Schrade Survival Knife Comparison

Schrade Knives have been on the market for a while now, but more recently people have been looking to Schrade for lower-cost but high-value full tang, fixed blade survival knives. In this video we are looking at 4 different knives from Schrade and talking about the ups and down of the knives (and sheaths). Check it out. Individual knife review links are also below.






Silver Cabin says:

I just purchased the SCHF10 today but I may switch out the sheath with a Spec-Ops sheath. Out of these four I liked it the best also.

county sheepdog says:

Good video. I’m becoming a fan a schrade as well.

MrKelso159 says:

Great review. I have the older f9 with the 1095 steel and love it, but don’t use it much because it’s a little to big. I wanted the f10 but don’t like the micarta handles they are to fragile and break. I don’t chop or baton with a knife so they would probably last so I got the f26 which is the f10 with the rubber handles of the f9 and really love it. I’m thinking of getting the f14 for even smaller jobs. Thanks for the review. Good job ! 

brkel says:

I was deciding between SCHF9 and SCHF10 and I have to say I dont like the balance of 10, because its weighted more on the back of the knife (wft?). They both weight the same. Also, you can detach the pocket on the sheat of SCHF9 and it has thicker blade tip. Overall, yes, SCHF10 is smaller, but I would fear for the tip. For batoning and chopping, the SCHF9 is the winner and you get better sheath, which will be the only difference in weight. 
Size – thats a different story. It matters for me the same as the weight. 
But you can guess which i ended up with…

It would be nice to hear this about all the knives from the video…

Lloyd Christmas says:

Killer review, well done!

Plamen Dobrev says:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! This SCHF13 is screaming at me to buy it!

ANCHOR440 says:

The f9N, besides being stainless, is hollow ground whereas the f9 is saber hound. Excellent reviews. Thank you for your great videos. They always help.

Gyuri Sirb says:

thanks for sharing

SupermanBB says:

Great review. Schrade is making knives of great value. I’m leaning toward the schf10 myself

Groosome128 says:

16:45 I’m just browsing around this topic, certainly a newbie but the Schrade site says the SCHF9N is 8Cr13MoV stainless too. I gather the SCHF9 is 1095.

Outdoor Wanderer says:

Great vid! Schrade has really stepped it up as of late. I have the Schf14 (just a different handle than the 13) and after a bit of sharpening, has been a good knife. I really really like the look of the Schf10 and would like to get one, but I am alway hesitate of a recurve blade..just simply due to my limited sharpening skills. Again, great video.

GrasDeRost says:

My favorite amongs the shwowed knives is the SCHF10.

MasterK9Trainer says:

I understand according to a video on Knife Center’s website, the SCHF10 has been discontinued. And it’s selling for $25 and for same on Amazon as well. I have purchased other knives and wasn’t even aware that they were out of production nor did the price suddenly drop. I hate to see it go, but hope they at least continue to sell it, so to speak, as the SCHF26. I may buy another one as an extra.

David Rogers says:

Excellent Review! Concise n relevant!

Mr. Quiltworth says:

File the spine down so you don’t have to wreck the blade when you strike

Vas Vaskel says:

Nice, in-depth, well thought-out video. Thanks!

You may wish to consider some corrections and/or points that you missed!…

1> you neglected to mention that the accessory pouch on the SCHF9N sheath is removable, and that the sheath itself, is also MOLLE compatible.

2> the video has a “correction” that states the SCHF9N… “used to be called the SCHF9″… WRONG! The SCHF9 was/is the original “Griffin Design” blade, made of 1095 High-Carbon steel, with a ‘sabre-grind.’ The SCHF9N is the same blade profile, but made of 8CR Stainless, with a ‘hollow-grind.’ Other than appearance, these two blades are completely different!

3> you mentioned early (and often) in the video, that the nylon sheaths were “floppy.” That may very well be true… but only when the blade is not in them! Take into consideration, that the SCHF9/SCHF9N is 1/4″ wide… not many things you can strap around your waist are going to be more rigid!(sic)

Chimera Aretina says:

I have SCHF10, 9 and 14 (same as 13).
The handle material of the SCHF9 is really bad.
Nothing really other bad things about the others and they have good blades.

