Testing The Cheapest Survival Knife On AMAZON

Testing the cheapest survival knife on amazon.

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SlepKep says:

That is definitely at most 6 pound fishing line. I have 12 pound line on my current pole and it’s way thicker than that

Troy Lindsey says:

sounds like Jeff Goldblum. I am giving you a like.

wingmanalive says:

Cheapest knife ever lol.

Riceclan581 gaming says:

Intro song is the instrumental to thunderstruck

crazy Man says:

It’s for cutting wires

Joseph Smith says:

I got almost the same knife but bigger from harbor freight

jdzencelowcz says:

U could always swap out the sub-par matches for some strike anywhere ones or a small ferro rod…..or both.

Casey Peters says:

I really want a knife like that but I just don’t want to pay wish everything was free lol

Daniel says:

The serrations are for finger grip

Wildboy0001 says:

the black box is the last pill you eat,zyankali pill^^

Outdoor Care Gear says:

very cool!

MoonshineSazerac says:

If you keep pulling your matches like that of course they’re going to break. Push them across the striker. There’s much less chance the match is gonna break on you, and it almost guarantees they’ll light when damp.

Zaiden Juarez says:

9:19 when she ask how big it is

Klaus von Schnitzel says:

When i bought my trainer balisong is said on the box “caution! This knife has a very sharp edge”

Daniel Edmondson says:

The whole concept of a survival knife is stupid. Why not just use a regular knife and carry a separate waterproof bottle of matches? A tool that tries to do too many jobs does none of them well.

oooodin says:

this is the same look of a knife and the same stuff inside it that came out in the 80s regarding RAMBO 2.. back then it was not made in china so ofc better quality and it was not made in this laughable chineese size.

Cipher TheDemonLord says:

You should try the Harbor Freight one.

Dominik Miernik says:

I would try to make a lite duty folder out of that, something for carwing and making feathes stics.

Fuzion says:

It’s 4 in the morning and I’m at this part of the internet, well I’m not gonna get any sleep.


Do the cheapest karambit knife on amazon

stereotipicalirish says:

Same shape of knife with 8″ blade can be found at harbor freight for 9$

Crash KDM says:

what? not gonna cut a pole & try the fishing stuff? lol

THS notnicehead says:

This is the guy you want to be stuck in the zombie apocalypse

Adriel Cedrick says:

the spines on the back are for ruining flesh when you pull out the knife from something you stabbed?

Samuel White says:

This guy sounds like Markiplier XD

Jack Moler says:

The needle and thread is for sewing your cuts shut.

Snuffle says:

Why did you just keep putting the capsule back in the fucking knife you little fucking retard! What were you trying to prove.

Daniel Farley says:

You must be able to get a morakniv for that price. The old mora viking was less than that. Not full tang. But pretty tough.

inthego says:

I love the running commentary you have.. it’s like Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood but for adults with cool stuff.

pedro henrique dos santos says:

It’s a poor man Aitor jungle king I

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