Survival knife designed by the ultimate survival guru. Michael Sanderson, AKA The Roach.

Survival knife designed by the ultimate survival guru. Meet Michael Sanderson, AKA The Roach.

Meet Michael Sanderson, AKA The Roach. He is a survival expert who has appeared on TV in many countries. Ex British Army Special Forces, he is a well known exponent of self reliance, preparedness and survival techniques. I spent a day with him being taught some interesting techniques of handling knives, and in this video talks me through his ultimate survival, do-everything knife and blade. Other videos we made this day was lighting fires with home-made firelighters and flints. He also showed me his budget Land Rover Discovery, and how this vehicle has been built up on a budget. It proves that it can be done with minimal expense. Even the roof tent is homemade.
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Don Hall says:

where can you buy it

bill says:

sorry..thats a short sword..a roman gladius is smaller i think

Anthony King says:

Sorry, but it just doesn’t make sense, where this knife is kept say at home wouldn’t it be better to to have a bug out bag with more appropriate tools, leave the scrap metal behind and grab the bug out bag buddy, you could have an axe and a small filleting knife, scalpels ect, and a heap more useful stuff.

Randall Flagg says:

Show us how you can carve a needle and net gauge or small teaspoon with your one tool option? With the conveyance you have you should be going tool heavy

Robert torrence says:

I need a knife like that


Great design, mines very similar.

curlywolfone says:

I’ve got 40 years in the bush, if anything happens, I’d want to be around everyone that calls themselves an expert.

nuthn2do says:

Ultimate survival guru? Seriously a prepper?

Tonchy Shultz says:

Very nice Knife and video too..This knife can kill elephant, not just cutting tree ..I like to have one but there isn’t close for this one..! Ok ..! 🙂

Average Joe says:

Neat knife. My only problem is that that blade length is illegal in Texas. I am guessing you are talking about a end of the world type of situation.

Around The Cabin says:

He learned everything from Chris Caine.

สาระไม่มี อารมณ์ดีไปวันๆ says:

how is the price in oversea ? ( thailand )

needsomehike says:

whats the blade? what steel?

Derek Davies says:

one tool option.
terava scrama. theres a well thought out blade. check it out people.

Brad Barber says:

Can I purchase one for myself ?

lyfs avor says:

Now that’s a knife! Great video Roach, thumbs up. Looks a little like a Kershaw Camp 10.

Mike Magnum says:

Sound doctrine. I too, am a big knife guy! I’m not one these “elitist” bush-craft guys who is anal about knives being specific to “bush-craft”. The truth of the matter is, practically any knife that you have in a situation that pits you against the elements is going to be up to the task if you have been any kind of Woodsman for any length of time at all. Those of us who can carry a large knife and conduct our activities with one rarely complain. As a matter of everyday carry, I always have a Buck 301 in my pocket, so I have plenty of blade options available and don’t feel at any disadvantage if the 301 is all I have at a given time. Tool use and survival is all a state of mind, not the state of technology that many of these modern day “bush-crafters” would have you believe…. Big knife guys, carry on, you got it right.

shovelhead8 says:

One knife to rule them all? Thank you for the video

สาระไม่มี อารมณ์ดีไปวันๆ says:

i Like this knife it big and usable

Derek Davies says:

so whats it made of..
thought some specs were coming but never eventually

Cuttle Fish says:

You lose a tonne of efficiency with these “does it all” types of tools.

It’s much better to have a single, very effective tool for each situation.

So instead of trying to cut down a tree with my knife, I’d just bring a small folding saw. It does the job a lot better, and is very purpose built.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, No Offense. But alot of us know that a Busse Combat is a Tough Survival Knife. Infact when I use to belong to KnifeTest Forum, I seen Nose do a Destruction Test on a Battle Mistress. Right and then, I knew I wanted one. But the only Battle Mistress that was available was the Anniversary Straight Handle Battle Mistress a 11″ blade and a 1/4″ thick chunk of INFI Steel. So I got the Limited Edition. It’s a Beaut. But just today Santa in his Brown Truck brought me my second B M. It completes my Ergo Handle Series. I now have the Badger Attack Ergo, and the Steel Heart Ergo. It’s called the Ergo Battle Mistress. What impressed me was its only a 9 1/2″ blade and a 1;4″ thick, So it promises to still be a pretty good chopper, but more manageable. I have to Thanx You. I started using that long lanyard technique of yours with great success, Thanx You. But yeah, My new toy will be made into a Piggyback Carry with my other two Ergo’s. The B A E with the E B M or the B A E with the S H E. either I think will be great. The S H E is still a great Survival Knife listed at 7 1/2″ blade, But mine is a solid 7 3/4″ blade. I had them profile a thinner apex on the edge. So their good cutters. Anyhow Thanx You for that great tip.,,.

Rockford Beretta says:

Awesome knife.

Hayden Andis says:

where can you a knife like that

Jay Thompson says:

while I don’t agree with the “one knife” ideology, that knife is a beautiful, beautiful piece of work.

mick skinner says:

Oh dear trying to get one over Chris boy Caine, no chance!

Daniel Gomez says:

That is one impressive method of using a knife.

Eric Olmstead says:

This is exactly how I use the tip of my BK9.

Neanderthal Outdoors says:

” ultimate survival guru ” behave !!! and that knife is way too big and over the top as a survival knife, he’s a gimmick, a gadget man, the ONLY thing you need in a survival situation is the brain full of knowledge in your head and common sense, anything else is a pure luxury.

chris chrisson says:

If the comment section reflects the survivalist and bushcraft communities.. what a bunch of fucktards…lol opinionated pussies. The only survival going on here is having to navigate delusional mindless drivel from uneducated idiots.

Mayur Baliga says:

what kind of steel is that???, I mean the grade?

Adventures with Frodo says:

Lol, looks like a real possibility. a mora is better. over compensation..

Christopher Chen says:

Where can I purchase that knife?

Robert torrence says:

We’re can I can one it

Joe Schlabotnick says:

Almost a duplicate of an Ontario SP-53. Nice sheath and handle shaping by Sandy Im guessing. (you!). Didja ever get someone to buy you a new Range Rover?

John Doe says:


Alien Hybrid says:

Would like to buy one of these, where can we buy them?

brian dean says:

what a beautiful knife!

Wolffang s says:

Kershaw camp 10…you’re welcome

Stefan says:


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