StatGear Survival Knife: Field Test, Fire, Fishing, and More

Gotta keep it real – when I first got this knife I thought, “Is this a Bear Grylls 2.0?” But after using it for a while, I can say a few things – 1.) It’s help up nicely – no major issues, 2.) I like the features included in the knife/sheath (though I’d make a few modifications if I had my way), and 3.) For the price point, I think you’ll be happy with it if you are looking for an intro-to-the-outdoors kind of knife. Will it stand the abuse a BK2 from Ka-Bar would? Doubt it. But it’s not built for that. Enjoy the video.

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StatGear Surviv-Al Knife:

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Woodlands North says:

Nice survival Knife, seems well made and decently priced. Wasn’t that second fish a pike?

Thrifty Survivor says:

Can you get replacements for the ferro rod?

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Tim, It sort of reminds me of a Knife I used today. It was a rainy day so I brought out a stainless combo. I took my Steel Will combo, my Druid 240 and my Druid 230, I sort of use my Druid 230 to do some lite clearing. I also like longer knives to baton with if needed. Lately I’ve seen quite a few knives coming out that sort of L@@K like that. Even my Mora Garberg sort of L, L@@Ks a little like that. But F. Y. I. the steel on my Steel Will Knives is the 9Cr18MoV which is close to 440c, but a little better than 440b.Yeah, a notch bellow 440c. I had a good time. I had to build a quick shelter, But then it stopped raining go figure, heh heh heh.,,. p

Bri w says:

that reminds me so much of the bear grylls ultimate pro series 1. the hanger attachment, firesteel upside down. handle shape and exposed blade for striker. the paracord clip is a well known mod for the ultimate pro. if it works like the pro series 2 tho it will be a good knife to keep

Tracker Who? says:


Diego Marroquin says:

It’ the Ganzo G 801

bigguns951 says:

Ganzo knife company has the same design with their name on the handle. Maybe the original manufacturers. Amazon for 21.00 bucks. Good knives aren’t cheap and cheap knives aren’t good you get what you pay for!….

booshwaa2 says:

looks like the bear grylls ultimate survival knife.

Bush Camping Tools says:

Nice review. I subbed too. Nice spot to fish too BTLOI.

WhosThatGuy says:

For 50 bucks or under you can do alot better.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

You proved it to us that a properly tempered 440a can be a good knife, I have a Puma Warden with a Saw Lockback in 440a steel, and it’s got a very keen sharp edge and easy to sharpen, and it became part of my lite carry especially in the summer.

pomat320 says:

That strap cutter look like a sharpener

dale carpenter says:

the strp cutter looks more like a sharpener .reminds me of the bear grylls (elephelump poop sucker )

Bos Maaier says:

I am pretty sure it is from de Ganzo 8 series.

Bill Halliwell says:

Good vid but bad knife. 440 is to be avoided. 440C is good; 440 is bad; it doesn’t sharpen well, looses any edge quickly and is prone to failing. 440 is used in thousands of cheapo Chinese manufactured knives that usually have a much lower price point. Widely used in Chinese knock-offs of well known brands. Just to cap it off it’s got a rod tang. Not worth bothering with; many much better knives out there.

Gruggs says:

440c just sucks if this was 1095 or something of more quality i buy this in a heartbeat. good design.

Bush Camping Tools says:

Where did the bricks come from??

daicamping com says:

wow,so cool

otrebor zedalav says:

I bought a Chinese knife exactly like yours and it is called the Ganzo survival knife. The pommel (bolt) at the end of the handle you can unscrew it and remove the handle to add a different color handle or replace if broken. It is a good looking knife and by your testing it holds pretty good. I hate to say this but I bought mine for $21.00 anyway, Thank you for your cool video.

