The Indestructible Knife | Mora Robust

We tested the Mora Robust to it’s limits! is it robust? Watch to find out!

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Mora Robust:
The Mora Robust is (obviously) a robust fixed knife. The blade is thicker than that of other Mora knives, so it can be used for heavy duty. The rubber handle is ergonomically shaped and offers good grip.

Because the blade is made of carbon steel it is important to maintain the blade properly. Carbon steel is not stainless and should therefore be stored clean and dry.

The plastic sheath is pretty solid and holds the knife tightly. The blade clicks inside the sheath and the bottom of the holster has a hole to drain water if needed.

There is a belt clip included to carry the sheath on your belt or to secure it to another sheath. This makes it possible to stack multiple knives from this series on top of each other. Especially useful when you have a serrated knife and want to carry plain edge knife as well. Releasing the sheaths goes really easy by rotating the button that secures them.


Brand: Mora of Sweden
Type of knife: bushcrafting knife
Type of steel: Carbon steel
Best use: bushcraft
Blade length: 8.9 cm
Blade shape: clip point
Length: 20.5 cm
Handle length: 11.7 cm
Blade height: 2.3 cm
Blade thickness: 3.2 mm
Way of sharpening: scandi
Type of edge: plain edge
Finish blade: polished
Colour: black, grey, silver
Weight: 102 gram
Material handle: rubber
Sheath: yes
Material sheath: plastic
MOLLE-compatible: no
Country of origin: Sweden
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: lifetime

The Legendairy: “The Knife Of Legends! Casstrom Lars Fält Bushcrafter”


Frank Starship says:

OH! Try the “Gerber Moment”

Lord Reaper says:

This amazing video persuaded me to buy my Mora Robust as a late birthday present!

Linus Jonasson says:

Hi fuys just so you know is that i live in Mora Sweden.

Alwin Maxwell says:

It seems that Morakniv test engineers are much more ruthless and inventive people than an author of this video.

Stefan D says:

great Video! Hands up! please test the Garberg more in hardcore destroying test. thanks ! That will be a great Video

Stefan D says:

where is it made? Made in Japan/china or Sweden?

Balthazar Naylor says:

Dat face at 2:23 bro

Jace Brown says:

Do mora bushcraft black please

Sweswio says:

One hell of a knife for the price

Troy Drennen says:

thanks for the video guys I have the Mora companion and the bushcraft black, I think the robust will be my next one

C Poitevint says:

The people at Mora held a meeting to watch this video. Raises were given, babies were born, people cheered and Mora knives are still awesome.

NordicBloodshed says:

Looks like Liam Gallagher

Mike Sowder says:

Just ran into y’alls channel today no offense I’d hope cause I’ve subbed already but y’all are the bushcrafting beavis and butthead!!! Lol I love it!!!! Thanks guys, keep up the good honest fair and even entertaining work.

disapproving grandpa says:

This is sand stone. You could destroy it with wood. lol

cancer diabetes says:

im from mora it’s a little place in sweden :))))))))

Steve Davis says:

THAT IS AMAZING GUYS,,, I AM going to definetly get one. A very strong , durable , reliable knife of which the cost is excellent , as is the Mora Robust ! Awesome.

Lukasz L says:

will it blend?

rabe3 alsett says:

is it still sharp ???????

Trevor Miles says:

You really can’t go at all wrong with this knife. Any complaints Ive had while using mine quickly vanish when you remind yourself of the price. If you don’t like it or it breaks you only out about $15

Preppers Division says:

Hey nederlandersssss

kotefla says:

No epic music noooo

Umair Khattak says:

ill break it in one try

stilllife8 says:

I’m impressed. Gentlemen, you just sold a knife. I’m definitely taking one of these in my kit whenever I go hiking now, they weigh next to nothing so there’s no reason not to have one.

Louis Maxell says:

1:17 LOL XD

Badhon Ebrahim says:

10:28 yeah bitch we saw it , it didnt cut properly… 10:32 bitch laughs akwardly and gives you a lil pip. we SAW dat…………………..

billy no says:

I have this same knife. I love I also had a Mora light my fire (that I gave to my brother in law. He used it once and said it was one of the best knives he ever used. Even after over 2 years of abuse from me and, never being sharpened) and companion that I have for 4 years and, would probably still have if I didn’t lose it in the woods.

eXplorer says:

Fantastic vid! I like looking earth, discover and decompress…

Alex Bellomy says:

I just got the Mora Robust this week and I’ve got to say its my sharpest and has the best edge retention.

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