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kyle says:

I use the grooves on the back also the proper way is the little dip below the blade edge

adhart81 says:

It’s funny, once you quickly get to the negatives, your point is made but youtube’s adsense doesn’t pay if I cancel the playback albeit thumbs up. So it’s your dulcet tones then and knife banter!

Steven Robertson says:


Glen G says:

I believe you are supposed to use the choil on the fire steel

JockOfAges says:

I like the look of the large Buck Selkirk Folder, but have never gotten round to getting one. Can anyone recommend a large, hard use folder that won’t break the bank that i may have overlooked?

kerryrwac says:

Hit the handle trough with a piece of Australian hardwood and see if they go back .

KARLO 75 says:

Not sure why firesteels
Are an issue just use
The back of the saw on
An sak or use a lighter

ozyrob1 says:

Pete, I have to point out, it’s not a survival knife unless is cuts the head off a monster brown snake or stabs a hungry 20 foot saltwater croc to death. Can you please demonstrate in your next survival knife review 🙂

Grey Holm says:

I would never survive an escape from a Viet Cong prison with this substandard knife. Pass.

weedXD38 says:

Spot on!!! As usual!! 🙂

Brad Griffin says:

I like the handle shape. Shame about the steel and handle issues though. Buck really needs to go beyond the old school steels.

Gruggs Giero says:

Your music selection fuckin sucks….

Richard White says:

The curve on the bottom of the knife is for the forested watch the buck video on the celkirk

Airik1111 says:

I see your BDZ1 got the crappy work sharp scar like mine does….I was kinda bummed with that LOL. That’s what I get for being lazy to get a convex going on her, normally I do it by hand. I love the bdz1 good stuff, the more I use it the more I like it.

Ash Aphter says:

Can’t say about the one you have but mine has been great and I have not had the handle problem. My spine is sharp but that wasn’t what buck intended to be used to strike the Ferrell rods any way; your spouce to use that rounded portion at the end of the blade; they did this to lesson the chance of someone cutting themselves idk I use the back of the spine. Can’t comment on the sheath making marks as I don’t really care about these things and never looked. But hey that’s what makes it so great different opinions makes for more options.

EDnaut says:

Definitely shouldn’t have been marketed as a survival knife. Totally deserves being jammed in a log and having the tip pried right off just on principal.

Patrick Bateman says:

Buck is just so sad…has been for years now. Wont buy anything from them.

jim yocum says:

China BUCK still tougher than your barkriver kephart!!.lol maybe they’re marking A2 on 7cr13 by mistake off course you know the old stock mix up!!..

Dan Kehl says:

Buck, Made In China… no thanks… next !!!

I AM ALIVE !!!!! says:

Yeah don’t recommend it either I didn’t like it

Ekybob says:

Didn’t you make some comment in the livestream about not quite being ‘top-40’ guy these days, but certainly for TV/movies/music not being quite so out there now you’re a bit older and have a family? There you go, casually dropping the Volta in your montages again! Good news: there’s pretentious art snob left in you yet.

John Scarborough says:

Lost me at Chinese 420…sad.

jelkel25 says:

I really want to call this knife the Bucky O’Hare?? Got that out of my system. Bought a Chinese made Buck Canoe and the backspring was so weak it was dangerous, returned it twice, all 3 terrible backsprings, the Bucky O’Hare was never on my to buy list after that fiasco. Got the US made 679 and it’s been good as a hunting knife but the handle can get slippery. If you want a solid inexpensive survival knife try a Linder Guide, outside of Germany an underappreciated inexpensive beast of a knife.

Pepere Corbey says:

Thanks Pete I had thought about buying one .  You saved me so now I can purchase something else ,

A. Q. says:

I had several buck knives. They all broke.
Fixed blades and folders.

Eric Holladay says:

did you try using it upside down for a few hours and see if the handle scales would migrate back home? That’s an old knife scale resetting trick the pioneers used.

Andy Richardson says:

Disappointing but not surprising. I stick to the U.S. made knives Buck knives. Not all of them are great, but generally much better and a good quality.

Woody Enfermo says:

+1 for drawing a dick

Mark Anthony Stringfellow says:

Im Trying Real Hard To Find a Positive!!! Maybe a Knife For Younger More Inexperienced Bushcrafters,so when They Bury the Edge in the Dirt/Grit and damage it While Learning You Don’t Feel Bad At All 🙂

blitzbbffl says:

Migrating scales…never a good attribute in a knife.

Mt. Baldwin says:

Spyderco has a new budget fixed blade coming out in the same category as this, it’s in 8cr13mov but I don’t mind that in this type of knife, $33 with a leather sheath, in the looks department it’s awesome. It’s the bow river knife.

adhart81 says:

Ask Survival Lilly to review!!!

joe blow says:

Needs big finger gard

Tactical Center says:

whats the sample at 2:00 min in?

Kristen D says:

Thanks for review! Got this knife given to me for a gift last year and I used it on a few camp trips to Joshua Tree and the desert. My scales moved the first time also…my husband ground down the 3 screws with a rotary tool(took 5 minutes) and that did the trick. Also after watching the promo video of the selkirk from buck …they showed the small grove/choil was used to strike the fire steel! Weird…but it works!! Budget / entry camp blade at best..but I’ve still had fun with it.

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