SHTF: The Best Budget Survival Knife

Sensible Survival Presents: “The Best Budget Survival Knife” There are a bazillion survival knifes on the market that are excellent quality and the price reflects it. But if you are on a tight budget, and who isn’t, check out the AK47 Bayonet. From $8 – $15, it’s a fantastic option.

Quality Steel Blade
Sturdy Sheath
Cutting, Piercing, Stabbing, Digging
Wire cutters
Insulated for cutting electric fences
Saw Teeth for cutting
Steel pommel for field hammer
Bayonet for AK47

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00


Swedish_Vikings says:

Can’t wait until i get my m9 bayonet

Vanilla Guerilla says:

Old bayonets are the way to go

BladeObsession says:

I just got an East German bayonet from Amazon which looks almost like your black one. I had one many years ago andtraded it. Ive always wanted another one. These are good unusual survival implements.

Hector Lopez says:

they’re worth more now 2018 paid 40$ for a bulgarian and 26$ for a yugo bayonet. paid more for the bulgarian because it has bakelite handle and sheath plus its a circle 10.

Tim Bolt says:

were can i get some cheep bayonets

2ndslaustas says:

you broke that knife

Kevin Golden says:

That first one the TNP broke it

miloš tadić says:

I own two Yugoslav AK-47 bayonets.One is dads and the other of my uncle,and bought of those are in my room so even better when you dont pay them.Here in Serbia its $10-$15 USD

Missouri patriot says:

ya a scharde is better deal 20 to 30 with sheath sharp firestartyer sharpner

Matej Velican says:

I bet Boris approves.

Dutchsurvivor says:

You forgot to mention the bottle opener on the sheath

Kipper White says:

GreaT Video still wanna Glcok knife & Shovel 4 oldest G/son who reads every glock info he can find! Agree AK’s-they R good knifes but they aren’t a Glock LoL 😉

TheSingleAss says:

Sootch, I am 16 and I don’t have that much money, I have been looking around the internet and I can’t find bayonets cheaper than 30 dollars which is a lot in Bulgarian money, so I was wondering if the site you bought yours is still functioning?

Urnext PLS says:

Use the modern day M9 bayonet it has the same design and the sheath has wire cutters

doug bulldog says:

sneaky commie bastards but is it better than a Kill Bear…probably?

Veteranmac 88 says:

They are actually AKM bayonets the ak47 bayonet Has the U-shaped on the back to go around the barrel

Moritz B. says:


derpy Mcderp says:

And bottle openr

Adrian I. says:

This is the romanian model. Cost 60€ new and 20 second hand

Lias says:

Where can I get one of these?

SimbaOS says:

Be aware! This is a bayonet, not a knife. I don’t know what kind of steel it’s made of, but it’s very brittle and it snap easily. And it can’t be sharpen well. To get it razor sharp is mission impossible.

cjkatbruno says:

well I bought a 15 dollar nice knife  with carbon steel blade 3.2mm thick life time warranty.. half the price of a bayonet

Dave Perala says:

Just got a Polish one off E-bay, 16 dollars. Been needing a good knife for the bug out bag.

IBennx77I says:

usa sux

the pacifist pro says:

Romanian bayonets 13 dollars on amazon right now

derpy Mcderp says:

For any one is America a good alternative bayonet runs about 20-40 bucks

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