Survival Excellence: Dark Timber Grizzly Knife Review

Having something handmade to your specifications is an amazing thing. Add to that a level of art and attention to detail and you have a handmade Dark Timber Knife. In this video, I hope to introduce you to Dark Timber and show you what is being produced.


sem dijkstra says:

Best review ever

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Aaron, Simply TiT’s, Beautiful right up my alley, You did get a Saber Grind right ? I just got a new knife that I’m practicing of using it as a One Tool Option. You know me I luv my Choils. I don’t like exotic knives, I keep it simple since most of my knives are I don’t have to adjust to knives that much them, My Rodent 7 is very similar to my new Ratweiler, But I don’t take another chopper when I take my Ratweiler the handles are different but very comfortable regardless which I take out. I teamed my Rodent Solution with my Ratweiler and the Rodent 4 with my Rodent 7 and usually I will also take an Axe and saw with that combo, But the Ratweiler is a little deeper so it’s just a little heavier so I just team it with my Solution and a saw. The steel are similar, SR101 is similar to the 5160 but with more carbon. But I luv the design of your Grizzly. Enjoy and good luck with your Dark Timber Grizzly. Very nice.

Reid Tobin says:

looked at the esee 6. nice! but then I looked at this. I’ll be saving my pennies. beautiful! great video. thanks for your input on your top picks. might not have found the right one.

Charles P says:

Was kind of looking forward to the extreme test you put the Tops Silent Hero knife though but didn’t see it. It is a good looking knife but I was hoping to see some similar tests like picking at wood with the tip to test for strength in the steel, etc.

Patrick Germond says:

Idk, I like the Bark River version more I think

Martin Ilievski says:


Ken M says:

Did you test the Dark Timber 1911?

Dave Zito says:


Nick Kall says:

Beautiful knife by the way. And sorry I just watched it again and saw the blade length.

Adventures with Frodo says:

thought you didn’t like neck knives. mountain men had a more butcher like knife.

sem dijkstra says:

which srate do you live in?

stu brennan says:

glad you finally got your “red Ferrari ” Brother …lol…keep up the great work. …

David Rogers says:

Music is distracting

William Russell says:

dark timber knives are terrible the design is flawed on many levels and they break under pressure simply put terrible knife!

Woodland Tactical says:

So this is no better than my Junglas?

Ryan Caiazza says:

You have to email him to order? I would like to get a bushcraft one

Nick Kall says:

Hey brother how long is the blade. I checked on the website and it said between 5 and 7 inches but yours looks a bit longer.

ScoutsOut says:


Jarrod Harvey says:

Having issues viewing the Dark Timber site.

American Dissent says:

Thumbs up if you scored one in today’s drop, on Pete’s birthday! I missed out, but I know many scored

Knifeoholic Dad says:

Pete’s knives are definitely a work of art. I’m still trying to get in touch with him. I want one sooooo bad! Really like your videos Gideon! Very informative. Thanks!

Bluegrass Survival says:

No offense but I don’t see the reason to do a review on this knife considering the availability is non-existent. Hell even his production stuff is sold out like the Honey Badger ect. Guess what I’m saying is why show these awesome blades off to get people excited and worked up when you cannot even get your hands on one for months or years down the road? SMH.

STARFLAME333 says:


Ryan Jaynes says:

Hmm, how much does this backpacker’s knife weigh?

B★RS says:

That Knife is so cool! Awesome video as always also can you please share with me the brand of your backpack!?

Ryan Caiazza says:

Outstanding knife and sheath setup. Beautiful I mean wow

Texas Outdoors says:

I love Yellow Hawk, but a Grizzly just begs for Leather. By the way, have you planned a hunting trip with Peter? I would still love to see you get into hunting. You really dont know what your missing.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Aaron, I don’t cut into your video with a knife your reviewing on purpose . But I just used a knife and ordered mine,, I basically do what you do in the bush. The knife and I alway’ss wanted one, But I got the Fox Hitam Golok instead. But I had to have a Fox Bushcraft Parang, Yeah it look’s tactical, But it also has bushcraft and parang in it’s name. For sure, I like around a 7″ blade fir my survival knife, But then it has a managable 6″ cutting edge . It’s not too heavy and comes with a survival tin that you can attach to the sheath, almost a complete package, Yeah, I’m sure you can dig with it too, It’s lite on chopping but on the smaller stuff no problem, The steel is N690Co. Yeah, check it out. ,, .

Gabe Humphries says:

Beautiful looking work of useful practical art. Great video!

FSG says:

That knife is wow! I love your version of the Grizzly Aaron. Good job on the vid and I really want Peter to make me one now, gotta start saving.

Tom Anderson says:

I’m saving now, but I don’t know how to order I’ve never ordered anything with a computer , I’ll learn. I tried when the Dark Timber 3 v Grizzly came out but I wasn’t fast enough! I wish I could just pre order by phone or texting .

Roger Selsø says:

i not only liked the knife but i also loved the video !

STARFLAME333 says:

Hello,Where is the Info for Dave??? I need his HELP!!! Thank You

Spencer Jordan says:

Can you do a comparison with one of the larger GSO knives from survive? Maybe the GSO ten?

John Ajac says:

I don’t doubt the quality of craftsmanship and design of those knives, but I’d consider it a grievous mistake to omit a saw in a backpacking trip just because I had a Dark Timber. Sometimes we just can’t get away from tool specific necessity.

WarGrrl3 says:

Dark Timber never disappoints, would love to see this knife up against the Dulo Viking Knife and another hardcore Mad Max semi custom knife. The Dulo Viking knife is off the hook w A8mod steel, truly a beast just like the DarkTimber. Love the customizability. Dulo has that as well.

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