Survival Lilly Survival Knife – The APO-1 and YouTube Knife Designers

Survival Lilly, who has a popular YouTube survival channel, has designed a survival knife that she says would be her choice in an apocalypse so she named it the APO-1. Let’s see if it is any good.

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M.RC says:

Junk. Just another gimmick product to further tap the community of their money.

RNurse says:

It appears to be out of stock. Any word on when it will be available again?

keith baker says:

It’s an ok ish knife but the lanyard loop sucks…try pounding the point into a log by striking the pommel with the palm of your hand. It will go down a bomb with the “Walking Dead” fan boys n girls no doubt!

Eddie Diaz says:

I like it, its not to large or small, seems to have a good look not to aggressive looks like an everyday knife for lite or rugged bush-crafting but also cooking and everything else.

Kevin Kelly says:

Brian,I was wondering if you’ve seen this fire starter? I found it and haven’t used it yet. I believe they’re $1, multiple uses . It’s called INSTAFIRE fire starter. Back in the camping section.

Ray Von says:

Looks quality.

Trib Ulation says:

I don’t want to read all the comments so.. The reason why your knife is hard to get in the sheath is because of the screws holding on the belt nylon part. Take it apart and see if thats the issue, then get some rubber spacers and don’t crank the screws down, use loc tight. I made some knives in 01 tool steel and HT myself, they are way better than the best Aus8 steels I’ve used over the years.

Thomas Selby says:

I enjoyed the review, but did you use the sharp side of the knife to strike the ferro rod, and not the spine?

Rusty Gunn 7 says:

I like the overall design of this knife, very SRK-ish. I’m not very fond of 8A though. I’d rather have A2, D2, 3V, or 1095. Wait and see about the new version, eh?
Nice review. Enjoyed it.Thanks.

Vegetaki Johnson says:

you make some good points bro

Rebel N Trains says:

Sold out already if you want one, you will have to wait for the next order. I got mine shipped for $135 to the US. I will agree it is one of the best built knives I have ever owned. Great job Lilly, I cant wait to see what the next version will be. Also I have a couple of friends who are knife nerds and they both love this knife too.

3% Redneck Nitty Gritty says:

Another knife shaped just like 100or so others…just because it’s a “YouTube creator” knife…who freakin cares!!! So lame…only the brainwashed YouTube sheep will fall for it!

dragon3831 says:

Yea, it’s a real nice looking knife! Do we know why she chose that steel though?. Thanks for posting brother

joe8075 says:

Looks influenced by older Aitor survival series or Puma White Hunter.
Nothing wrong with that.

Randy Scott says:

I know she may mean well but she missed the boat

Erik22552 says:

I have to give a BIG BRAVO to anyone brave enough to put out a product of their own here on YouTube. BRAVO SURVIVAL LILLY!! And Bravo to Survival On Purpose for doing a thorough review. Those of us who know LIKE tough, durable and affordable products that will pass the test of time and maybe one day be passed down as heirlooms. GREAT VIDEO!!

Maine Mountain Man says:

Looks pretty good to me….

Batscat says:

Knife is sold out. ☹️

Joranba says:

I like aus8, …..a lot of snob knives “users” around. Every body need a super steel this days to open amazon boxes, cut paper sheets on video, make instagram pictures, and shave your arm in a party. But they dont really have idea about steels, just what they saw on youtube.
Change my mind if you can!!!

ese hombre says:

If I could design a knife it would be a combination of the APO 1 with an OKC3S. Basically a APO 1 with an 8″ blade able to be mounted on a AR-15/M4.

Kevin McCall says:

Looks like a decent knife.

Steven Jennings says:

Awesome informational educational video experience Y’alls

dande tande says:

This knife design is so much better than Chris Tanner’s designs from Prepperedmind 101 hahahahahaha OMG!!

A B says:

I love survivor Lilly she is sexy survivor girl woo wooooo

Percy West says:

This knife looks really good. I to watch Survival Lilly videos. I have only one question. Where can I get the latest version of this knife?

Randall Kelley says:

I like the design a lot, but desire a little different steel, “maybe” 1095 w/ great heat treat. Perfect size, good handle materials. Has a lot going for it…

amy fletcher says:

Looks awsome!!!!

Arturo JAGUAR # says:

it’s a great knife!

victor vallim says:

looks like the standard cheapo chinese-made knife. I’m not surprised at all

David Siegel says:

Taiwan is a quality producer. Don’t know why so many look down on Taiwan. It is a modern country with a large high tech industry, and many very modern factories. As one who paid full price for a made in the USA Gerber Centerdrive with brittle steel tools that chip and break, I now look at good reviews of each tool separately, and pay no attention to country of origin.

If Lily’s knife proves to be durable, then it is a fair price. We all know that heat treatment tells the most important story for most of us. I have 40 and 50 year old Victorinox pocket knives in use still, and many reviewers call their steel junk. So, Lily’s knife looks great, and I very much hope it is durable, and makes her a decent income. Good, thick survival knives are not common. Bad and mediocre ones are.

Thanks for the review. Please do give it a long-term test. And Chris’s and David’s knives, too. Long term truly tells the tale. We need more hard testing over time for survival knives. DESPERATELY!

bigmac says:

Never was a survival Lilly fan. She doesn’t respond to comments or questions. No wait she did once but it was smart allec so I unsubscribed. However this channel seems sincere and kinder.

Budi Marcello Lesiangi says:

Thank you for the review. That’s a great survival knife..

Pierre Jean Levy says:

Nice one I like it
Looks a little like a modern version of Coldsteel SRK with a touch of Lionsteel
Is nt it

joecatable says:

Her youTube name was Lone Wolf.

Madhatter19192 says:

Umm no

Bob Ashmore says:

It looks like Lilly made a darned good knife to me and she’s offering it at a good price. I’m not surprised, she’s always had a good eye for gear and she’s not afraid to stress test any of it until it breaks to find out what it can, or can’t, do, so she had a good grounding in reality when it came time to design her own. Good review Bryan, thanks again.

SuperTeds Dead says:

416g!? Nearly half a kilo for ONE knife? No ta

Michael Hennegan says:

Dude, don’t throw that masterpiece.

Joranba says:

Now every body is a knife designer, you just have to make videos about knives for a year or so….and your are going to obtain your online degree as a knife designer, No thank you!. No thank you.

Rita Kuhl says:

Thanks for the review, go Lilly!

David M says:

Nice looking knife. I’m sure it’s fine. Survival Lilly looks good in a bikini. Whatever. It’s a knife.

Alex Grandolfo says:

made in taiwan?

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