The $45 Schrade Survival knife

This affordable survival knife is totally worth is small price. In heavy desert mountain testing the Schrade Frontier SCHF52 series excelled. Highly recommended if you can take the weight.

BHQ SchradeSCHF52M $45:–Schrade-Frontier-SCHF52M-Fixed–36737
Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival $37:

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daniel stclair says:

nice , there goes another 50$

Matthew Kuepper says:

Why are you stabbing the dirt multiple times? who does this? whyyyyy? Please review it like we will use it. love your videos. but dang.

Nathan Gilbert says:

Hey nutnfancy you’ve had it so long wheres your review on the sog force man that thing looks awesome but ive been hesitant to buy it current in my load out my only fixed blade is the CS Gurka Kukri which as you know is big and heavy

Clay Rocker says:

$33 on Amazon. SOLD!!!!

Bullethead says:

Nice video bro you referred the new generation schf52m as having g10 handle it has micarta handles I do own one but mine has the black tpe handle great knife for the money hasn’t failed me yet again great video

Mario Knife Making says:

Was the test only sticking the knife in the dirt ?

Mok in the Backcountry says:

Interesting – with the amount of Schrade reviews out there I bet that there were a ton of free knives given away for good reviews. I’m glad you waited

THE_OG_MP says:

best way to start a Saturday morning…nutnfancy KRV.

Razor Back says:

do a reveiw on the becker bk9

Enbloc3 says:

What about a review on anza knife, have you dine one in the past?

There Were No Gas Chambers says:

No mention of the most important election of our lifetime by nutnfancy. Everyone needs to UNsub from this fucking CUCK!!!

pesarirooni62 says:

I would have never thought of Nutn approving Schrade knives. Well done man

ffghv1 says:

need more knife reviews nutn


cool knife
great price
did you see the new James Yeager vid.
he is wearing a magpul shirt that says”suck less”
instantly thought of you.

VZ Loc says:

KLAX Lumberjack English – The Versatile Light-Weight Multi-Tool Axe from Klecker Knives (Lumberjack English)

cold war sime says:

stabbing in2 dirt = testing? lol

pmmp855 says:

Dear Lt.col nutnfancy. I’ve been a big fan of your YouTube channel sense 2009, when I stumbled upon it while I was in Iraq. I love what you do, and respect the fact that you are honest and unbiased. I’d like to see a review of the Tom Brown tracker. I want to find out if it is worth the 300 dollar or so. or if there are other cheaper options out there.
you’re humble fan Paul May

The One says:

Liked and Shared! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHANCE! If you want an expert this is where they are!!! THANK YOU for the chance at some great gear!

inversionlayer says:

Most days in life are very good. When Nutnfancy drops two or three new videos, it is going to be a great day. Thank you for the continued time, effort and dedication.

Brandon Bolde says:

Do you live in Arizona? Im stationed in Arizona currently and the landscape looks pretty similar in a few videos ive seen

Georgia Yankee says:

Great review.  I’ve always had good luck with Schrade products.

Parker says:

Hey since Christmas is around the corner, are there any more EDC and gear reviews coming up?

gaetano maltese says:

condor hudson bay for car camping

Olson323 says:

Is it worth paying more for micarta handle? What does it better than rubber one?

tnnss111 says:

Watching you stab the dirt was painful.

Rodger P says:

Your knife appears to actually be the SCHF52M, not the SCHF52. The difference is the handle scales. the SCHF52 has TPE handles, the SCHF52M has Micarta handle scales. I agree with you, the Micarta is much better.

VZ Loc says:

id like your opinion on the klax lumberjack or similar

Eurotrash4367 says:

The Schrade ferro rods are excellent and Amazon sells them for $6.00!

Honest Reviews says:

You need to check out the FOX Kukri. IMO The best out there.

Maxime Boileau says:

Of course it had to be 80$ where I live.

Brad Ringhausen says:

A I like the idea of a watch check at the beginning of each video.

Kanyon Jack says:

Anyone know what watches are in the background?

abialo2010 says:

Ill never get ride of my ontario heavy bowie

Barbara Klein says:

Please review the Victorinox Hunter Pro! its a lockback 4 inch folder!

Kaiser Mojica says:

I use these blades for wood processing, I would like Busse & Bussekin but would never use anything at that pricepoint.

Daniel Peer says:

This is the survival knife I buy. own several. There’s a different handle materials too – you can get the same blade with different scales for as low as $32. The weight isn’t some kind of black magic either – it’s freaking FAT. It’s thicker and that makes it tough. The weight also includes the fire steel and sharpener! It’s a chopper and survival knife, pure and simple.

mww902 says:

I got a schrade carbon steel knife with military logo on it 20.00 at cdnn. Like so much got two more.
Discontinued. About 5 inch blades one in favorites and have some checkers to

WoodstaS says:

You breaking up the ground up with that blade reminds me of the time in the M*A*S*H series when Hawkeye helps that North Korean bury his buddy after he fails to save his life. I wonder how long it would take to dig a grave with a survival knife and a helmet.

Cody Harris says:

do a review on “Live free armory” either ar15 or ar10. a ruger enginer left the company and started his own.. they look awesome

Michael Arredondo says:

Good review. My wife bough me one of the SCHF 36 for about $40 last year and believe it or not I broke the darn thing while battening it through a tree limb. It cracked right where the front bolt on the scales was. For $40 I’m grabbing the SCHF37 next.

B G says:

Where was this one made? I’ve carried Schrade pocket knives for many many years (I’m old). However, a decade or so ago, the American pocket knife manufacturers like Schrade and Old Timer went bust. Someone bought the name rights and, you guessed it, moved production to China. Schrade was one of those. I’ve seen some production come back to the US,, which is a good thing.

The steel in the older knives was a bit softer and could be easily sharpened. Standard sharpening stones worked very well. Once they moved to China, the steel changed to something incredibly hard. My stones didn’t work any more, and I had to invest in diamond sharpeners.

Can you use stones, or are diamonds required?

Looks like a good knife regardless where it was made.

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