Survival Knife Kit: 10 must have items

Two knives I recommend for this project, depending on budget:
High End Knife
falkniven A1
Value Knife, the one in the video is the SCHF38, but the SCHF9 is better for a survival knife in my opinion.
Schrade SCHF9
Schrade SCHF38
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“The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse”
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edi says:

Could someone give me an educated opinion on heavy duty survival blades?
I mean a blade where you would carry a small knife for finer work and something big that can take a beating and also doubles up as a weapon. The blade-types that come to my mind are:

Kukri: pretty much unbreakable and hits like an axe. Can be used for digging and hammering. It has been used for centuries as an all around heavy duty blade.

Bowie: far more fragile with its flat blade and clip-point, but also historically used and probably for a good reason. Moreover, it’s probably the best combat blade in the list.

Tanto: looks to me like a decent compromise and a blade that would be better suited for prying, digging and battoning.

Sawback-machete: the biggest blade, but not heavier. Probably the best, if you’d live in a jungle or had to cut a lot of wood. However, unlike the other examples it can’t be concealed inside a rucksack.

Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich Cantacuzino says:

I for am not a huge fan of the hollow handle knives, with all due respect to the Rambo films and Jimmy Lile’s skills but he did craft several later era Rambo style knives, for a collector with the studio’s approval, from what I know they had no hollow handle characteristics, what so ever but they did possess the compass with glass shatterer tip pommel, it could also work as hammer when the head cap was removed, similar to the Ontario Airforce Survival Pilots Knife & the Ka-Bar, kept its classic screwdriver handles, but there were only 4 ever made, 2 were based around the first movie and 2 for the second one. I only saw a couple of pictures of them once during a documentary, but this was around 2016

I myself usually carry my jackknife, secretly with me it’s an old Romanian Army one but pretty heavily modified, with shotgun shell pullers, has a 6-7 cm blade 15-17 mm thickness width of 1.5 cm, very good grip with deer antler for the grip it very well fits right into the palm of your hands, 1 bottlecap opener/flat head screwdriver, can opener, corkscrew, awl, all stainless steel, also I have an old Adrianov compass, its wrist watch style one so it very useful, but i lack the wrist belt for it, currently still trying to find one,

Pedro Uriartte says:

Thanks for sharing! Not fully related, what’s your opinion on the Glock 19X?

Tom Colbert says:

The odds of catching fish is miniscule. imho a Personal Locator Beacon will do more for you in wilderness survival than anything.

GorillaGuerilla says:

Who uses ‘survival knives’ in the military?
I’ve never seen anyone carry one of those!
I’m from a time where we carried bayonets, a Swiss army knife, and a field/combat knife!
So I’ve always wondered if it was just a sales gimmick, popularized by the Rambo movie!?

Pat Dossenko says:

You make the best kits.btw loved your book

BladeObsession says:

That’s a sweet blade buddy.

wjf213 says:

Really a good video and kit. It’s almost exactly what I carry in my sheath pouch.

I do carry about 8 to 12 inches of duct tape just to repair my two breast milk bags. I have had one leak once while out trying them out a few times. I put it in my cargo pocket and I guess a thorn or some thing poked it, but in any case, it was leaking.

I also carry a very small perfume sample vial of potassium permanganate for extreme emergency water treatment. It’s not the best, but it last forever and will work in an emergency.

I also have a larger perfume sample vial of bug juice. It’s enough to get me through a Louisiana night with my hands, arms and face covered, and not get eaten alive. It’s also where I wrap my duct tape around.

I also have a couple feet of wire, and a couple nails.

I’m not sure about your sheath, but my specops sheath has a plastic liner, and between the liner and the back of the nylon sheath, I can stick an Ugly Wood Pruning Saw Blade in there. I duct tape the teeth on the saw and now I have a good saw blade, and I just need to make a handle for it which isn’t hard out in the bush. That’s why I carry wire and nails. One nail to hold the blade in place and the other to twist the wire TIGHT around the handle, and tape it all in place.

Here’s the blade I carry, but you do have to cut the tip down a little so it doesn’t stick too far up where the knife handle is.

I love these kind of kit videos and seeing what others come up with. Keep up the great work.

edi says:

I agree pretty much with all you said, but why is the fire-kit not no. 2?
If I could only take three items, it would be a knife, a fire-kit and a water container (preferably one that can be cooked).
Regarding the fire-kit: why don’t you use those pyro-matches like the ones kid get at Silvester? They are longer, keep burning significantly longer and hotter and are more resistant to wind and moisture.
Regarding first aid kit: I’m by no means an expert on this topic, but I would think of skalpel, tweezers, some desinfectant, blood-clotting cotton, a turniquet, maybe superglue and ductape (both have been used since WWII/Vietnam war for improvised first aid).

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