Survival Lilly’s APO 1 Knife Review

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Eric Wright says:


Håvard Bidtnes says:

Hey! The real Apocalypse knife is made by TRC knives! Real steel, real quality. Check IT out!

scprepper 50 says:

I can buy a Becker for 2/3 of the price so I doubt I’d ever own one myself

Gadsen Cullpepper says:

SRK/Falkenkniven A-1 style….

illmade2 says:

Ok, but nothing new, innovative, or unique, which it should be for the price.

Joe D says:

Not a big fan of Survival Lilly. Saw a video by Canadian Prepper which featured her that I didn’t like. Seems like they enjoy clowning on Americans. So I unfollowed both and never looked back.

James clark says:

An overhyped Chinese made peice of shit.
And the knife sucks too..

AL Terre Blanche says:

Thanks brother i have missed you’re videos pleas do more

Mike C. says:

Nice knife, but ill stay with the Gerber strong arm and the Becker BK 7

Dru injun says:

i’m diggin that hoodie tho 🙂

Survival Lilly says:

Thanks for the review I really appreciate it! I hope that the APO-1 will serve you well. ATB Lilly

Nathan Reed says:

That’s exactly the cold steel srk for 3 times as much money, love the channel keep it moving brother Semper fi.

Backwoods Raised says:

Great looking knife. For $120 I wish it had a little better steel for the blade. Great review

Abel Rosario says:

Video isn’t as HD as what I have come to expect with your videos. Just thought I’d let you know.

The Voice Within says:

Jack you’re late! 🙂

Kelly says:

Nice knife. I have one. It’s basically reticent to the older Cold Steel SRK aus8 blade and similar knife sheath.
I just purchased one. It feels very comfortable in the hand, very nice finish and thick.
For survival I tend to prefer the rust resistant knifes like this APO-1 and the Gerber strongarm.

nick8649 says:

A knife is a knife is a knife.

Merelle Main says:

Sorry, Didn’t like it from the time it left the sheath, but do watch the SL channel. AUS-8 Steel is similar to 440 stainless steel, if it is easy to sharpen,… it’s east to dull.

EDC Adventures says:

Like a cold steel srk mixed with an Ontario blackbird and falkniven S1 pro

Kevin Berger says:

Nice vid jack!

Nomad 4Life says:

Good lookin knife.

40BelowTr00per says:

This is the second review of this knife I’ve seen. Looks really solid. I like the geometry and features. I know it’s small batch production, but I can’t justify $120 for AUS 8. If she releases a higher performance steel in say, $160-$180 range I’d take a second look for sure.

Backwoods Bushcrafting & Baffoonery says:

Nice looking knife but seems way to spendy! Good review tho!

Billy Taylor says:

So…….. this is a Cold Steel knock off. Got it.

AL Terre Blanche says:

They help me get through the day

Heartland Hawk says:


ImakeSnowflakesMelt says:

Just here for the thirsty comments

Fullmoon Prepping says:

Looks great . . . . I am no steel snob

wolfe 2701 says:

Not that great by other reviews. They probably aren’t getting a cut. Free knife ect. If it is so good why all the revisions? And more to come. Don’t care if you /she makes a buck but there’s a lot of other knives out there that isn’t pushed on YouTube like this one. Makes me wonder.

Thomas Nugent says:

Very good, Thank you very much

weedXD38 says:

No Shot Show this Year??? Rrahh!!! S/F…

59BigWalt says:

AUS 8 is a great steel for knives.

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