

Atle Bjerke says:

my handle scales doesn’t fit. So my SCHF9 looks like shit

Hiker Marapese says:

Excellent vid, keep them coming.

jim finch says:

Great job on the video! I got one of these and your review really hit the nail on the head. I havent seen my sheath fail yet but am still gonna get on that link and get a spec ops one. This knife is gonna last a long while im sure.keep up the good work.

scooter says:

Looks like a good have a problem with the handle.maybe reshape it or make your own handle replacements? I have the SCHF14 and its a pretty damn good utility knife.

roman star says:

great vid , packed a ton of info in . note : if had to use the bk2/esee6/f9 to heavy duty pry the f9 wins , to me a huge factor . becker imo messed up when they skeletonized tang and weakend it as a pry bar ! also , do you think theres something such as a waterproofing spray or maybe wax to apply to sheath to make the nylon material longer lasting / tougher ? schrade has a excellent item going here , ide love seeing this steel/grind/thickness in a bk7 combat version with bk like handle

Country Prepper says:

Hopefully on my channel I can get to the level of trust that I see people have in your reviews. I’m very impressed! I agree about the 1095 over the chinese stainless and for the price point you just can’t go wrong. Looks like I better buy one before Schrade phases this model out. I’m still learning about knives (even though I’ve been training in wilderness survival for several years) so you just got a new subscriber!

Tommy Livingston says:

If I paid 30 dollars for a sheath to use on a 40 dollar knife I’d want the pocket to put spare ferro rods. Just saying.

Max Schaerer says:

The handle scales are actually TPE

jusfuknwidya says:

It costs $7 to send the same weight of this knife to USA yet USA charge over $20 to send this to AUS. Some places want almost $40 is S&H fees. To me that screams profiteering rip off American scum bags. Don’t buy USA if you live in AUS. Buy something Chinese or Australian. The steel in the Schrade knives is Chinese anyway guys. Don’t waste your money giving it to worthless pieces of shit that just want to make extra $$ off of you unless you want to pay almost $68 Aus for something worth only $45 Aus.

FaZe_ USMC says:

Should I get it for bushcraft

Brad Jackson says:

This better then the 42 and 42d?

colin shore says:

I bought it and love it although it is still not as good as my bk2 or tops bob.  great for the money though

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