Testing The Strangest Survival Knife On AMAZON

Testing the weirdest survival knife on Amazon.

GET YOUR MORA KNIFE HERE: https://goo.gl/yjtz8h

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M Angel says:

Happiness for $22 … I like it !

Melvin Sandberg says:

6:57 Sötare än ett insektsöra
Cuter than a bugs ear in swedish

Bauglirdoom says:

similar to the fiskars i think but smaler

Sheepdog Sherlock says:

These are great affordable knifes. I own on of there other knives, 15 bucks but you can beat it to death..

joaquin Velazquez says:

Unfortunate left handed people I am a unfortunate left handed metric person

DickChowder says:

I wear this neck knife when I go camping in the middle of no where for a week. I am not a poser. Douche

Chayse Ferguson says:

What happens if you get caught up on something. you have a knife around your neck do you not ….

Martin Iversen says:

Eldris is not a damn survival knife

Kal Val says:

Jabbering buffoon. Like a fart.

FunNgun !!! says:

Oh no I’m left handed

Randy S says:

If you go canoeing you have a use for one, rock climbing you have a use for one and the list goes on. A number of years ago me and a few friends were on a canoe trip and one of the canoes hit a submerged tree. The river current was not overly fast but very strong and the boat was caught and turned sideways and was being folded We were using some older aluminum canoes) and pulled under. The friends in that boat got out ok but the one girl got her life jacket caught on a branch or something else in the tree we never did find out what it was. Anyway her life jacket was being twisted and she couldn’t get free, she couldn’t get it off either. Luckily she carried a neck knife, it was something her dad had gotten her in the habit of doing since she was a kid, they did a lot of outdoor stuff, camping, rock climbing, kayaking you name it. She was able to cut the straps and get free. Now there are a bunch of us that wear them when we go out on any of those activities, I m just thrilled to see Mora making one now.

fsmoura says:

Lol left handed people, there defects of nature

David Martin says:

Neck knife for surf fishing is epic

Pete McPherson says:

I bought an Eldris when they first came out, it is a great carver in my opinion, I would never hang any knife around my throat, but I always carry this in my cargo pants pocket, I got the GREEN one! Good video!

Josh Truman says:

I definitely love my neck knife lol. Great for when you’re running or working out and the silly look is negated by putting it under a shirt.

Viktor Johansson says:

6:52 I did it.
Den är sötare än en insekts öra som min farfar brukade säga

Wranglerstar says:

GET YOUR MORA KNIFE HERE: https://goo.gl/yjtz8h

NightcoreProphecy says:

“Den är sötare än en mops öra” there you go translated it in to swedish

eddie Kirkwood says:

The reason left handed people don’t live as long is cus their is more right handed people so their is more chance for them to live as long

NE says:

That little “safety” strap can be modified into a belt clip….call me crazy.

ed swede says:

still hoping you will at long last pick up a Swedish Mauser, just pick one and love it, care for it, post videos about it!!!!!!!! Please!

TheMrWillje says:

I love having a neck knife whilst camping or bushcrafting. When bushcrafting, I do a lot of squatting and sitting, and if you’re taking your knife in and out of its sheath a lot whilst in a lot of different positions, then having a neck knife is so handy. I use my Enzo Necker Flat Grind in 12C27 all the time

EelayInsay says:

2:30 “What’s gonna happen when you get this thing (the cord) hung up on something around your precious neck?”
You’re kidding right? You can cut it with the knife attached to it.

Socrates Abdel Sanchez says:

Did you know left handed people dont do stupid jokes about right handed people. Right handed people are common.

William Mote says:

you should try blacksmithing

XironbeastX says:

I like the Mtech neck Knives, great for last line self defense, and very flat and made to be concealed or tucked away and unseen.

Pastor Amos Carmichael says:

Guess you could use the strap as a belt holster or strap it to your leg. Appreciate your videos and your family

moe 425 says:

Try a bechmade, they made a neck knife 15 years ago they rock

Wesley Parris says:

My knife was made in the Philippines.

ツsnappinq - says:

I mean it’s tied at the back so u can add ur own breakaway

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