Steel Will Roamer: D2 Steel & Solid Construction | Survival Knife, Camping Knife

The Steel Will Roamer jumped out to me at Shot Show 2017, and so I was eager to check it out. This knife is a solidly-built knife for camping, woodcraft, and even survival. The sheath is fine and gets the job done, and overall for less than $80, I think you’re getting a solid blade. Check it out!

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TMZ_ Chocolate says:

This knife is so cool and so was the vid keep it up

TimbrWolf 22 says:

Looks really nice, thanks.

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

Cool knife. The sheath is like the Cold Steel Recon. (It’s sitting here in front of me is how I realized that). Thanks for the review!

Mr. Shlock says:

Made In China. I confess I have a couple of those improved Schrades made there too, but they were less expensive with Micarta handles and for giggles. I passed on a Druid for the same reason — my reliance on anything made in China is as little as it must be. The Democrats didn’t win in 2016 so I still have choices in knives thank goodness…

WarGrrl3 says:

Can’t believe a Steel Will at such a great price. Like d2 a lot. Great vid thank you.

David Mm says:

I read somewhere that D2 steel can be difficult to get a fine edge on it when sharpening. Any experience with sharpening it yet?

JS Krawz says:

Seems like a good value for $68… Esee-6 is $140…

James Roark says:

very good blade thanks for the video

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

It looks almost identical to the SCHF52. As long as the D2 is heat treated with a mind toward toughness it should be a good performer.

Jason’s underwater steak shop says:

Tim, I think you are a really cool dude

csh 62 says:

When I first saw it I thought of the Schrade SCH F37. It has the TPE grip, choil, size, color and shape of the F37. It is a good looking knife and I am sure it will perform. It’s a natural for batoning. Thanks for bringing it to us.

Rick Fisher says:

I might buy one! I bought a buck in that size so as soon as I shield test it I’ll decide is I should spend triple on the steel will.

James Murphy says:

Nice kniife! D2 hard to sharped and to get and keep an edge. I own a steel will with D2 and love it.

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Tim!

Practical Life Television says:

It does remind me of a Schrade.

Steve Smith says:

I like it. I saw them when they were first shown at Shot Show, and was interested in seeing them in action. I’d like to get the 5″ version and try it out.

jonathan lawton says:

its $67 on


Sweet knife brother great video as well.

David Barclay says:

I love your videos. Have you ever tried batonning at an angle from three or four points to get through instead of chopping? It’s four hits with no anger to the blade. I know people want to see that stuff but there is a better way.


Brian Follett says:

How is the factory edge bevel ? I bought a few Steel Will Argonaut’s , the 800 and 801 I think , they are similar to an SRK, the edge on the knifes was horrible , I mean really screwd up bad, 15° on one side and 35° on the other , and it wasn’t a fluke , because I sent the knives back and the two new ones had the same exact crappy edge . These knives look just like the Schrade SCH37 and SCH52 .I’ve noticed STEEL WILL does copy other knives , if you take the 3.5 inch Cut Jack and drop it on top of the very popular Cold Steel Am.Lawman the knives are 90% exactly the same, Steel Will just rounded the corners and usef different materials , but the design is there, I can’t believe no one else noticed this stuff. Also the sheath on this knife and the ones on the Argonaut’s are almost identical to the SRK’s. Are they Theives or What ?

Agnos Jr. says:

Awesome, thank you for sharing.

N English says:

Very Schrade reminiscent blade shape but nice just the same, and good price too.

brian hammond says:

had the 300 for about 3 months i like it .mulity purpuse good price d2 works for me

Woodland Tactical says:

Steel Will rocking it as always

Rick C says:

Very good review, Tim. Thanks for showing us that good bang for the buck blade! I have an OKC Model 1 in D2 steel and like it a lot.

ShooterMedic says:

What is the heat treatment on these?

Charles Collier says:

Thanks Tim; I’ve been keeping an eye out for reviews of this for a while. I like the TPE handles, which seemed similar to the material on my Argonaut – very comfortable. I also think the sheath is like the Argonaut sheath, meaning that it doesn’t make an audible click, but kind of sucks into place, but has VERY secure retention. You’ve confirmed what I hoped about the versatility and comfort of it in use. My only outstanding question was the durability of the D2, which in some other brands has not fared well in larger blades – chipping issues – but given that you chopped frozen wood with no problems, it seems Steel Will has got the heat treatment figured out.

bkdesignr says:

I really like what SW is doing. I got the Druid 240 for Xmas and it’s a beast. Didn’t know much about the steel (9Cr18MoV) but it’s performed well. I’ll probably pick up this Roamer soon as the D2 looks like a thumper. Thanks man, great review.

Vlad S says:

ll this crap makes me buy more n more knives

thegearguysblog says:

Awesome video – beautiful knife

Dalton Vann says:

That feather stick though…

sawdust 69 says:

hey everyone has this knife on sale right now for 32.99!!!!

Joel Ohms says:

I like your channel,and your reviews, but feather sticking isn’t really “fine”work.If you want to show the capabilities of a knife, do a “try stick “.That’ll show a knifes abilities.

Michele Trekkning says:

Hi, I wanted to ask you if it’s easy enough to sharpen this D2 steel? is it much more difficult than a 440C?

Mike C. says:

Really nice knife and its affordable too i am still looking at the BK 7 and the Gerber strong arm but this is a very nice knife

Robert lewko says:

I intend to get into some bush craft this spring when the weather gets a little warmer. I think my climate is a little colder and much drier (Alberta about an hour from the Rocky Mountains).

I have a light hatchet for chopping, a BK-2 for stuff like light chopping and heavy work and a morakniv heavy duty for light work and stuff like cleaning fish. I also have 2 – 6″x1/2″ ferocerium rods. For getting started with fire and my cutting implements have I got things covered?

Brian Follett says:

I love the knife , it looks like a s Schrade Schf52 with a Cold Steel Secure X sheath.

Jan van den Bos says:

Very nice revieuw Tim ,very good knife, only thing I don’t like is the steel quality, I like more aus 8 steel !

Average Joe says:

I love the look of the knife and the feel of the handle. I purchased one a few days ago, along with a Cut Jack.
One thing to be aware of is that the knife blade is about 1/2 inch longer than the advertised length. This was a problem for me because I bought the 5.5 inch blade (max legal length in Texas) but depending on how its measured, if you go from the tip to the handle, it’s 6” (illegal). It would depend on who was measuring it.

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