Broseph Russell says:

nice video

Yo Adrian says:

So it’s a copy of a the bear grylls knife. I’m not sure why you’d want that, but oh well…

real metis says:

lol i know im just saying what you call pickerel we call pike

Lukas Thoel says:

I got this knife as a gift, and the ferrous rod fell out while in use, however a quick fix, just tie some twine to it and attach it to the sheath

jelkel25 says:

I don’t know. Those knives that put so many things into a plastic sheath make me less than comfortable. I’ve seen so many plastic things shatter in a Canadian winter. I’d imagine Mora has the experience to use the plastic that would be fine in the cold for their outdoor knife sheaths. Maybe the knife would be fine, I’ve gone out with worse looking things, the sheath, I don’t trust.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Tim isn’t that the Ganzo # 801, I think it is.


lol looks like a fake gerber bear grylls ultimate survival knife
almost same handle, blade and sheath, but made out of a worse steel.
Ppl who like the gerber bear grylls but not the orange BG on it would buy this

Airik1111 says:

That is the bear grills knife just with another name on it and a few tweaks what a silly pummel.

real metis says:

oh and dont forget the walleye lol

Snipes 32 says:

looks like a Gerber

MrElcangri009 says:

You can get this for the next 3 days at for $28.99 before tax and shipping.

real metis says:

here in canada we call it pike not pickerel just saying

Robert Robinson says:

I just ordered this knife and I wondered how it would hold up in the outdoors. Great video. A very through test of this knife.

Jason R says:

i might have missed this, but is it full tang?
and a thought.. you could always thread different things into where that pommel is. maybe a bigger pommel or even a loop to tie fishing line too. who knows, seems like a nice knife. i might get one for my friend so he can have a knife when i use my SOG seal strike

Rahmi Acar says:

So stupid this whole thing you guys got going in America.. Everything is corporate.. But there is a huge missconseption going on, because there never was a need for a tactical knife in the woodlands… If you need more than a knife, bring an axe maybe a saw. If you ever feel the need to beat on the back of your knife, well then you need another tool! Looks so damn silly beating the shit out of that tiny little plastic/metal thingy.

Go get a Mora Bushcraft, it will take care of all your knife needs, and it doesn’t look remotely as silly.

MrLeonidas0001 says:

Nice catches of fish there 🙂 Decent knife for the money. I like the cutter on the sheath btw – I hope to see that on survival sheaths more in the future. Cool video man.

Andrew Shaw says:

Man I love your vids, solid stuff.

Wildman says:

awesome dude

bill R says:

Knife appears to be junk possibly from the same factory as the BG crap. Much better options out there for $45-$50

Randy Yeager says:

this is made by Ganzo,….exact same knife with a different name on it…only difference is the paracord bracelet…… check out this vid:

Plastic Apple says:

My wife has this knife and loves it.  Excellent video!  Just subscribed!

James Ritchie says:

Just 440?  In other words, it’s not really 440 at all, it’s the same approximation steel that China makes when a manufacturer  wants cheap steel for a knife they can charge too much for.  If there isn’t a letter, either A or C, after the 440, it’s the cheapest steel China makes, and not worth the price, unless it’s free.  I wouldn’t beat any knife with a club, but I sure wouldn’t beat that one.  It will most certainly shatter just when you need it most.  Seriously, you do know what Chinese 440 stainless is, don’t you?  Running tests like this on it is as pointless as running a smell test on a turd.

Kj Jensen says:

Looks just like a gerber

Enlowra says:

I know you said full tang, do you know what kind of tang? I mean is it as wide as the grip or is it more of a stick tang style? You are the only Youtuber I found with this video lol

real metis says:

you call pike….pickerel

ogarzabello says:

If you buy the knife with the StatGear logo it costs $45 USD
but if you buy it with the manufacturer’s logo, GANZO, it’s only $22 USD
what a rip off!

FishEyeGuy Outdoors says:

Nice review. I’m thinking of getting one

mister smith says:

440, or 440C? Please reply. Thank you.

MasA says:

Honestly I refuse to buy any bladed tool that’s stainless steel (especially if untreated/unhardened). It will certainly NOT “survive all”. Rat-tail tang also is a very poor design and can be quite dangerous.

The honest truth is for any knife to be called a “survival” knife, it should merit that you can trust your life with it in a survival situation, pretty much indefinitely, which means being made of proper steel and proper tang/construction to be able to withstand whatever pressures it would face in a real survival situation.

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