MasterK9Trainer says:

Hey man, I finally used a long held gift card and bought some blades. I couldn’t choose, but based on your videos more so than most, I now have the SCHF10 and the SCHF9 and I have to say the SCHF10 is a DAMN good looking knife and the SCHF9 is a real beast and both actually appear to be a quarter of an inch thick. I find both grips to be great and the SCHF9 fits my large hands perfectly… your assessments have been right on the money and despite our personal preferences or physical impressions I agree with your reviews and they’re truly helpful for people like myself who don’t have well stocked stores nearby.

trebor8171 says:

Great review but I couldn’t force myself to buy China junk.. All of these knives are made in China.

Todd Klekotka says:

The Schf9 ( Not the N model but the 1095) is a real beast. I split some big cottonwood logs with it, and cottonwood is very twisty and hard. At one point I used a hammer as my baton after my other broke and wanted to see how much the f9 can take. After some really hard whacks, the spine only had a very small chip where the hammer hit more towards the edge of the spine. This knife is very stuff and forthwith money, it definitely competes with your higher end blades.

CornerTalker says:

How’s that tpe handle feel on the bare hand? Could it feel rubbery and sticky-gross on a hot summer day? This unknown has prevented me from ordering on online.

opichocal says:

Great videos! Keep up the hard work! You’re a good dude

Scott Bowers says:

the schf9 uses 1095 high carbon steel (the best imho) the”N”model uses high carbon STAINLESS  does not rust but does not hold an edge as well….again just my opinion….. the difference is the steel.i use oil on my guns and just use a dab from time to time on my blades.

TrueBladeI says:

You mean the SCHF26 is the same as the F10 not the F36. Also I agree with you that the F13 is a great small blade for better control and general utility tasks, but the one thing against it is that I can not get it as sharp as I want. I’m thinking of taking it to be re-profiled.

Another thing I wanted to post about these knives. After some very minor modifications – mainly grinding off that horrible gimping and bump on the handles of the F10 – F26 handle design, the F26 and the F37 have become my favorite beater knives that I have used and loved to death. As far as toughness goes my F26 and F37 have never let me down, both are .23 to .25 inches think and are beasts with chopping tasks.

ArmyStinger150 says:

The SCHF10 has impressed me so far…but the sheath is quite sub-standard, but not totally useless. I will have to work with it to see if I can make it more useful. Great knife though.

Jay Barr says:

I have the SCHF10 (and the 26 which has the rubber TPE handle), as well as the 13. The 26/10 are my absolute favorite survival blades and one goes w/ me when we’re quading in remote areas in S. America. Given the humid muddy environment, I think the stainless steel is a must and the heat treatment they use on it makes it hold an edge just fine for field use. I keep a small pull-thru sharpener in the sheath pocket which doesn’t get it back to shaving sharp (unlike my ceramic rods with a strop or my Worksharp), but still gives me a good field-use edge. I love the 13 too and keep that w/ my day-hike pack. Does everything I ask it to – which is plenty, and it could easily be my primary go-to blade if I didn’t already have the others. It’s smaller, but big enough. BTW: there is a mini-version of the 13, a great little neck knife called the SCHF13SM which retails under $20 and is awesome too. At the price point these blades have, I don’t think they can be beat. I prefer my 10/26 to my BK22, although the sheath is just enough to get the job done. They are rugged, effective, dependable, and look cool as heck.

David Davidson says:

I believe the 9N is not 1095 but the 9 is.

ud45 says:

I’ve got the 9 currently. It is massive. The value Schrade put into this knife demands the small investment.  I don’t have extra large hands so it is a little oversize in the handle. I might try to narrow it a bit. If you have extra large paws, this knife will make you wonder why those little puny blades exist. Nice vid, I do plan on purchasing more Schrade knives.

MatoNupai says:

Everyday tactical:

Both the 9 (1095), and the 9n (8cr13mov) are available on Amazon today.

DougFLA123 says:

Do you have a review of the SCHF36M? Do you prefer the SCHF10 over the SCHF36M?

MyNameIsNotZach says:

I have the schf36m and I personally love it! The handle provides amazing grip, the blade has a kind of a gritty texture on it, and it is sharp as hell, actually bit me the other day, barely touched the edge and it sliced me, the sheath is nylon its disappointing, but I’m going to make a kydex sheath for it….but it came with a sharpening stone and a neat ferro rod and striker!

Ivan Quin says:

Well done review. thanks.

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