Survival Knife Sharpening Review

Mors gives a review on knife sharpening.


Turtle Bushcraft says:

Great video Mors thanks for sharing you knowledge atb John

Two Bears Bushcraft says:

Well I guess I will say I have a lifetime of different sharpening experience.

World Traveler says:

Thanks a lot.. added to my fav’s

No: Six says:

Wisdom of time spent. Thanks for sharing.

Revo Runner says:

Thanks Mors for another great video! Your in depth knowledge concerning everything bushcraft,is a great asset to us all! Keep up the good work!

Cliff Stamp says:

It is interesting to watch someone with a life time of experience in any subject but surprising to hear some of the claims made. The idea that only a single bevel knife can make fine shavings is completely nonsensical. How this kind of claim not only gets made but is accepted is dumbfounding.

415 Mazer says:

You are awesome, thank you

Jennifer Brock says:

You are the man!! Thank you for such an amazing video! It was very helpful.

Andrew Patterson says:

Thank you for the detailed explanation! NOW I actually understand…

Scottish Wanderer says:

Thanks Mors for sharing your knowledge with us all atb stuart

Michael Nowak says:


Stephen Ricci says:

Thanks, Mors. Another great tutorial from a living legend… you are a true wealth of knowledge.

Geoffrey Carpenter says:


DougsterCanada1 says:

Thanks much for all these videos and the knowledge and wisdom contained within.

mickyd1234567 says:

It’s always good to learn from a true master.

Jody Potosky says:

Thank you Mr. Kochanski.

Konrad Diesel Power says:

Thank you very much for taking the time to post this Video.  I simply can’t wait for another one please :))  .

David Davidson says:

Is Mors recommending staying with a Mora Knife ?

David Davidson says:

Doesn’t too much stroping on leather eventually cause a convex edge. Thanks Mors for your knowledge

Survival Lilly says:

whoelse sharpened his knife while watching this video? 😀

Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival says:

Thanks so much Mors for sharing your knowledge on youtube, all the best to you and yours and a great xmas time, Taro

The Woolly Man says:

Isn’t it better to strop the knife on a hard surface?

MimiTheNinja says:

Thank you, that was VERY helpful!

Mladen Puljić says:

Excellent video, as always! But … I’m a little confused about heating the blade by stroping and rehardening it? I’am pretty sure that this way you can’t achieve higher Rockwell value! With lower temperatures (200-300 celsius) you can only temper the steel and it become softer than before … For hardening (quenching) blade it is necessary to achieve the critical temperature from about 800 celsius (depending on the steel).

I’d like to hear an explanation from someone if I’m wrong.

Dick Fageroni says:

so, he’s saying a convex edge is useless for making feathersticks? how come, then, that my fallknivens produce beautiful curls with their convex edges, much better than my moras?

NorwegianWoods says:

Thank you so much for this video! I see a lot of people tossing out ideas on this subject, but this looks like the real deal.
– Martin

kabaruser says:

very concise tutorial mors your right a lot of people don’t know how to sharpen thier knives correctly again very concise will help a lot ..tom

RViscara says:

Such great respect for this man. Everything he is saying from the strop to how the metal is removed to the pros and cons of a convex grind or micro bevel edge are all so very true. I been studying blade edge technology and hand sharpening for 4 years now and can say this mentor is dead on in what he is saying. Love to meet him one day.

Bob Cotter says:

Thank you for sharing ……

ThePatriot4freedom says:

My only issue with this sharpening technique, or at least the theory behind it is the stropping “creating so much heat that it re-hardends the edge”. Carbon steel blades require around 1400 F to reach critical temp (hardening temp). So unless the apex of the blade is reaching that temperature it is impossible to make the steel harder. I’d also like to say that tempering is usually performed in the 300F-600F temp range on carbon steel blades, which I would guess that the strop is more likely to obtain. So in my thoughts, heating up the blade during stropping will soften the steel way before it hardens it. I heat treat steel as part of my occupation, and through my years of research specifically in carbon steels makes this difficult for me to swallow. I will end with Mors is a legend, and although it is possible for him to be wrong, I doubt it happens often when it comes to outdoor skills, and I appreciate all the work he does! thanks for the video!

azhomeboy2000 says:

Where’s Virtuovice when you need him?

adrian boehm says:

where can I buy your book..
love to get I the mode you’re yours .. and get some great ideas. .
thanks for your contribute
on ”Bush craft ”

don auten says:

Thanks Mors!

dinoatlas says:

That look at the end. Like a Boss!

Rhys Tucker says:

thanks for this great informative video mors!

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